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Think, Sip, Write – Ep 7: sCrypt

For this episode I talk about what got us into sCrypt comics, the process of it all, and how it evolved. At the end I included a slideshow with samples of the art.

Special thanks to the artists. They are: Dan Pipito, Leanne Wiedmeyer, Asher Humm, Joe Parisi, Angela McQuillan, Fred Loeffler, Tiff Pugliese, TJB, Phillip Allie, J.C. Spence, Jacob Greenawalt, Sakura Jones, Ivy Duffy, Scott Modrzynski, Vince Pipito, Kelly Swann, Mike Coppolecchia, Ken Hensley, Michael Garard Jr, Kristie Vanderzee, Muhammad Nurul Islam, and Mao Estheim

Artists of the Month: Recap April 2014

Typically, we’ve chosen an artist of the month each month since the beginning of sCrypt Comics.  Well, for the past 3 months we took a hiatus with it.  Think of it as an end to season 1.  Season 2 is about to start with more amazing artists.  If you are an artist (that includes writing or any type of art), and would like to be considered for an artist of the month spotlight, please email and put “ARTIST OF THE MONTH” in the subject line.  We will discuss how we present each artist and what info we need from you.  Spread the word too!  Here’s a recap of past artists we’ve featured (with links to the spotlight page).  Click on the name listed to see their work:
























Artist of The Month December 2013: Rick Pipito

Rick Pipito, AuthorAlthough not a visual artist by trade, Philadelphia native, Rick Pipito, is talented in a variety of art forms.  From a young age, he dipped his hand in the musical pool by learning classical and jazz saxophone.  Over the years, he expanded his instrument ability to guitar, piano and harmonica, as well as singing lead in various rock bands and a choir.  After writing lyrics for many original songs, he expanded even further by turning his writing toward stories.

In 2010, his dreams began to emerge.  His series of horror novels focused each on a different scare, while vowing never to do the same thing twice.  With a bachelor’s degree in communications from Temple University, Rick expanded his novels into comic book form, by writing several spinoff stories.  sCrypt Comics became a partnership with his brother, Dan, with the goal to get other struggling artists’ names out there for the world to see.

Being in the arts can be difficult, and while Rick’s plans for the future are countless, his focus will always remain… that being to expose his own works and those of others to a broader audience.  Rick’s novels can be bought on for the Kindle, or on in print.  The graphic novel comic books are available in print as well.

In addition to music and writing, Rick is also the co-host of a podcast called “Think About This” (which can be found here:, and has been a featured author on various other blogs.  He also assists with as a part time mixologist and advisor.



He also edited and designed Roberta Pipito’s Homemade Delish debut cookbook: CREATE IT, PLATE IT, STYLE IT, EAT IT, LOVE IT

Rick can be contacted by email at; He is on twitter @Rickpipito; Follow his author page on facebook at

Artist of the month November 2013: Mao Estheim

Mao was born in Japan.  She went to an art school from the age of 5 to 15 years old.  The Japanese culture surrounded her with a lot of good arts, comics and animes, so it’s no wonder she dreamed of being a comic artist.  Later she found pursuits elsewhere and stopped drawing, which didn’t resume until film school in Tokyo.  Now her passion for working on comics has been reinstilled through her work with sCrypt Comics on their graphic novel “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings.”  She plans to continue working in the comic realm in the future.

As a side note, Mao is also a professional cosplayer.  She can be reached by email at

Artist of the month October 2013: Muhammad Nurul Islam

Born in the Netherlands and later grew up in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, Muhammad Nurul Islam or “Roel” was always scribbling on the back of his school books and later making comics for his high school magazine. Failing the exam for Graphic Design university he went on to study Economics where he met his fellow ‘cast away comic artist’ and went forming Komik Karpet Biru (Blue Carpet Comics) publishing more than 14 indie compilation, taught comics in schools and joined dozens of exhibitions and comic Cons. Later his comic making experience brought him to designing book covers, illustrations and web design.

Currently Roel is a regular contributor for “Cns Magazine” in Jakarta, making comic strips explaining about English idioms also maintaining “Jampang & Eneng” a strip on Facebook. Roel is also taking his Master degree in Art and Design at the Bedfordshire University, UK where he has been residing for 4 years.  He is one of the artists for sCrypt Comics’ fourth graphic novel spinoff entitled “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings”

More of Roel’s work can be find on,, or his personal blog

Artist Of The Month September 2013: Jacob Greenawalt

Jacob Greenawalt has been drawing his entire life.   This meant his Father’s hopes of having a Baseball All-star in the family dried up and withered away at the sound of Saturday morning cartoons.  After many bowls of cereal, Jacob graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a BFA in Animation.  Character Designing and Storyboarding are what started his Freelance career.  Along the way Jacob has also been an Illustrator, and Animator, a Director and even a Sign Artist at Trader Joe’s.  However, cartoons and comics have always been his true passion.

Jacob continues to breath life into his art career by screening his animated short cartoons at film festivals, drawing comic book art for sCrypt Comics (he has contributed to issues 3 and 4 “Bones At Breakfast In Case Of Werewolf” and “Souls 4 Supper Ghostly Hauntings”), and Speaking to students about Freelancing, maintaining his art blog, and posting Caricatures of Celebrities on his Facebook Page!

Jacob’s long-term goals include working in the Animation Industry full-time, but he wouldn’t say ‘no’ to working his butt off as a Comic Book Artist either.  He currently promotes his Animation work under Whatever Jake Makes Animation, so check it out!   As long as Jacob is doing art, you’ll find a giant smile on his big, meaty face.

More of Jacob’s work can be found at the following links:

Mission: sCrypt Comics

Rick Pipito 2013Hey folks, just wanted to say that I apologize for the lack of posting as of lately.  Things have been hectic and my projects have all piled up.  So with that being said, I’ve been throwing around the idea of making this a more sCrypt comics oriented site.  Does this mean I will not be doing posts involving other works?  NO… I plan to continue doing that, but on a more laid back level.  Here’s my idea for the future of this site:

1)  I will continue (as I mentioned) doing reviews of certain comic books, comic book movies, and my crossover character versus battles.  These will just be fewer in frequency.

2) Artist of the Month selections will never go away.  I feel that I owe it to each artist who completes something toward my works to have an Artist of the Month spot.  I want to get their names and talent out there to show how great they really are.

3) sCrypt Comics graphic novels: We already have 3 published issues and a 4th coming in September 2013.  These titles are available at and I will have some previews posted of the next one soon.  Please visit the “COMICS” section of this site to see which titles are available and what they are about.

4) Novels by Rick Pipito:  The novels and books that are the reason sCrypt Comics exists are becoming more impressive each time, and the fans love them.  They are a series yes, but not all are required for reading, as they each deal with something different.  In other words, if you don’t like zombies, then go to book 2 and read about my vampires or choose another topic.  The plan is to never do the same thing twice in novel form.  These books can be purchased in print at as well as for the kindle.

5) A new comic strip has been in the works for two months now, and we are about to release the first one within the next week.  It will be a “sCrypt Comics Presents:” title and will stray quite a bit from our normal horror oriented works.  This will be a family friendly comic strip that will be enjoyable and funny.  Here’s the best part… it’s free for everyone.  I will post them up here on this site for your viewing pleasure and feedback.  Our first series will be entitled: “The Adventures of Munchies and Deedoos.”  More details will be released in the coming days as well, and we are looking for artists who may be interested in presenting their talent toward one of the many written stories for this series.

6) Books in the works:  “TECHNO FEAST” is the next installment in the Flesh and Leftovers series, and it strays far from the format that began it all.  There will still be ten short stories that tie into the overall plot, and if you want a teaser I’ll say this….  No one is safe from cyberspace.  This book will wrap up my second trilogy, and pave way for a third trilogy that will take place decades later…  Basically an all new cast of characters will be introduced for the next trilogy which will give it a fresh feel.  Of course, there are other novels planned out in addition to this, but Techno Feast is my main concentration right now.

7) Comics in the works:  Following next month’s release of “S4S: Ghostly Hauntings” we will take a month break and get right into finding artists for our next graphic novel, which will be a spinoff of book 5 and involve Angels, demons, Heaven and Hell.  If you are an artist interested in being a part of this, please feel free to contact me.  The spots fill quickly, and it is a first come first serve basis.

8) other online freebies:  I placed my M.U.T.S. (Military Underground Tactical Specialists) Files spinoff series on the back burner for a little bit, but I plan to work that into early 2014.  These will be a series of short stories that will be published on this site, and will feature a single sketch by selected artists to accompany my story.  Occasional contests will continue as well for opportunities to win autographed copies of my works and more.

9) Other goals:  I’ve got a lot of great things in the works in addition to these, I’m just sorry that I can’t spill them all now.  In addition to my novels and the sCrypt Comics graphic novels, I am cohost to a fun and humorous podcast called THINK ABOUT THIS.  We can be downloaded for free from itunes as well as from our site: Please, check us out, as we touch quite a bit on what I’ve got going on as well as my wife’s rising success and fame with .  I’ve been working alongside her each day and night to accomplish her goals, which will help with mine as well.

Finally, I want to say that if you are interested in an interview with me, my brother Dan Pipito (cofounder of sCrypt Comics) or any of the artists we’ve worked with, please email me.  I’m more than happy to answer questions and have fun conversation for your site or personal inquiries.  And don’t forget to review my books, comics, and podcast episodes.  I try hard to spread the word about other talent out there, and would love to have feedback about my own works.

Thank you for being such great followers.  I can’t wait for the next big thing that I get to share with you all.

Artist of The Month August 2013: Kristie Vanderzee

Kristie Vanderzee grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – “The City of Brotherly Love” and the home of possibly the best cheese steaks known to man.

Her childhood love of Disney and Dreamworks films ignited a desire to create expressive characters that would entertain future generations in the way it had impacted her. Eager to pursue a life of animated design, Kristie attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she was blissfully thrown into a vortex of creative minds, peers and teachers alike, before graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation in the Winter of 2010.

Upon her graduation from The Art Institute, Kristie quickly secured her first professional career position as an Animator at ToonUps, a small gaming company with altruistic goals for what they termed “Cause Gaming”. ToonUps became an exciting learning experience for Kristie, giving her the opportunity to glean new animation and illustration techniques alongside fellow animators, who shared Kristie’s dedicated passion for creating and animating a new world for gamers to experience.

Kristie is currently exploring the world of freelance Illustration, Comics, and Story-boarding, eagerly in search of her next exciting project and occupation.  With sCrypt Comics, she has been a part of “Bones At Breakfast: In Case of Werewolf” as well as “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings”.

More of Kristie’s work can be found at and she can be contacted at

Artist of the Month July 2013: Michael Garard Jr

The amazing summertime art keeps coming.  Check out our latest installment.

Michael Garard Jr. studied media art and animation at the art institute of Los Angeles and always had a passion for comic book art. He is an accomplished freelance artist with multiple art showings and artwork commissions. He specializes in comic book style artwork but am also well versed in still life, landscape and graphic design.

His long term goal is to work in the comic book industry full-time. He feels that working on sCrypt Comics’ fourth issue, “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings” is a gigantic step in the right direction.
Catch more of his works at:  Email him at:

Artist of the month June 2013: Ken Hensley

I didn’t even realize how fast this summer was going.  I apologize for not posting this sooner, but here is June’s artist of the month.

Ken Hensley studied graphic design at Lynchburg College in central Virginia, and worked as a freelance illustrator and designer until relocating to New Jersey in 2011, where he was introduced to Rick and sCrypt Comics through a mutual friend. He says: “War Wolf was a nice departure for me; most often I am doing conventional super hero stories, and this was my first real swing at a horror/supernatural/period piece. For all you hard-core nautical enthusiasts out there, I beg forgiveness… I left out so much rigging on those ships! Don’t hang me from a yardarm. At least Sherby doesn’t think the Navy hangs people from yardarms anymore. If you know where I got that last line then we could have a beer.”
Ken was a major contributing artist for sCrypt Comics’ third graphic novel, “Bones At Breakfast In Case Of Werewolf.”  You can see more of Ken’s artwork at, and if you are interested in commissioning new work he can be contacted via email at

Artist Of The Month May 2013: Mike Coppolecchia

After attending art school in Philadelphia, Mike Coppolecchia spent a few years working as an artist and designer making video games for Acclaim before they went under. He worked on the All Star Baseball and Turok franchises, as well as lent a helping hand on Quarterback Club & Vexx when it was needed.  Since leaving Acclaim, he’s spent most of his free time doing freelance work, including commissions for Marvel, Fleer, Skybox, and various local businesses and websites. He is currently the colorist on two titles for Bluewater Productions – Victoria’s Secret Service and a new Clash of the Titans book.  Work with sCrypt Comics includes “Bones At Breakfast: In Case of Werewolf” as well as their upcoming graphic novel “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings”.

More of Mike’s work can be seen at:  Follow his illustrations on facebook at .  He also is a member of a humorous and fun comicbook podcast at:, and can be reached by email at:

Click on the images in the gallery below for a larger view.  **Note: Mike only worked as the colorist on the below Avengers, Captain Britain & Psylocke, Tomb Raider, and Spidey pieces.  He did the full art from start to finish on all of the rest.  Enjoy!

Artist of The Month April 2013: Kelly Swann

In yet another great installment of our Artist of the Month selection, we present Kelly Swann.  As a professional graphic designer, Kelly loves to doodle. And even better than doodling is telling a story, which is where comics come in. She is working on writing and drawing a graphic novel set during WWII, reference sketches from which may be found on her blog at  That’s the long-term goal. In the meantime, she enjoys doing artwork on the side, which last year included a story in sCrypt Comics’ third graphic novel, “Bones At Breakfast: In Case of Werewolf,” and she is happy and grateful to continue working with them for “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings”.

Kelly can be contacted at

Artist of the month March 2013: Vince Pipito

For this Artist of the month (March 2013), we decided to go with our cousin, Vince Pipito.

Vince mainly draws things for other people as gifts or holidays.  When time allows, he enjoys drawing or sketching. He illustrated one of the stories in sCrypt Comics’ first graphic novel “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents”, and also contributed to interior art for Rick Pipito’s second novel “Blood, The Second Helping”.

Fonts, lettering, and faces are some of his self proclaimed strongest forms of art, but he’s always up for any kind of challenge with media, be it colored pencils, or watercolor, or anything he has yet to try.

Other than art, he is from Philadelphia but currently lives in Indiana.  In his own words: “I don’t think I’ve grown up yet, or ever will because I’m still a big kid at heart.  I buy every Transformer I lay eyes on, and play the heck outta some video games.  I also love to run, mountain bike, and go to the gym as other hobbies.  I am always up for a project, so get a hold of me if you want something drawn for yourself in my crazy style!!”

Vince can be reached by email at:


Artist of The Month February 2013: Scott Modrzynski

It’s the first of the month again, and our next installment of Artist of the month is upon us. This time, we present Scott Modrzynski. We’d also like to thank Scott for providing us with another great bio!

Scott: “I was pumped that Rick and Dan asked me to be the Artist of the Month here at sCrypt Comics. I started writing a standard third person bio, and there is no way for that to sound anything but douchey, so if it still sounds that way in the first person, I guess I’m just a douchebag.

I’ve always been artistically inclined. Whether I’m any good at it is up to your eyes, but the fact remains, I enjoy viewing, studying and creating art. Mostly just the last part, though.

I went to Providence College in Rhode Island and accidentally spearheaded the “Digital Imagery” concentration to the Studio Art major, along with two classmates. After that, I bounced around, literally and figuratively, as a mascot for the Frisco Rough Riders, a graphic designer for a huge ad agency in New York City, then a small one, followed by a few well-paying freelance gigs, a three-year stint with the NHL’s New Jersey Devils where I combined graphic design and mascotry, and ultimately landed back in New York at the first ad agency as a freelancer after throwing tee shirts into the crowd at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Luckily, I’ve got the time to pursue other passions like moonlighting as a marathon runner (50 races in 50 states is the goal; 7 down so far – NY, NJ, OH, FL, RI, NV, MS), daylighting as a beach lifeguard every summer, and moodlighting notebooks and bristol board for my own graphic novel, which has no timetable. A neck injury and the big three-oh tag teamed to end my hopes of becoming a pro wrestler. I’m too old and brittle for huracanranas now.

My art made of food, Foogos, has been featured all over the web, notably on Yahoo, Robot 6 and slashfilm, as well as in Sports Illustrated (October 31, 2011). Lately, I’ve picked up a lot of pop culture painting commissions, and plan to showcase a series of unsold paintings at the Asbury Park Comic Con on March 30th.”

sCott (See what I did with his name there), illustrated the story “Annabelle & the Prince” for sCrypt Comics’ Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf. And he loves cereal.

Check out his gallery of work below, as well as his site for some mind blowing and amazing artwork done with food and more!

Artist Of The Month January 2013: Ivy Duffy

Welcome to the new year, and as we bring it in, we also want to present our first artist of the month for 2013, Ivy Duffy!  As a child, Ivy was fascinated with many different art forms. Without any formal training, she taught herself the basics of traditional fine art, engraving and wood burning. Her most recent achievement was the opportunity to illustrate a story in sCrypt Comics’ third graphic novel, “Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf”. The experience gained by illustrating this comic helped her expand her talent and realize, she wanted to prefect her skill with a more focused education in graphic illustration.

The majority of Ivy’s work is developed for her own fulfilment and the pleasure of friends and family, but she occasionally accepts commissioned pieces for gifts and tattoos. If interested in contacting Ivy, she can be reached by email at:

Here are some samples of her outstanding work.

Artist Of The Month December 2012: Sakura Jones

Sakura Jones is an artist with a diverse range of skills. She graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and enjoys working in different mediums and outlets.  One of those outlets has been sCrypt Comics, where she enjoys the task of learning new ways to bring the stories to light.  Sakura states: “I do a lot-faux finishes, paintings, drawings, crafts, jewelry, decorating and so on, but I love getting to put all those things together and creating a visual story. Doing this project with sCrypt has helped me with my own story and art and I’m grateful for that. They’re great to work with.”

While we are appreciative of her enthusiasm, Sakura’s work doesn’t stop with sCrypt.  Below is a gallery of some samples she has submitted.  Jones has worked with sCrypt on “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire,” and “Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf.”

Sakura can be contacted at

Artist of The Month November 2012: J.C. Spence

J.C. Spence is an artist of many talents.  In the past he has worked for Diamond Comics Distributors, one of the largest comic book distributors in North America.  He graduated from the University Of the Arts in Philadelphia, with a degree in animation and film.  After a mutual contact brought him together with sCrypt Comics, he contributed his artistic talents to issue #2 “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire”.

Ever searching for the next big challenge, J wrote and directed the indy horror film “You’re !@#$ ‘n Dead”.  Info on this grindhouse style film can be found here  .  Check out his gallery of work from his sCrypt Comics story, as well as the poster for his new film below.

Artist of The Month October 2012: Phillip Allie

Phil considers himself a night shift zombie from Phoenixville, PA.  He could be classified as an Illustrator, but dabbles in all sorts of art including – Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics and 3D Modeling & Animation.  Tending to often lean toward darker tendencies in art, he found sCrypt Comics.  In regards to sCrypt, he states that, “Every story that has been brought to me has been a fun challenge and a great way to develop my skills further. I can’t thank Rick enough for giving me the opportunity to work with him and be a part of these books.”

With sCrypt Comics, Phil contributed art to “Flesh And Leftovers: Zombie Incidents,” and “Blood The Second Helping: Legends of Vampire.”  To see more of his art, or find further contact details, please see his portfolio website at

Artist Of The Month For September 2012: TJB

TJB is an amazing artist.  Her style goes well beyond what she had done for sCrypt Comics in our first issue “F& L: Zombie Incidents”.  Choosing to remain anonymous and not show off more of her work and contact info, was a professional choice she made.  We could not however just let her go unhonored.  Here are a few of the frames she did for sCrypt Comics in that aforementioned first issue.  As always, click on the images to enlarge.  Enjoy!

Artist Of The Month August 2012: Tiff Pugliese

This month, sCrypt Comics is proud to present our artist of the month for 2012, Tiff Pugliese.  Ever since childhood, Tiff became interested in art, while watching her mom draw.  She always did little things here and there, but began taking her skills seriously in high school.  Her AP Art class helped hone her abilities and expand her boundaries.  Her preferred topic for her work is to use the various elements of the city (Philadelphia).  Currently, she attends West Chester University for early education and minoring in studio art and art history (in the hopes of becoming an art teacher.)

She now is learning to create her artwork on a tablet, and takes graphic design in the hopes to do more art in the vein of graphic novels.  V for Vendetta is her favorite, but she has contributed to sCrypt Comics’ first issue “Flesh And Leftovers: Zombie Incidents.”  Feel free to contact her on facebook or email her at .  Click on any of the gallery pics below to see a larger version.

Artist of The Month for July 2012: Fred Loeffler

“I might not be playing with a full deck but, I have all the best cards” is the tag line that artist Fred Loeffler is currently using with his new line of playing card art.  That is not all he specializes in, however.  He is an outsider artist with over twenty five years in commercial art industry experience.  Printing and production art, graphic design, and illustration go hand in hand with his fine art and murals.

Fred is a featured artist in sCrypt Comics’ first issue “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents.”  Check out some of his art below, and see more at  The site is under construction, but has a few samples to start.  Click on the images below to make them larger.

Artist Of The Month for June 2012: Angela McQuillan

Angela McQuillan is an artist and scientist, currently living in Philadelphia.  She is employed at a major Pharmaceutical company working on vaccines.  Angela graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art.  Her preferred method of artistic expression is through her paintings, which tend to be described as abstract and scientifically inspired.  In her own words, “my artwork comes from a place deep inside.  I am highly interested in scientific mechanisms and how abstract information can be represented in a physical form.  My paintings are physical representations of psychological situations and interactions, and tend to have an “insular” quality because they are very introspective .  My images are influenced by fluorescence microscopy, human anatomy and biological organisms.  I make use of mixed media and varied materials to add texture and tangibility to my work.”

This talented young woman is involved in many projects!  Sometimes she enjoys drawing comics, and sometimes she is busy curating art shows or working on building an outdoor art space in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, PA.  As a member of the artist collective, Little Berlin, Angela is curating a show in JUNE 2012 called DATABASE.  This show is an attempt to bridge the gap between art and science and explore the world of data visualization and database aesthetics.  Check it out this month!

sCrypt Comics has been honored to have her contribute her artwork by interpreting a story with her unique style in their second graphic novel “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”  Angela also has some paintings on display for the month of June at Jed Williams Studio, 615 Bainbridge st. Philadelphia PA 19147. Find her on the web at


Artist of The Month for May 2012: Joe Parisi

When Joe Parisi isn’t flying airplanes, dog sledding across barren wastelands, vacationing at a hotel made entirely out of ice, and drinking beer he brewed himself, it’s usually because he’s busy designing an entrance Tee for a Shogun fighter, support Tees for biker gangs, or decals for a drift car.  Companies like Pepsi and Footlocker pay him the big bucks for his expertise in design and production, while gentlemen’s clubs like Goddess and Diamond Lounge look to him for artistic guidance.

Before his career took off, Joe spent his days earning his associate degree in Graphic Design from Montgomery College, spent his nights attending rock concerts as a VIP, and mixing drinks for top business executives and retired major league sports stars.  He did, and still does spend his artistic downtime designing award winning images that he says are inspired by passion—passion for zombies, rock lyrics, snowboarding, crooner culture, and pin-up girls.

His latest project is the love child between Mall Rats and Star Wars—an epic web comic featuring a mid-20s boy with the power of The Force… and the motivation of an Olympic swimmer in a kiddy pool.  Joe uses this Slacker Jedi to express a love for movie knowledge while poking fun at pop-culture.  If you want to bear witness to drunken force-lightning battles and sexy wookies, then check out when you get around to it.

Joe is also a featured artist for sCrypt Comics.  He has completed work in “Flesh And Leftovers: Zombie Incidents,” and “Blood The Second Helping: Legends of Vampire” (A sample page is pictured bottom right).  Currently, he is working on art for a story in graphic novel #3, “Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf.”

For a closer look at Joe’s legendary work, visit or email him directly at for help with your upcoming projects.

April 2012 Artist of the Month: Asher Humm

Since elementary school Asher Humm wanted to be a comic artist.  It wasn’t until he graduated from high school got a job or two, made many youthful mistakes and got married that he knew there was a college which taught Comics.  Until that moment, he believed that there was no use going to college if he couldn’t learn what he needed to learn.  He  pulled stakes and moved.  He grew as an artist and a person while in college.  He then moved back to PA with a divorce on its way and a budding new relationship.  Designing ads for a year, he worked at three local newspapers until they laid him off.  Instead of jumping back on the horse so quickly he took some time off while earning unemployment to create his first comic Judas.  Before that year was up he landed a new job at FedEx Office.  While there, he still makes comic work and attends the Baltimore comic Con every year.  He haas also released a second issue of Judas.  Currently the title is under redevelopment.

Excerpt from sCrypt Comics #2: “Blood The Second Helping: Legends of Vampire”

Right now, he has been working on writing his own comic for the first time, and has also been honing his talent and making posters of comic characters to sell at conventions like Baltimore’s.  Asher has also been one of the artists involved with sCrypt Comics’ issues: “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents,” and “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”

Visit him on the web at: ,

he can be followed on twitter: @pycca, as well as contacted at:

(Please do not use the images in this article without permission from the artist.)

** Note, that the image to the right is one of Asher’s pages from sCrypt Comics issue #2 mentioned above**

Excerpt from "Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents" Graphic novel by sCrypt Comics

Excerpt from “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents” Graphic novel by sCrypt Comics