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Artist of the month June 2013: Ken Hensley

I didn’t even realize how fast this summer was going.  I apologize for not posting this sooner, but here is June’s artist of the month.

Ken Hensley studied graphic design at Lynchburg College in central Virginia, and worked as a freelance illustrator and designer until relocating to New Jersey in 2011, where he was introduced to Rick and sCrypt Comics through a mutual friend. He says: “War Wolf was a nice departure for me; most often I am doing conventional super hero stories, and this was my first real swing at a horror/supernatural/period piece. For all you hard-core nautical enthusiasts out there, I beg forgiveness… I left out so much rigging on those ships! Don’t hang me from a yardarm. At least Sherby doesn’t think the Navy hangs people from yardarms anymore. If you know where I got that last line then we could have a beer.”
Ken was a major contributing artist for sCrypt Comics’ third graphic novel, “Bones At Breakfast In Case Of Werewolf.”  You can see more of Ken’s artwork at http://www.drz73.deviantart.com, and if you are interested in commissioning new work he can be contacted via email at kentheartslave@yahoo.com.

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