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Artist Of The Month August 2012: Tiff Pugliese

This month, sCrypt Comics is proud to present our artist of the month for 2012, Tiff Pugliese.  Ever since childhood, Tiff became interested in art, while watching her mom draw.  She always did little things here and there, but began taking her skills seriously in high school.  Her AP Art class helped hone her abilities and expand her boundaries.  Her preferred topic for her work is to use the various elements of the city (Philadelphia).  Currently, she attends West Chester University for early education and minoring in studio art and art history (in the hopes of becoming an art teacher.)

She now is learning to create her artwork on a tablet, and takes graphic design in the hopes to do more art in the vein of graphic novels.  V for Vendetta is her favorite, but she has contributed to sCrypt Comics’ first issue “Flesh And Leftovers: Zombie Incidents.”  Feel free to contact her on facebook or email her at .  Click on any of the gallery pics below to see a larger version.

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