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Think, Sip, Write: ep23 – Music For Occasion

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the kind messages about Roberta and I cohosting this series. We have lots of fun with it, and are glad to have some feedback. As a note, you should follow @homemadedelish on Instagram. We go live after each episode taping, so there’s a little bit of interaction with audience. Of course you should follow me too @rickpipito, but she’s the better looking one. 😉

We spend this episode talking about music, and our choices for listening during different moods, or whatever we are doing. Who are some of your favorite bands? Comment below and let’s chat about it.

Think, Sip, Write – Ep15: Halloween

You may be frightened or having fun each October 31st (or respective celebration date in other countries), but do you know about the origins of Halloween, The Jack O’ Lantern, trick or treating, and how it’s celebrated around the world?  Join me in this episode for a look into some haunted history.

Think, Sip, Write – ep13: Success in Writing

I’ve received some questions and requests for advice over the years, about the writing process.  Here I’ve talked about steps towards success in publishing, and more.

Think, Sip, Write – ep12: King Arthur

King Arthur and the legends surrounding him are the topic of this episode. I take a look at how he comes into my books as well.

Thanks to St Petersburg Vodka for joining me in this episode. and on social media @stpetersburgvodka

Think, Sip, Write – Ep 10: Zombies

Zombies were the topic of my first novel, so it’s only fitting that I talk about them in culture, their origins, and some fun facts. I even give a few tips of my own just in case you find yourself amidst a breakout.

“Flesh And Leftovers” the novel is available for kindle on Amazon, and in print on lulu. I’ve come a long way since writing it, but it is a fan favorite. Check it out if you get a chance. In the meantime, here’s episode 10 of #thinksipwrite.

Think, Sip, Write – Ep 9: Battery 223

While enjoying a mini vacation in Cape May, NJ, I found an oddity on the beach that I wanted to find more about. Battery 223 has a cool history, and even after doing this episode I am still searching for some photos of the interior. If I find them I’ll put them up here. Either way you’ll get a great view as I’m on the scene.

Think, Sip, Write – Ep 7: sCrypt

For this episode I talk about what got us into sCrypt comics, the process of it all, and how it evolved. At the end I included a slideshow with samples of the art.

Special thanks to the artists. They are: Dan Pipito, Leanne Wiedmeyer, Asher Humm, Joe Parisi, Angela McQuillan, Fred Loeffler, Tiff Pugliese, TJB, Phillip Allie, J.C. Spence, Jacob Greenawalt, Sakura Jones, Ivy Duffy, Scott Modrzynski, Vince Pipito, Kelly Swann, Mike Coppolecchia, Ken Hensley, Michael Garard Jr, Kristie Vanderzee, Muhammad Nurul Islam, and Mao Estheim

Think, Sip, Write – ep 3 The Fountain of Youth

Defeating death has been something sought since the beginning of time.  The Fountain of Youth was a major component in my novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING.  But what was the Fountain of Youth really?  Where did the legends come from?  Here’s a short look at the theories and what it means to live forever.

Think, Sip, Write: Episode 2 – Jim Thorpe, PA

Episode 2 focuses on the town of Jim Thorpe, PA. It is where I chose my first setting for my novels, and also the town that inspired my writing career.

I present some fun facts and lore, as well as my own personal experience there.

Think, Sip, Write: Ep 1

The time has finally come for me to get back into chatting facts, answering questions, and all out just having fun interactions. Here’s my new web series. The episode is only about 6 minutes long and is just an introduction, but it shows where the show will go and the feel I’m going for. Give it a share if you like it.