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February 2012 Artist Of The Month: Dan Pipito

sCrypt Comics Artist of the month for February 2012 is Dan Pipito.  Dan created the name and logo for our comic adventures, and has been active in producing and creating our publications.  We figured for this fact alone, that he should be included as the first artist of the month.  Above is a piece of artwork that he wished to display along with the bio below. 

Rooted in illustration and fine art, Dan’s art has led him to work in a variety of medium.  His sculptural work provided his passion for human anatomy, being able to create life like textures and a full representation of the body, inside and out. This also granted him a U.S. patent for medical simulation design and the gruesome insight for illustrations of pop culture icons. 

Studying animation in University, he has taken the ideas and process of the moving picture and incorporated life into every mark made with a brush.  He works as an artist in an upcoming short Aloha Grocery. (created by Jacob Greenawalt)

Dan continues to refine his work, but his heart is with watercolors, allowing him to paint as a fine artist or relay quick illustrated pieces in his free-lance work.  His work has spread to the entertainment industry helping to produce and cofound sCrypt comics, as well as fan art of the gaming world. He continually pushes to have his work open to the eyes of a bigger audience. 


To contact Dan Pipito, feel free to comment here, or email him at:

Dan is also on Twitter and Instagram @dpipito



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