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Think, Sip, Write: ep30 – Jelly Bean Challenge

Roberta and I are joined by Tony and Lana to play a jelly bean challenge. Will we get Lime or grass clippings? Licorice or skunk spray? Oranges or Ear Wax? Find out some of these, and let us know if you try it out. You can find more info about “Bean Boozled” at http://www.jellybelly.com or look for it in local stores or online. #thinksipwrite

Think, Sip, Write: ep29 – Cell Phone

Roberta and Rick share some fun facts about the history of the cellular phone, and it may be older than you think.  Can you remember what your first phone was?  Add to the conversation by commenting below. #thinksipwrite


Think, Sip, Write: Ep28 – Beer

Rick and Roberta chat about some history of beer, the brewing process, and some fun facts.  See what social media users said were their favorite beers.

Do you have a favorite?  Comment below the video and share.

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Thank you for all who chimed in.

Think, Sip, Write: ep27 – What Time Is It?

Due to the release of my new novel A COURSE FOR HUMANITY, we felt it fitting to discuss time travel.  Is it possible?  If so, where and when would you go?

Think, Sip, Write: ep26 – Video Games

We get in touch with our inner geek in this episode, as we chat about our favorite video games.  What games do you think are the best?  Check out the episode and feel free to comment and share.

You can follow Roberta @homemadedelish and myself @rickpipito on social media if you already aren’t.

Think, Sip, Write: ep25 – Valentine

Roberta and I chat about the history of Valentine’s day, and share some fun ideas. What are you doing for the holiday this year? #thinksipwrite

Think, Sip, Write: ep 24 – From Podcast to Web Series

In this episode we take a look back at our old podcast (Think About This), reflect on the episodes, and talk about the transition to #thinksipwrite.

What are some of your favorite podcasts/webseries?

Think, Sip, Write: ep23 – Music For Occasion

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the kind messages about Roberta and I cohosting this series. We have lots of fun with it, and are glad to have some feedback. As a note, you should follow @homemadedelish on Instagram. We go live after each episode taping, so there’s a little bit of interaction with audience. Of course you should follow me too @rickpipito, but she’s the better looking one. 😉

We spend this episode talking about music, and our choices for listening during different moods, or whatever we are doing. Who are some of your favorite bands? Comment below and let’s chat about it.

Think, Sip, Write: Ep 21 – Ghosts and Hauntings

Roberta joins me once again as we discuss what inspired me to write my award winning novel SOULS 4 SUPPER, and its spinoff short story GHOSTLY HAUNTINGS. We talk ghosts, haunted places, and some spooky things.

What kind of creepy stories do you have? Share in the comments below.

Think, Sip, Write: ep 19 – 2016 In Review

Roberta joins me once again in my latest episode of #thinksipwrite.  Here we have a fun chat about some things in 2016.  What were your favorite moments that we missed?  Feel free to comment.