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April 2012 Artist of the Month: Asher Humm

Since elementary school Asher Humm wanted to be a comic artist.  It wasn’t until he graduated from high school got a job or two, made many youthful mistakes and got married that he knew there was a college which taught Comics.  Until that moment, he believed that there was no use going to college if he couldn’t learn what he needed to learn.  He  pulled stakes and moved.  He grew as an artist and a person while in college.  He then moved back to PA with a divorce on its way and a budding new relationship.  Designing ads for a year, he worked at three local newspapers until they laid him off.  Instead of jumping back on the horse so quickly he took some time off while earning unemployment to create his first comic Judas.  Before that year was up he landed a new job at FedEx Office.  While there, he still makes comic work and attends the Baltimore comic Con every year.  He haas also released a second issue of Judas.  Currently the title is under redevelopment.

Excerpt from sCrypt Comics #2: “Blood The Second Helping: Legends of Vampire”

Right now, he has been working on writing his own comic for the first time, and has also been honing his talent and making posters of comic characters to sell at conventions like Baltimore’s.  Asher has also been one of the artists involved with sCrypt Comics’ issues: “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents,” and “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”

Visit him on the web at: ,

he can be followed on twitter: @pycca, as well as contacted at:

(Please do not use the images in this article without permission from the artist.)

** Note, that the image to the right is one of Asher’s pages from sCrypt Comics issue #2 mentioned above**

Excerpt from "Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents" Graphic novel by sCrypt Comics

Excerpt from “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents” Graphic novel by sCrypt Comics

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