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Artist Of The Month December 2012: Sakura Jones

Sakura Jones is an artist with a diverse range of skills. She graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and enjoys working in different mediums and outlets.  One of those outlets has been sCrypt Comics, where she enjoys the task of learning new ways to bring the stories to light.  Sakura states: “I do a lot-faux finishes, paintings, drawings, crafts, jewelry, decorating and so on, but I love getting to put all those things together and creating a visual story. Doing this project with sCrypt has helped me with my own story and art and I’m grateful for that. They’re great to work with.”

While we are appreciative of her enthusiasm, Sakura’s work doesn’t stop with sCrypt.  Below is a gallery of some samples she has submitted.  Jones has worked with sCrypt on “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire,” and “Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf.”

Sakura can be contacted at

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