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Artist Of The Month for June 2012: Angela McQuillan

Angela McQuillan is an artist and scientist, currently living in Philadelphia.  She is employed at a major Pharmaceutical company working on vaccines.  Angela graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.F.A. from Tyler School of Art.  Her preferred method of artistic expression is through her paintings, which tend to be described as abstract and scientifically inspired.  In her own words, “my artwork comes from a place deep inside.  I am highly interested in scientific mechanisms and how abstract information can be represented in a physical form.  My paintings are physical representations of psychological situations and interactions, and tend to have an “insular” quality because they are very introspective .  My images are influenced by fluorescence microscopy, human anatomy and biological organisms.  I make use of mixed media and varied materials to add texture and tangibility to my work.”

This talented young woman is involved in many projects!  Sometimes she enjoys drawing comics, and sometimes she is busy curating art shows or working on building an outdoor art space in the Kensington section of Philadelphia, PA.  As a member of the artist collective, Little Berlin, Angela is curating a show in JUNE 2012 called DATABASE.  This show is an attempt to bridge the gap between art and science and explore the world of data visualization and database aesthetics.  Check it out this month!

sCrypt Comics has been honored to have her contribute her artwork by interpreting a story with her unique style in their second graphic novel “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”  Angela also has some paintings on display for the month of June at Jed Williams Studio, 615 Bainbridge st. Philadelphia PA 19147. Find her on the web at