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Artist Of The Month September 2013: Jacob Greenawalt

Jacob Greenawalt has been drawing his entire life.   This meant his Father’s hopes of having a Baseball All-star in the family dried up and withered away at the sound of Saturday morning cartoons.  After many bowls of cereal, Jacob graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a BFA in Animation.  Character Designing and Storyboarding are what started his Freelance career.  Along the way Jacob has also been an Illustrator, and Animator, a Director and even a Sign Artist at Trader Joe’s.  However, cartoons and comics have always been his true passion.

Jacob continues to breath life into his art career by screening his animated short cartoons at film festivals, drawing comic book art for sCrypt Comics (he has contributed to issues 3 and 4 “Bones At Breakfast In Case Of Werewolf” and “Souls 4 Supper Ghostly Hauntings”), and Speaking to students about Freelancing, maintaining his art blog, and posting Caricatures of Celebrities on his Facebook Page!

Jacob’s long-term goals include working in the Animation Industry full-time, but he wouldn’t say ‘no’ to working his butt off as a Comic Book Artist either.  He currently promotes his Animation work under Whatever Jake Makes Animation, so check it out!   As long as Jacob is doing art, you’ll find a giant smile on his big, meaty face.

More of Jacob’s work can be found at the following links:

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