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Lost YearIMG_E2597[1]Day 14 of #scrypthalloween shows a preview of my upcoming spinoff THE LOST YEAR. Some facts: 1) it will be published on November 5, 2019. 2) this will be the final entry in the Eternal Hunger Saga. It follows the events of CONSUMED BY WAR but stands on its own. 3) the plot involves a deadly virus and search for a cure. This was originally a concept I had for an earlier book that was shelved until reworked. 4) I wanted to bring some closure to Mayan civilization so tying that into the story was tricky at first. I spent so many hours rewriting and replanting the approach that I could have written half of a full length novel with better planning. 5) the story lead is a strong female character inspired by the amazing women in my immediate and extended family. She’s not perfect but dedicates herself to getting the job done. #book #shortstory #spinoff #virus #mayan #ruins #mayanruins #authorsofinstagram

Flesh And Leftovers Viral Video

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We have finally broken into the viral video scene with this short film.  “Virus” was written, directed, and edited by Rick Pipito.  Co-Produced by Rick and Dan Pipito.  It also stars Rick Pipito as the human, and Dan Pipito as the zombie.

This is a commercial video to promote the following:

The novel “Flesh And Leftovers” (available in hardback, softback and digital download at:

The sCrypt Comics Graphic Novel “Flesh and Leftovers: Zombie Incidents” (available in print and digital download at: and

Please spread the word and grab yourself a copy of each right now!

Thanks for the support,

Rick Pipito and Dan Pipito