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img_27251-e1572462224236.pngIMG_E2727[1]Day 30 of #scrypthalloween takes a look at my #vampire #novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING. Here are some facts: 1) it was published on September 28, 2011. 2) Cain’s House of Twelve vampires was created as an antithesis to Jesus’ Twelve Apostles. Cain is seen as the vampire lord and savior. 3) In the book there is a scene that describes what would happen if a vampire drank the blood of someone who had a blood borne disease, like HIV or AIDS. Even the blood suckers are not immune. 4) King Arthur, Vlad Tepee, The Great Sphinx, Elizabeth Bathory, and The fountain of Youth are all crucial elements to the plot. 5) the characters in the book were loved by readers so much that I went back eight books later and gave them prequel adventures in “The Thirst of Cain”. What are your favorite vampire stories? #halloween #authorsofinstagram


img_26581.pngDay 24 of #scrypthalloween is here and since it’s my #birthday I’m doing a #free #book #giveaway. First come first serve and if interested in the digital download then inbox me. Here’s the EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY. Some facts: 1) the #collection was originally published in print and digital on May 9, 2013 and can be found at as well as on amazon and Barnes and Noble sites. 2) the #compilation includes the novels: FLESH AND LEFTOVERS, BLOOD THE SECOND HELPING, and BONES AT BREAKFAST, as well as the short stories in ZOMBIE INCIDENTS, LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, and IN CASE OF WEREWOLF. #zombie #vampire #werewolf 3) the cover #art by @dpipito of @pintsizedpages has a tree representing the Tree of Knowledge, but with the bark being flesh, the branches bone, and the tips blood, which represents each of the novels within. 4) this was originally called “Flesh and Leftovers: Eden’s Order Trilogy” but after the series continued and became known as the ETERNAL HUNGER SAGA, I decided to drop the former title to just reflect the trilogy itself. 5) bonus content in the book includes a comprehensive timeline of all the events within. The plan was to continue with this but as history became a larger factor as the series went on it became nearly impossible to continue, especially since the end of the series brings in time travel and alternate realities aside from our own. #authorsofinstagram #reading #novels

Day 4 – Legends of Vampire

#2 Legends Of Vampire - sCrypt Comics

Day 4 of #scrypthalloween takes a look at LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE. This is a short story spinoff of yesterday’s post. It was originally in graphic novel form with nine artists involved including my brother @dpipito who headed art direction and helped create the cover from my vision. I wanted something that looked like an old oil painting but actually taken from photograph and wanted to emphasize the vampire connection; as well as wine, since the latter is good for the blood. Now also available in text form It serves as an expansion to the historical events mentioned in the novel. It can be purchased in print at or as part of the Eden’s Order trilogy at Amazon and Barnes & Noble….

official description: You are alone with someone you just met. You hit it off and lean in to kiss that person, only to realize that their teeth are now two inch fangs. Your “friend” is a vampire thirsting for your blood. This short story contains events mentioned in the novel upon which it was based, “Blood, The Second Helping”. #vampire #vampire #shortstory #eternalhungersaga

Day 3 – Blood, The Second Helping


Day 3 of #scrypthalloween takes a look at my #novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING. The cover art here (sans text) by @dpipito hides some of the plot in its colors. This was originally planned as a sequel to another book idea, but after the success of F&L it made more sense to do a #vampire #book. My villain Cain is a many fan favorite, as well as how I incorporated real historical events into the narrative. It’s available in print and digital forms at and Amazon, as well as part of the Eden’s Order trilogy at those markets and Barnes and Noble. …….

official description: Gordon Lightcap and his group of unique specialists race against time to stop the coming apocalypse. Cain, the world’s first vampire, and his House of Twelve, have waited an eternity to put this world changing plan into motion. At the center of these two sides is one woman with two identities. Her human persona of Moira Donatelli, has left clues to assist Gordon in his quest, while her vampire identity, Lilith the Deceiver, has helped Cain back to power. Both men must fight for their survival as well as the woman they love.

The Short Stories trailer

A new trailer is up for my short story spinoffs.

From top 25 author, Rick Pipito, comes 9 short spinoff stories from the award winning Eternal Hunger Saga.  Each book expands upon the world created in the novels.  Existing fans and newcomers will love what is brought to life here.

The novels and short stories are available at in print.  On Amazon the novels are in digital, and the shorts are in the trilogy collections.

Feel free to contact Rick on social media @rickpipito or email

Thanks to Dan Pipito for the artwork, and Roberta Pipito for cover assistance.



More info is at

Think, Sip, Write – ep 16: Vampires

Just in time for Halloween I decided to talk about the history of vampires.  Many people believe Bram Stoker created the vampire legend, but was the person he based Dracula on really a bad guy?  Who really was the first vampire?  Do vampires really exist?  These questions and more are answered in episode 16 of #thinksipwrite.

I also talk about what inspired me to write my novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING, and its spinoff short story LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE.

Day 6 – Vampire influences

ugdz2575When I was writing my novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING, as well as its spinoff short LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, I covered all avenues of vampire lore.  Doing so meant that I had to see what was already out there, so that I wouldn’t mimic anything already done.

My favorite vampire research items always remain constant.  Bram Stoker’s Dracula goes without saying.  I was a fan of the 1930s version, and the remake, but the book adds to the greatness that the films had.

For a little more supernatural feel I delved into the Blade trilogy (and even the series).  The movies went beyond vampire lore and into superhero territory, but were and still are fun to watch.

Legacy of Kain was a video game series that included 5 games.  Why they never went forth and made another is beyond me, because this series’ antagonist has one of the most evil vampires I’ve seen in story form.  Kain is far from the Cain in my novels, and his story delves deep into vampire lore with a twist.  I’m still holding my breath for a reboot sequel, but until that time I have the memories of these games.  *Side note… I actually wrote a manuscript of these games to pitch to publishers a few years back.  Due to ownership rights of the game it wasn’t something that was possible.  Maybe I’ll try again when the rights revert to one owner.

Finally, you can’t have vampires without a good glass of wine, and Vampire is the one to get for that.  The gift package even comes in a coffin for the bottle.

What are some of you favorite vampire stories?  Make sure to post and #scrypthalloween, and tag me or let me know.  My favorite posts from each day in October are winning free copies of some of my works.  Feel free to ask any questions.



Day 5 – Legends of Vampire

#2 Legends Of Vampire - sCrypt ComicsOriginally available in comic book form, I’m happy to announce that a text version of LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE is now available in standard print format at, as well as for the Kindle on Amazon in the EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY.

LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE is a short story spinoff of my novel (Blood, The Second Helping), and expands upon the characters and stories going on in the novel.

You are alone with someone you just met. You hit it off and lean in to kiss that person, only to realize that their teeth are now two inch fangs. Your “friend” is a vampire thirsting for your blood.

This post is part of my 31 days of #Scrypthalloween, and you can be a part of it by posting something you like as well.  The best posts from each day will win giveaways.  Check the previous posts, and the chart below to know what to post each day.  It can be anything from topic related books, movies, food, drink, toys, hobbies, or anything you can think of.  Tag me in your posts @rickpipito.  Feel free to ask me any questions.


Day 4 – Blood, The Second Helping

Blood Cover

#scrypthalloween continues with day 4 bringing in vampires.  My second novel, BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING, mixes legend with historical events.  Gordon Lightcap and his newly formed team of agents must solve riddles that date back to ancient Egypt, uncover artifacts, and track down the man behind the vampire threat before his vision of a new world comes to order.

BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING is available at Amazon in digital form, and in print at

Make sure to take part in my 31 days of #scrypthalloween. The best posts from each day will win giveaways.  Check the previous posts, and the chart below to know what to post each day.  It can be anything from topic related books, movies, food, drink, toys, hobbies, or anything you can think of.  Tag me in your posts @rickpipito.  Feel free to ask me any questions.

  • Cover art depicted is by Dan Pipito


Eden’s Order Trilogy trailer

Zombies, Vampires, & Werewolves are the three threats in the Eden’s Order Trilogy. Here’s a trailer I did for the collection, which is available on Lulu and Amazon.


There’s also bonus content including 3 extra short stories in the same universe & a timeline.

Blood, The Second Helping – Trailer

History’s mysteries come full circle in the trailer for my second novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING.  What do you think?

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

My little lady modeling my children's bookTo celebrate this time of Holiday giving, I’m doing a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  Each day from the 14th through the 24th I will be selecting one winner to receive a free digital copy of one of my books.  On Christmas day, I will select one winner to receive a free autographed print copy of one of my books.

Its very simple to enter.  First, select the title that most interests you (If you are chosen as a winner, this is the book you will receive).  Once you select the title, you will use the hashtag mentioned next to it in your post.

Select from here:



#werewolves – BONES AT BREAKFAST

#ghosts – SOULS 4 SUPPER


#technology – TECHNO FEAST

#arguments – NO, IT’S NOT. YES, IT IS: ARGUMENTS


You can enter as many times as you wish, as the drawing is at random, so the more you tweet, fb, etc…. the more chances you have.  Then make your status update and tag me in it.  (Please also inbox me and let me know, so I can make sure you are included in the drawing.)

Here is a sample of what to say (let’s say I chose Souls 4 Supper as my book):

“#12daysofchristmas Book giveaway by @rickpipito #ghosts.”

Please share this info with as many people as you can, and don’t hesitate in entering.  If you have any questions feel free to ask.  You can keep entering from now through the 25th of December 2014, so good luck.

Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Day 26: What’s the Deal with the Stick Figures

sticksBack when we were working on the first sCrypt Comics spinoff, my brother and I had been having discussions about how everyone had those window sticker stick families on their cars.  It was overkill and I made the comment of “you think they’d do something different.”


A week later, Dan had made sure to have some stickers of his own printed up.  The zombie stick family began, and we threw it in the concept art pages as a joke.  Now with each installment, we add to the theme another family.  I did the ghost one, but still it was fun.


If you’d like your own window sticker, or other merchandise check out our online store at

Day 21: Currently Published Plots and more

booksI figured since it is getting closer to Halloween, I should make a quick list of the current publications I have and a brief idea as to the summary of them.


The Novels:


FLESH AND LEFTOVERS: While zombie incidents plague the world, the survivors must unite to prepare for a much bigger threat.


BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING: Vampires have been a thing of legend, but throughout history they’ve played an important role.  Now a team of humans who have survived horrific incidents must seek out the vampire lord and destroy his clan.


BONES AT BREAKFAST: A sinister villain has evolved into a creature beyond imagination.  With his army of werewolf servants and allies, he will attempt to reshape the world in his image.


SOULS 4 SUPPER: The ghosts of countless people roam free in a desperate move toward the afterlife.  Can a small group of covert operatives surpass them to prevent the opening of Pandora’s Box?


DEVIL’S DESSERT: Hell’s demons have chosen earth as their final battlefield against the forces of heaven.  With humanity caught in the center of this eternal war, they will have to choose their own path toward survival or face extinction.


TECHNO FEAST: A supercomputer has evolved and taken control of all networked technology.  With the world at its command, humanity must find a way to combat the threat, by seeking out answers that have been hidden from the public eye.


Non fiction books:


NO, IT’S NOT. YES, IT IS: ARGUMENTS: A lighthearted look at arguing through personal experience will give you a few laughs, might teach you a thing or two, and help better your approach when disagreeing with someone.  At the very least, you will know how to deal with certain personalities.


Graphic Comic Books:


ZOMBIE INCIDENTS: spinoff filling in back story of events in Flesh and Leftovers.


LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE: spinoff building on the world of Blood, The Second Helping.


IN CASE OF WEREWOLF: spinoff of events in Bones At Breakfast.


GHOSTLY HAUNTINGS: spinoff stories from Souls 4 Supper




EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY: Collects Flesh and Leftovers, Blood the Second Helping, & Bones and Breakfast, as well as novelized versions of Zombie Incidents, Legends of Vampire, In Case of Werewolf and bonus material.


PANDORA’S CHAOS TRILOGY: Collects Souls 4 Supper, Devil’s Dessert, & Techno Feast, as well as novelized versions of In Case Of Werewolf, Demonic Entities, Final Upgrade, and bonus material.


All of the above listed are available for purchase in multiple formats through the links on the right of this page.

Day 9: The Story Behind the Art

coversWhile the stories to the books written by Rick Pipito are the main content, a good cover to the book is what catches the eye.  Let’s take a few moments to talk about the ideas behind each cover and the art that Dan Pipito brought to life.


FLESH AND LEFTOVERS has a cover that come into mind over the phone.  I pitched my idea for the first book to Dan and he immediately said, “Zombies?  Okay, I’ve got it.  The cover is a set of teeth tearing into a raw hunk of meat.”  He felt that it matched the title of horror and food amalgamation.


For the spinoff comic ZOMBIE INCIDENTS, the concept was mine.  I had access to various fake body parts that looked and felt real.  In my mind I thought, “What would Hannibal Lecter keep in his fridge?”  We set up my spare refrigerator with a bowl of bloody leftovers, through in the fake body parts and snapped a picture.  Then Dan put the whole thing through a celophane like filter to give it that artistic touch (after all, leftovers ARE often found wrapped in plastic).


BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING’s vampire theme is evident in the cover.  Dan incorporated a lot of the story elements from the book.  The city bathed in blood is symbolic, while the shadowy outline of the antagonist’s face is seen behind the large fangs.  A pivotal scene from the book is also shown with a reconstructed body rising from the fountain of youth.  It’s a very busy (in a great way) cover that keeps with the theme of the teeth from F&L.


LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, the BTSH spinoff comic, was another of my ideas.  Wanting to keep the real photograph idea of the first comic, this time we had a friend pose for us holding a glass of wine.  The closeup shot of her neck with the wine (which is good for your blood of course) was put through an antique filter to give it an oil painting appearance.  Dan added the fang marks and highlighted veins to be more pronounced to give it the “I’ve just been bitten by a vampire” paleness.


BONES AT BREAKFAST is the last in the first trilogy, so it made sense to close it out with a similar theme of teeth.  This time Dan had the full snout of a wolf prominent in the foreground.  You can notice that the jaw is not as pronounced as a normal wolf, giving it that human likeness of a werewolf in front of a very full moon.


The comic spinoff, IN CASE OF WEREWOLF, was another photograph idea.  I gave Dan the concept and he took some bones from a medical office skeleton, threw them on a plate with some prop hair, and added a cup of coffee and orange juice to symbolize the bones at breakfast aspect.  Again, he passed the photo through a filter before adding text and finalizing the cover.


THE EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY cover is a simple tree.  This is no ordinary tree.  Upon second glance, you can see that the bark of the tree is stretched skin like in texture, the branches are in fact shaped like bones, and the red tips where the buds would be is blood.  This is to show not just the tree of life from the Garden of Eden (a place we visit in the novels), but also to represent the flesh, blood, and bones from the titles of the included books.


SOULS 4 SUPPER marks the start of a new themed trilogy.  Dan went simpler this time.  I told him about what my version of Pandora’s Box would look like and that is what we decided for the cover.  He added intricate gear and piston layouts, and I told him I wanted souls to be wisping from the top of it like they were escaping.  His decision for the textured background and very little color is perfect for focusing on the object depicted.


The comic spinoff, GHOSTLY HAUNTINGS, came as an easier venture.  Dan worked in a kitchen at the time, so when I said I had this idea to have ghosts escaping from a pot of stew, he grabbed the biggest deepest pot he could and took a picture of the steaming contents.  Then he added ghostly faces into the stew and steam.  The even better part of this is that the faces are actually warped and altered photos of famous people and pieces of art.  They are altered to the point beyond recognition, but if you look closely, you may just see something you recognize.


DEVIL’S DESSERT has an intriguing cover.  The Crown of Thorns, the Spear of Destiny, and the Sword of Eden are all artifacts crucial to the book’s storyline.  Those are the items represented in the two tone cover, with a little bit of orangy-yellow fire coming from the blade.


TECHNO FEAST’s cover was another mutual idea.  The main threat of this book operates from a satellite.  This satellite depicted isn’t necessarily THE antagonist, but it makes sense once you read the novel.  Outerspace in the background with the purplish gasses displayed among the deep blue make it a contrast that is eye captivating.


PANDORA’S CHAOS TRILOGY is another combination idea.  The Statue is a way of representing the ancient history involved in the story (think roman architecture).  It’s one arm has a broken limb.  You can see feathers of what is an angel wing, while a dragonfly like demon wing droops to the other side.  It’s face is very mechanical looking, while his heart is Pandora’s Box yet again, but with ghostly energy emanating from it.  Souls, Demons and angels, & technology (the focus of these 3 books) are represented evenly.


NO, IT’S NOT.  YES, IT IS: ARGUMENTS is the only book by me (Rick Pipito) that does not have a cover done by Dan.  The idea here was to represent the turmoil of arguing that the non-fiction book’s topic is about.  I had wanted to represent the two sides to one’s own psyche.  There is a wavering of opinions that often are quite contrasting without facts.  So, I had my wife take a picture of me facing one way with my glasses on and a different hairstyle.  Then I removed my glasses, and took another shot of me with some facial scruff.  By putting the two of them together and filtering them to look like a blueprint of arguments, it seems as if my two selves are in a dispute with each other.  It not only symbolizes some of the times that I’ve struggled to decide what is right or wrong, but also gave me the experience of making my own cover for what will eventually be a trilogy of non-fiction.


In addition to these amazing covers, there is also the few pieces of internal art that work with the stories when they are needed, and then there is of course the comic books which have multiple artists representing the plots.  All of the above book covers can be seen in closer view through the novels and comics sections of this site.  They are also available through purchase links on the right side of this page.


Be sure to follow Dan on Instagram and twitter @dpipito, as well as myself @rickpipito.  Like our facebook page for all the published works


Day 4: Eden’s Order

Cover Art for "F&L: Eden's Order Trilogy" the novel

Cover Art for “F&L: Eden’s Order Trilogy” the novel.  Concept and art by Dan Pipito

31 Days of Halloween: Day 4 is here and we bring the best of all three previous days together.


THE EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY contains FLESH AND LEFTOVERS, BLOOD THE SECOND HELPING, & the BONES AT BREAKFAST novels.  Like a boxed set, I wanted to include some extras, so also within are the novelized versions (without pictures) of the comic book spinoffs: ZOMBIE INCIDENTS, LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, & IN CASE OF WEREWOLF.


So why is it called that name?  Well without giving too much away, the Garden of Eden becomes the central focus of what this trilogy is building to.  The antagonist, Cain, believes that finding this lost place will bring his type of order to the planet, while the protagonists feel that the unknown is too risky.


The Garden of Eden was supposed to have been a place of pure nirvana.  We didn’t have to work for our food, and life was eternal.  Our mistake banned us from there, but what happened to Eden?  It had to be somewhere on earth right?  And if we found it again, then would the peace and order become ours again?


A problem that is often found with the “truth” is that often the facts lead to more questions, so regardless of what happens as a result of such an action, there would be more that comes with it.  Zombies, vampires and werewolves are the focus of the first three novels, but the underlying plot as a whole all boils down to this place.  It puts in question everything we know and think we know.  Getting people to think of the “what ifs” regardless of their beliefs or lack thereof, was my goal.


Open your mind with THE EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY, available through links on the right of this page.  *Note: on Amazon, the kindle version ONLY contains the extras that you wouldn’t get from buying the novels separately.  I did this for those fans who had already purchased the books but wanted the whole saga without rebuying them.

Day 2: Historical events in BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING

Cover art for "Blood The Second Helping" The novel

Cover art for “Blood The Second Helping” The novel

For Day #2 in my 31 Days of Halloween series, I figured I’d focus on my second novel.  This time I’ll share some historical events that I tied into BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING.  How do vampires fit into human history?  What events were they directly involved with?  Is our history as true as we are taught?  Here’s a list of hints toward what happens.


1) King Arthur was the first human to figure out the weakness of a vampire he encountered, so the legendary sword, Excalibur was forged from silver to be placed in the “stone,” which is not quite what legend says.


2) The Sphinx in Egypt has been a mystery for ages, but there is much more to the mystery and riddle than we know.  Two vampires that ruled the land long ago had the monument built to hide something that could prove fatal to their kind.


3) Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes may not be the Dracula that Bram Stoker wrote about, but he is certainly tied closely to the man who truly is the dark vampire lord.


4) Chicago in the early 1900s was filled with heavy mob activity.  Imagine that scene when a vigilante vampire begins abducting them.  Tempers will rise and betrayal will ensue.


5) Wine has changed throughout history, but no one knows that wine is good for the blood more than a vampire.  The longest lived vineyard in the world rises and falls.


6) The Fountain of Youth holds the key to the mysteries of why the Amazon rainforest is so vast and full of life, but the Fountain itself is a mystery.  Could Abel (the world’s first victim of murder) be the answer?


7) Elizabeth Bathory’s name may make some people think of the game where you stare into the mirror and call “Bloody Mary”, but what are the true origins of that urban legend and why?


8) There’ve been numerous stories in the past thirty years about teens who actually believed they were vampires.  In reality they aren’t but following the trail of one of these teens might make you see it in a different manner.

#2 Legends Of Vampire - sCrypt Comics

9) Various faiths tell the story of when Cain killed Abel, but what was the mark that was truly placed on Cain by God?


10) What was going on behind the lines during the most violent battle of the Russo Japanese War?


11) The CIA has been involved in many conspiracies, but there is one that has been kept a secret for over 40 years… They know about the existence of vampires and may even have employed the like in their ranks.


12) The story of Samson and Delilah is filled with betrayal, lust, and (you guessed it) a vampire.


BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING and its spinoff graphic novel comic, LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, are available through links on the right side of this page.   Stay tuned for more 31 days of halloween, tomorrow.

Halloween Spotlight: Vampires

vpicBy Rick Pipito

Vampires are legendary.  It’s that simple.  There are tales throughout the ages of these creatures that have many different approaches to the lore.  When I was halfway finished writing my zombie novel, I decided to slowly tie in the vampire aspect.  I wanted something else to tackle.  As I consulted Dan again with my ideas to expand the novels and a topic for our second comic book collaborative, I decided on a new approach.

Everything from vampire lore needed to exist in the same universe.  Their weaknesses and strengths may not be universal among all blood suckers, but I didn’t want to discredit the varying kinds.  And so, “Blood, The Second Helping” the novel was born, as well as its graphic spinoff “Legends of Vampire.”  The characters involved in the first book needed to deal with something more dangerous than zombies this time, and vampires were the next logical choice.  They are faster, smarter, and have abilities and influence throughout the ages, making them a powerful ally or lethal foe.  Here’s a brief view of how it works in my created universe.


1) Silver weakness – The reason for this vulnerability goes back to the dawn of man.  When Cain, the first vampire, murdered his brother Abel, the rock that he used kill his kin contained high amounts of silver.  Forever, Cain would be damned to walk with a blood thirst and weakened by the element he used for murder.

2) Sunlight weakness – Not all vampires are harmed by the sun’s rays.  Upon being locked in a room void of any sunlight for thousands of years, and surviving on only insects and small rodents, a vampire will become harmed by the sun’s rays.  The lack of nutrition and fresh blood causes their skin to develop a lupus like disease.  Immediate exposure to sunlight will either severly burn their flesh or cause them to turn to ash.

3) Generational differences: Cain, being the first vampire, is immortal.  Even being stabbed through the heart with silver will not keep him at bay forever.  Even if his body were to be destroyed entirely, his soul would reside somewhere until it returns to life.  The twelve that he turned into his first generation vampires can die much easier.  They each have their own abilities based on their talents in life.  With each generation down the line, vampires progressively get weaker as the cursed blood slowly phases out through genetics.  It is when the sixth generation comes that these creatures no longer require blood.  They have become mindless zombies at this point and need flesh to survive.

4) Crucifix deterrant: Do crucifixes actually harm a vampire?  The answer is no.  There are certain sects of vampires who may believe in darkness.  The sight of a cross literally enrages or repulses them.  This is not the case with all vampires though.

5) Memory: Vampires remember and gain knowledge of everyone they’ve ever consumed the blood of.  One vampire in particular, Kristoff, has the ability to learn everything and recall that knowledge at will.  His photographic mind is of genius level proportions, enabling him to go as far as researching an injectible cure for his bloodlust… a cure for the vampire curse.

6) Garlic weakness: Garlic is like any other food.  Its powerful scent and taste does not actually repel a vampire.  It does have an effect on one vampire however.  Evelyn, is a wine connoseur.  She has found that the effects of wine on the blood are beneficial to the amounts of times she needs to feed.  Unfortunately for her, she had a severe allergy to garlic when she was once human.  That allergy remains in her vampire years and will cause her airways to close or for her skin to break out in a rash if exposed to enough of it.

7) Mind Control: Two vampires have exhibited mental abilities beyond normal means.  One of these vampires has the ability to control anyone’s mind, while the other can communicate with animals and insects.  Either one of these abilities makes them a more deadly foe than the normal vampire.

8) Healing: Vampires heal at a much more rapid rate than usual.  If they lose a limb it will grow back eventually, unless that limb was severed with something made of silver.  Silver hinders their ability to heal wounds.  Drinking fresh blood will cause them to heal even more rapidly.  In the case of the vampire, Evelyn, she has an even greater gift of healing.  She can cure the wounds and ailments of others by absorbing them into her by a mere touch.  The downside is that for a time, these afflictions are fully experienced by her until her vampire DNA forces it out.

9) Disease: There are many blood diseases and ailments out there.  If you think that these abnormalities don’t affect vampires, then you are wrong.  The effects of drinking the blood of someone who may have H.I.V. for example, are just as deadly for a blood sucker as they are for a human.

10) Youth vampire: Although he is not a vampire like the others, one man is still considered as much.  This man is not a descendant of Cain’s curse.  Instead, he had an accident that causes him to age exponentially faster than normal humans.  He’s got no enhanced abilities like vampires do, but he can make himself younger by absorbing the youth of others.  For example: If he were to breathe in the essence of a 12 year old, that child would become as old as he was at that moment of absorbing, while he’d gain the difference in years back to his youth.  Theoretically, he could live forever this way.

11) Wannabe: There are some goth teens that have the desire to be something more.  Believing that they are either vampires or will become vampires through their actions, they go on a string of murders, consuming some of the blood of their victims, including family members and friends.  These are in fact NOT true vampires.

12) Historical influence: The following events are just some of the events directly related to vampires or their influence throughout human history: Cain and Abel, The Fountain of Youth, Excalibur, King Arthur, The Great Sphinx, Vlad Tepes, Sampson and Delilah, Lilith, CIA controversies, Kennedy Assassination, Elizabeth Bathory, and much more.

13) Mirrors: Vampires DO in fact cast reflections in mirrors.  One vampire was not happy with their appearance however and decided to smash any mirror they’d come into contact with.

14) Foresight: One vampire has the ability to foresee events to come.  Of course these visions could always change depending on actions taken in the present, but this one has the sole ability to see the future through dreams/visions.


Those are the vampires in our universe here.  Notice there are no sparkles involved.  Dan and I of course discussed the spinoff comic over another appropriate bottle of wine, pictured above.  So what are our vampire influences?  Below are just some of our favorites:

Rick’s favorite vampire Movie is Interview with The Vampire.  His favorite Book on vampires is Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The Video Game series Legacy of Kain remains at the top of his list.  Rick’s pick for vampire of the year is Selene from the Underworld series.

Dan’s favorite vampire Movie is 30 Days of Night.  His favorite Book involving vampires is What if…Wolverine was Lord Of The Vampires.  The Video Game series Castlevania remains at the top of his list. Dan’s pick for vampire of the year is the classic Nosferatu creature.

What are your favorites?  Are you a vampire fan?  Grab yourself a copy of “Blood, The Second Helping” the novel.  It is available at in softback book and on for the Kindle.  Also, the spinoff comic book “Blood The Second Helping: Legends of Vampire” is available for purchase at  Help support our blood curling madness.

“Blood, The Second Helping” and its spinoff are (C) 2011 by Rick Pipito.  Stay tuned for our werewolf spotlight…

Think about this Episodes 8 and 9

Hey folks, our two newest episodes of the Think About This podcast are available for free listening.  Episode 8 has our hosts looking at the legends associated with vampires and werewolves, and a few mentions here and there of the novels by Rick Pipito that tackle those myths.

In Episode 9 (just released) sCrypt Comics cofounder and lead artist, Dan Pipito joins in on the fun as we talk about Comic book movies and castings.  Check it out and spread the word.

Vampire Story Breakdown

vamp famYesterday I released my zombie story breakdown, and today I will do the same for our vampires.  When I got the idea to continue my first novel, but go in a different direction with creatures, I put zombies on the shelf and chose vampires.  Like the former, vampires are described differently in lore.  Some have different abilities, some are vulnerable to garlic and holy water, some can only be killed by a silver bullet.  The list goes on and on.  Here are the plots of the various short stories in my second novel, and sCrypt’s second spinoff comic book.

If any of them peak your interest, then check out where you can purchase my books and comic books at the side bar on the right.  They are available in print and digital formats, and will definitely have you holding onto your seat, as the main plot continues from the first novel and continues to tie in these stories.

Here is our vampire story breakdown from “Blood, The Second Helping” the novel, and “BTSH: Legends of Vampire” graphic novel.  All stories are (C) 2011 & 2012 by Rick Pipito. Make sure to stay tuned for our werewolf one as well.  I will list where the story can be found,whether novel or comic:

BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING: (The Novel) Gordon Lightcap and his group of unique specialists race against time to stop the coming apocalypse.  Cain, the world’s first vampire, and his House of Twelve, have waited an eternity to put this world changing plan into motion.  At the center of these two sides is one woman with two identities.  Her human persona of Moira Donatelli, has left clues to assist Gordon in his quest, while her vampire identity, Lilith the Deceiver, has helped Cain back to power.  Both men must fight for their survival as well as the woman they love.

BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING: LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE: (comic book spinoff) You are alone with someone you just met. You hit it off and lean in to kiss that person, only to realize that their teeth are now two inch fangs. Your “friend” is a vampire thirsting for your blood.

A Hero King: A young man discovers that vampires have a weakness.  This man grows up to be the legendary King Arthur.  Armed with his sword, the Excalibur, he allies his army with that of the vampires in order to stop a common foe (6th generation vampires, aka zombies).  Can he trust the vampire lord, Cain, or will he be forced to defend the humans from his forces as well? (Blood, The Second Helping)

Sands Of Mystery: Johnny Chong and Chastity Smith, both survivors of separate zombie incidents, travel to Egypt to find the legendary Excalibur sword.  Once there, they discover that the Sphinx and vampires have something in common. Find out why sunlight can affect a vampire.  (Blood, The Second Helping)

Amalgamated History: Alucard the Executioner feeds on the blood of those who are unworthy to join his cause.  His opposition comes in the form of Vlad Tepes.  Their stories go down in history to inspire Bram Stoker’s tale of Dracula.  Find out how a crucifix became part of modern vampire tales. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Redemption For One: Kristoff is a vampire with the ability to retain any and all information he learns.  For centuries he has sought a cure for his bloodlust, by experimenting on criminals and those he deems unworthy of life.  As his search continues in the early 1900s, he targets the Chicago mob, who has nicknamed him the “Dark Cop.” (Blood, The Second Helping)

Time And A Bottle: This is the journal of Evelyn.  She is a vampire with the ability to heal others, and has an affinity for the taste of wine.  She progresses Blood Coverfrom being a wine taster to a maker throughout history.  People come from all over to try her own brand of wine, but she can never let them know her secret ingredient.  She is also the only vampire known to have an allergy to garlic. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Appetite Of Lust: Madam Delilah runs a prostitution ring, but when one of her favorite working girls is put in danger, Delilah lets her secret known.  She is a vampire with a lust for more than just blood.  If you ever wondered what would happen if a vampire contracted a deadly disease, then you don’t want to miss this. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Loose Ends: The Military Underground Tactical Specialists have tracked an escapee from the “Evolution and Extinction” incident to a place in Brazil.  When they arrive at the mansion of a dead drug lord, the remnants of his zombi henchmen stand in their way.  The mission takes the MUTS into the Amazon rainforest where they face off against a vampire who has the ability to control the creatures of his environment. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Shattered Beauty: Elizabeth Bathory may have made history, but her family knows her as Bella the tormentor.  She takes the most beautiful of women, then bathes in and drinks their blood to keep her own youthful appearance. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Murray’s Massacre: A teenager gives in to his goth tendencies, as he believes he can become a vampire.  This story reads like a real life newspaper article.  Find out all about the horrific acts he commits just to call himself a “vampire.” (Blood, The Second Helping)

Confrontation: The vampire lord, Cain, has gathered his surviving generals and infiltrated a military base in Russia.  As Gordon Lightcap and his team of survivors attempt to stop the vampires, they pray that one of the blood suckers will be their saving grace. (Blood, The Second Helping)

Shadow Stalker: Marcus is a vampire with a horribly scarred face and psyche.  He stalks a castle in medieval times and toys with his prey before killing them. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

A Monument To Serve: Find out the true story of the building of the Sphinx in Egypt.  Will the slaves be able to rise up against their vampire masters? (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

The Question: Alucard the executioner has men and women brought before him to see if they are worthy of eternal life with him.  If they answer to his disliking, they will be slain in the most painful of ways. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Seeking The Cure: Before tackling the Chicago mob, Kristoff infiltrates a Japanese lab in the height of the Russo-Japanese War.  There he seeks to find the cure for his vampirism. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Wine And Dine: Evelyn has a special ingredient that makes her vineyard grow the most tasteful of grapes.  People come from miles around to drink her wine, and she in turn drinks their blood. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Legends CoverSamson And Delilah: Delilah is discovered for what she truly is and is forced to take advantage of Samson.  She however does not like to be blackmailed, and has a plan of her own.  This is my take on the Biblical story. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Eternal Guardian: Guarding the Fountain of Youth in the heart of the Amazon is a vampire who communicates with the surrounding wildlife.  When a group of archaeologists seek the fountain, they are in for quite the surprise. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

The Lying Truth: Lilith is captured by the Central Intelligence Agency and recruited to become one of their top assassins.  Changing her identity, she carries out various historical assassinations, but has ulterior motives as well. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Hunting The Hunter: Darius Moon frantically tries to escape an elite military unit.  Through a forest they hunt him for the purpose of using his vampire DNA in their next experiment. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Mind Astray: Cain and Darius Moon now occupy the same body, but these once long time allies, must struggle through the mindscape so that only one of them becomes the true victor of their host. (BTSH: Legends Of Vampire)

Breath Of Life: A near death experience leaves a man with a unique affliction that causes him to age at an accelerated rate.  The only way to retain his youth is by using his new ability to siphon it from others by merely inhaling their essence. (Flesh And Leftovers: Eden’s Order Trilogy)

“Blood, The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire” Recap

As we gear up for our third sCrypt Comics graphic novel, as well as the fourth novel in the Flesh and Leftovers series, I decided to go back and look at the past.  Like our previous graphic novel recap we are now going to take a look at sCrypt Comics’ second issue.  We hit a few bumps in the road, and in the end fell short on length, but the art that we had gotten was astonishing to say the least.  It is very difficult trying to organize something like this, and I give these artists all the credit in the world for producing such great work.  Here is where you can get your copy of Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire”.  

Of course, I highly suggest checking out the full length novels as well, but if you are looking for some interesting and stunning artwork, and something that fits well in with the series, then this is something you don’t want to miss.  Check out the gallery below and click on each picture to see a larger version.  To grab a copy, check out the link on the name above, and of course you can always get the novels where these comics began at

Interview with Author Rick Pipito on Eden’s Order Trilogy

I already posted the questions about the three novels, (Flesh and Leftovers, Blood The Second Helping, and Bones At Breakfast) and there arose a few more when the trilogy was published as a whole.  Here are those questions and the answers…  Be warned there may be some spoiler material…

Q1: Where did he cover idea come from?  It is different from the style of the three included books.

Dan was wrapped up with getting the second graphic novel put together, and I knew I needed something quickly.  He had done the covers for all three novels and those concepts were all his ideas.  For Eden’s Order, I wanted to have a tree to symbolize the Garden of Eden, but I also wanted to include all three themes.  If you look, the bark of the tree is flesh like in texture, the branches are shaped like bones, and the ends are colored red to symbolize blood.  I presented that idea to Dan, and he came back to me with the cover a few hours later…

Q2: Is there anything different about the trilogy as a whole than as was previously published separately?

The three novels are the story, but this is like a greatest hits package.  I expanded the timeline to cover all three novels and graphic novels.  There are also 3 new short stories just to make it something extra.  The stories from the graphic novels were also included in a novelized form for those people who aren’t too keen on buying a comic book, but are curious as to those extras.  Overall there are 63 short stories plus the main plot.  I also went in and edited a few things that weren’t caught in the first book gramatically.

Q3: Why don’t you have your picture on the back like in the original publications?

I was rifling through some pictures that my wife had taken and found that one of the tree.  After passing it through an eerie horror looking filter I decided it would be a better addition than seeing my mug again.

Q4: So this is the Eden’s Order Trilogy.  Do you have names for the further books and plans to publishe them as trilogies?

As I’ve stated before, there are a total of 9 books and 1 prequel/sequel book.  There will also be graphic novels for each of these.  All of the novels do have names, but I’m only at liberty to tell you this… Book 4 is called “Souls 4 Supper” and is the first part of the “Pandora’s Chaos” Trilogy.

Q5: Tell me about the new zombie story you added.

When people began giving me feedback from the first novel, they asked if I was going to do more zombie stories.  I initially said no, but then decided to do the spinoff comics to appease those who wanted it.  Then I got more feedback from multiple sources saying “Rick, you covered everything zombie wise, but didn’t mention Frankenstein.”  For the trilogy I wanted that little extra, so I decided to read Mary Shelley’s novel and did research on the actual science of what electricity does to muscles.  They actually performed these type of experiments in the early 1800s, so I figured on using that as a way to tell the story my way.  It remains distant enough from the Frankenstein that we all know and love to be an entirely unique story that “inspired Mary Shelley’s story.”

Q6: What about the new vampire story?

I had covered every vampire legend out there, but since I was writing the new zombie short I wanted vampires and werewolves to get the same treatment.  This story is after the events in the trilogy and through a near death experience contracts a rare condition.  He ages rapidly and is able to gain his youth back through draining other’s youth.

Q7: Same question about the new werewolf story.

There was really nothing for me to do new with werewolves, so I thought about another classic.  For zombies I had Frankenstein.  For vampires I had Dracula.  So for werewolves I brought in inspiration from a combination of story and truth.  The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde is blended with my own originality and Jack The Ripper’s story.  The funny thing about this is I’m not really sure if the main character is really a werewolf or just has animalistic urges.  You read it and tell me what you think.

Q8: Are the graphic novel stories true to the visual version?

I did everything I could to make the reader visualize what the artists did so well.  The challenge was the words.  I had no problem turning novel stories into comic spin offs, but to make those spinoffs translate to novel form was a challenge that in the end was a great success.

Q9: Why publish the trilogy as a whole when all three books are so easy to get?

I honestly did it for selfish reasons.  It was easier to carry around 1 book instead of 3 books and 3 comics.  It was also for marketing purposes.  Some people had felt far behind because I had published 3 novels and they hadn’t read the first one yet.  With this available on they can now get it all in one package that is well worth the price.  The extra stories can also be found with the three books for the Kindle at

Interview with author Rick Pipito about Blood, The Second Helping

When interest in a second novel arose, I became dedicated to the fans.  Of course there will always be questions that I am more than happy to answer.  And so, here we are again with a second interview based on things people have asked me regarding this series of books.  I hope you enjoy and find it informative, and if you haven’t purchased the novel yet, then I hope you consider that as well.  Anonymity has been maintained, so I will not list anyone’s names with the questions or comments.  Finally, if you have not read the book then I must warn you.  There are slight spoilers, though I have kept it as small as possible.  Enjoy and please continue to give me your feedback.

Q1:        Is this book a stand alone sequel or do you need the first book to understand what’s going on?

A:         This is one of the reasons I am doing each chapter of the books as a separate short story.  You don’t need the first one to enjoy the second one by any means; however, for the underlying plot it would be best to read the first book because you may find yourself wondering about some of the characters and why they are the way they are.

Q2:        Why vampires this time around and no zombies?

A:         I feel I have done everything that I wanted to do with zombies.  I don’t want to be perceived as the writer who only does one thing.  I have many ideas and interpretations of things I want to bring to the table.  There have been so many vampire stories and I feel each of them has something to contribute to the mythology of vampires.  My book brings all of it and more to the table.

Q3:        What makes your vampires different than all of the other stories out there?

A:         I find that there are so many things associated with vampires, especially their weaknesses and strengths.  Garlic, sunlight, silver, crosses, water, fire, and a stake through the heart have all been ways of killing them; while super speed, strength, different abilities of the mind, and shape shifting have been some of their powers in the past.  I wanted to put it all in a more realistic setting, so maybe one vampire is allergic to garlic, but it typically isn’t the way a vampire gets sick or dies.  Same goes with sunlight or any of the other weaknesses.  I have also never seen or heard of a story where it explains what would happen if a vampire drank the blood of someone with a disease such as AIDS.  These are all things I try to cover tastefully without overdoing it in this book.

Q4:        What is your favorite vampire movie/story that is not one of your own?

A:         The classic universal movie “Dracula” with Bella Legosi is probably my favorite, but I also enjoy the “Blade” movies as well as the “Underworld” series.

Q5:        What made you do a story about King Arthur?

A:         When I wrote the origin of zombies in the first book as being descendants of vampires, it took place in ancient times.  I wanted to touch on that story more; as far as what happened between the war with the humans/vampires/zombies.  Why does Cain hate the humans so much?  King Arthur is the reason for that.  I won’t spoil how, but I love the background of King Arthur and Excalibur.  There is so much speculation as to whether he was a real person or not.  He is a legend.  It was the first logical choice for me to start at this point in the history of my books, and that is why the chapters are called “Legends” in this book, and not “Incidents” like in the first.

Q6:        How extensive was the research for the Egypt story?

A:         My God, I can’t even begin.  As a kid, I played this game for the Atari 2600 called “Riddle of The Sphinx.”  The mysteries behind Egypt have always fascinated me.  I spent weeks reading the stories behind the sphinx and its temples; as well as trying to figure out a way to have the riddles incorporated.  It wasn’t an easy task putting it to story either, because I had to study a great deal of Hieroglyphics to come up with my own accurate drawings for what was on the walls of the temples.  It was a lot of hard work, but I learned a great deal more about the subject.

Q7:        Are the stories about Vlad The Impaler and Elizabeth Bathory historically accurate?

A:         For the most part yes.  I took all of the key information on their biographies and madethem into new stories.  Vlad and Bathory are two of the greatest influences for vampire stories.  I wanted to tell why this is, but also wanted history books to reflect a lot of what my stories told.  I added to the history and omitted some things, but yes, a great deal of it is absolutely true.

Q8:        Were there any stories that were difficult to write?

A:         Two of them actually.  I love wine and it is beneficial to the blood, so I had to incorporate it somehow.  The winery story was difficult because it is written from the character’s perspective in a diary form.  So it is a journal and not really a story with a climax for the most part.  It was a little tedious trying to make something like that interesting, but I am happy with the end result, and I think you will be too.  The other story was the one about the Seducer.  She has her place in history,l and vampires are very sensual, sometimes erotic creatures.  I went all out.  I didn’t want it to be a complete pornographic story, so it has its moments that are too much for some people.  My mom is one of my biggest fans and critics.  She wanted me to edit out most of the graphic details.  I decided not to for this fact alone.  I wanted it to be a little over the top.  In the end, it was edited about thirty times, but finished tastefully and adrenaline pumping.

Q9:        You did a sequel to a short story in the first book.  Were M.U.T.S. a fan favorite?

A:         The MUTS (Military Underground Tactical Specialists) story in the first book was one of the fan favorites, and a few people asked if I was going to bring them back.  The humor between the characters and the conflicting personalities along with the seriousness of their missions make them an enjoyable special ops group.  There is at least one character most people can relate to personally on the team.  So, in this book I decided MUTS needed to pursue Darius Moon as their next mission.  This is actually a sequel to three stories from the first book.  I was able to tie up a few loose ends with this one and make them face something more threatening than just a bunch of slow zombies.  This team is up against the impossible so fans tend to cheer for the underdog quite a bit.

Q10:        Were the events of “Murray’s Massacre” inspired by any true stories?

A:         Sad to say, but absolutely.  The main character, setting, and the crimes that are committed have all been changed into something original, but there are people out there like this.  I remember seeing a Dateline show on NBC that talked about these goth kids who thought they were vampires.  They were horrible people, and I did a search on the internet when I started writing this book.  It turns out there were many other similar crimes throughout history.  So it is not a vampire story, but it can definitely be classified well with what I was going for here.   

Q11:        Did you feel that doing a story about the 1920s Chicago mob would be difficult because of all of the mob movies out there?

A:         I’m gonna catch hell for this one, but only because of the political correctness of today’s society was it challenging.  Now I say the word “fucking” and it does not cause a stir with most people, but if someone says something like “retard” or “chink” then I’m suddenly insensitive or racist.  Listen, I’m not insensitive or racist and I take offense to anyone who would claim otherwise.  Mob stories and comic books have forever been entertaining to me, and I tried to combine both in a realistic setting with this story.  The most realistic way is to make it so people ‘believe’ in what is happening.  1920s Chicago mobs were not politically correct, and everyone took jabs at every race verbally and sometimes physically.  Sure there is racism present today, but we have come a long way since 100 years ago.  I worried that my character of the don DiAmico, would offend people at first, but I bit the bullet and made him the man he would have been back then.  I just hope that people realize the separation between the character’s perspectives and that of the author.  I may have created the scenarios and characters, but that doesn’t mean I think that way.

Q12:        Did your brother do the artwork again?

A:         Yes.  Dan did the art for the cover and kept to the same watercolor style he used for “Flesh,” but my cousin, Vince, also contributed with the hieroglyphic art for the interior.  I had a few Egyptian writings I needed for the story, and I thought his different style would work well with that.  I’m glad to have them both a part of the project.

Q13:        Will the third book be about something else all together or are you going to do more zombie and vampire stories?

A:         Did you read the book?  Lol. I set it up well for the next novel at the end of this one.  As I said before, I’m not going to repeat what I’ve already done, so yes something altogether new for me.  I’ll give a hint:  Full moon and fur.  It is called “Bones At Breakfast”.

Q14:        How are promotions going?

A:         <long sigh> Everything is an out of pocket expense without an agent, so I’m not getting rich off of it.  It is so hard getting the word out there and I appreciate everyone who has purchased a copy of my works.  I really am trying to establish some sort of main stream publicity so that someone of “importance” in Hollywood or publishing finds it and kicks it up into overdrive.  Even an agent would be nice to find, but like I said $$$$.

Q15:        You have ten short stories in each book.  Was it hard to keep to that number? 

A:         Everything is mapped out ahead of time, and I use all the ideas I come up with, but sometimes I struggle to find 10 interesting plots that will keep the reader on edge.  There are also times when a story has to be cut or a concept because I want to stick to that amount of chapters.  Fortunately those few ideas that have been cut are going to be used in a different setting.  I put them into my graphic novels with sCrypt Comics.  

Q16:        How would you defend yourself if vampires were real?

A:         That’s a scary thought.  Zombies are one thing, but vampires scare the hell out of me.  They are physically superior to us in a lot of ways.  I’d probably try to outsmart them rather than using physical means.  You know, lure them into a trap somehow.

Q17:        Where do you want the series to progress from here on out?

A:         I don’t want to give away any major plot things to come, but I have ten books planned in this series.  I’ve separated it into three trilogies and then a final book that will wrap up the loose ends.  Each trilogy deals with a different antagonist and direction for all the characters, but that is about all I can say right now.

Q18:        What was the biggest challenge with writing this book? 

A:        I’d have to say editing.  I want the stories to flow together, but still stand alone in their own plot.  It all needs to make sense.  For example: How can I have a story about King Arthur that involves vampires and one about a vampire in the 1980s existing in the same world, yet be totally separate from each other in every way possible.  Then they still have to be tied together into the main plot.  I aced English in high school, but I still find myself making stupid grammatical errors as well.  I read each story a half a dozen times once they are complete before I even present it to my editors.

Q19:        Where can I get the book?

A:         It is available through my publisher in softback form at as well as for the Kindle download at .

Short Story – Legends Of Vampire

You are alone with someone you just met. You hit it off and lean in to kiss that person, only to realize that their teeth are now two inch fangs. Your “friend” is a vampire thirsting for your blood. Welcome to the second installment in the graphic world of “Flesh And Leftovers,” where vampire legends will make your blood race. One author’s ideas are brought to life by eight talented artists in this graphic spinoff of “Blood, The Second Helping” the novel.

The novel, “Blood, The Second Helping”, lured fans into its vampire mythology. Now, in this graphic spin off, fans will be able to visualize some of the events that happened leading up to and after those events. You don’t need to have read the novel to appreciate the art from 8 different artists. 

Written by Rick Pipito, Dan Pipito and Roberta Pipito.

Featuring artwork by: Dan Pipito, Asher Humm, Leanne Wiedmeyer, Joe Parisi, Angela McQuillan, Phillip Allie, J.C. Spence, Sakura Jones.

**Update: This is now available as a text short story.  It can be found in print at or in digital form as part of the Eden’s Order Trilogy extras at Amazon.

Artist Story Details:

Joe Parisi is back for a second time with “Hunting The Hunter.”  Before the events in Blood, The Second Helping the novel, Darius Moon is hunted because of what he is.  The military will stop at nothing to get their hands on this vampire.

Asher Humm has returned for a second time and in full color.  “Eternal Guardian” is the story about a vampire who communicates with his natural surroundings.  When a group of archaeologists go searching for the Fountain of Youth, they do not expect what lies in waiting.

Dan Pipito, sCrypt Comics’ co-founder, watercolors two stories in this installment.  “Seeking The Cure” is about a vampire during the Russo-Japanese War who is seeking a cure for his blood lust.  “Samson and Delilah” is a new take on the Biblical story.

Phillip Allie is back for a second time with “The Lying Truth.”  When the CIA blackmail a woman into becoming their assassin, they aren’t prepared for her vampiric backlash.

Leanne Wiedmeyer returns with “Wine And Dine.”  They say that wine is good for your blood… that is unless you go to the Time and a Bottle winery.

Sakura Jones brings in new talent with “A Monument To Serve.”  Ancient Egypt holds many secrets, but solving the riddle of the sphinx could be the deadliest of them all.

Angela McQuillan is here to present “The Question.”  Bram Stoker’s inspiration comes from this lord of the undead who is building a selective army of his own.

J.C. Spence illustrates “Mind Astray”.  When two of the characters from the novels exist in the same body, they struggle in a dream like state for ultimate control.

Rick, Roberta, and Dan Pipito present the storyboards for “Shadow Stalker.” A medieval vampire hides from his prey until the moment to strike.

Blood, The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire TM and © 2011 Rick Pipito. All rights reserved.