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SDCC 2012: And the rest of it

There was a lot of other great news at San Diego Comic Con this past week, and here are a few of the highlights that grabbed my interest.

Mortal Kombat:  As a fan of the games and live action interpretations, as well as the comics, I was excited to learn that the genius behind last year’s web series Mortal Kombat Legacy, has announced a season 2 to debut this fall.  Apparently they listened to fans and their critiques and this season will center around the first tournament.  It will include over a dozen fan favorite characters, and is said to be more action oriented and true to the games.  The reboot movie is also still in development and announcements on casting etc will come soon.

Hellboy director, Guillermo Del Toro, and his lead actor, Ron Perlman were on a panel together and announced that work on a hellboy 3 is their next goal.  Hellboy himself said that “It wouldn’t make sense to end it where we left off.  To make it work, we need to finish the story.”  Del Toro also went on to say that the story is there, it just needs to be written and greenlit.

The Hobbit had footage shown as well as a few Q and A panels.  Peter Jackson claims that there is so much material that they might have to cut out, that he is working with the studio to make the films into a trilogy instead of just 2.  At the very least, he promises that if that doesn’t happen, then the extended dvd cuts will contain tons of extra seens.

Elysium is looking to be a rising hit.  Footage was shown of the Matt Damon flick.  I still have yet to see said footage, but am hearing nothing but great things.

Karl Urban was out promoting Dredd and so far fan reaction is mixed to the footage.  I watched the trailer and liked what I saw, but couldn’t draw any conclusions by the little amount.  Only time will tell I guess.  While he was there, Urban also played 10 seconds of a scene from Star Trek 12.  Jaws dropped and the crowd roared upon seeing it, telling us that this is looking to be just as good as the last Abram’s directed Trek film if not better.

Finally, there was the Twilight panel.  I’m sorry ladies, but I’m not sure why this was at comic con again.  As a horror writer I just shake my head and think of how they twinkle so pretty in the sunlight.  Anyway, a lot of die hard fans of this series seem to be super excited for the final film coming soon.