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Day 8 #authorlifemonth – Awesome moment

Today’s #authorlifemonth post was hard to narrow down.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have many “awesome moments”, so singling one out is too difficult.  Each stands alone with individual meaning for me.  I’ve got news to share soon, but until I’m allowed to say something, these are a few of my fondest writing moments.

I collaged the following: Seeing my books at major retailers, being placed in the top 25 of independent authors, and heartwarming reviews will always keep my spirits high.


Day 8 of #authorlifemonth : Awesome moment

Day 8 of #authorlifemonth is about an awesome moment. When I received word that I not only made a top 100 list, but top 25 list of Indy authors, it brought tears of joy to my eyes and made me strive for the next big thing even harder.


day 8

Rick Pipito in the Top 25

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In a totally unexpected email yesterday, I woke with exciting news.  The author’s database has given me a 5 star rating and placed me in the top 25 of independent authors.  Of course this list changes as often as the weeks go by, but nevertheless I’m ecstatic!  Check out my bio page and links to info on each of my books.

Thanks for the support, everyone.  You’re awesome!