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Day 20: Horror and Food collide in a series of Titles

#1 Zombie Incidents - sCrypt ComicsThe question has been asked of me time and again, “Did you use the food related theme for your book titles because of your close food connection?”  Honestly, no.  It is ironic that it worked out that way, but when I had the concept for the first book I was dying to find a catchy title.  One day as I was sitting there brainstorming with martini in hand, I thought about what zombies eat.  Flesh was the obvious answer, but that wasn’t catchy or creative enough on its own.


Then I thought, well if they eat meat what about the leftovers of the carcass? The title came from that.  Then when I decided that this was going to be part of a series, I went with similar thinking.  What does the main threat consume and how can I tie it into a different type of dining experience?


I didn’t want to do “Flesh and leftovers 2” because even with a subtitle that wouldn’t be accurate.  “Blood, The Second Helping” would have the sequel number in it AND still meet the title criteria I set.  The only other number at this point is in book 4, so “Souls 4 Supper” worked, and so on.


I find that it becomes increasingly difficult with each new title to come up with something equally fun and catchy without feeling forced.  So far there are 6 books with 3 more planned in the main series.  With the comic book spinoffs, I focused on subtitles being the defining part, and used the name of the “chapters” (ala incidents for the first one) and the threat focused upon.


All 9 novels (plus the bookend mentioned in my prior article) will be a grand feast, so stay tuned.  As far as my aforementioned food connection?  Well, she does inspire me to write with amazing food and drink, so in a way that inspiration alone goes hand in hand.