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Day 9 – Werewolf Influences

werewolfWhile writing BONES AT BREAKFAST and its spinoff IN CASE OF WEREWOLF I was faced with some interesting obstacles.  I feared being able to pull it off in a way that would be unique to the lore, but remain truthful as well.  I revisited some stories from the past to see what they’d done, and made sure mine was something fresh and new.  Some of those influences are listed here.

Stephen King’s Silver Bullet was a great book.  It’s one of the first full novels I read at twelve years old, and it gave me nightmares for weeks.  I still recall the feeling of dread I had during those long restless nights.

Sega Genesis was a 16 bit gaming system that broke ground with some revolutionary gaming.  Its first game was called Altered Beast.  In it you were a Greek like god that had the ability to “power up,” and when you did you’d become closer to gaining the were powers of a wolf, bear, dragon, and more.  It’s still the coolest werewolf video game of which I know.

The Wolfman 2010 got scathed in the reviews it received, but for someone who is a huge fan of the original Lon Chaney Wolfman movies from the late 30s, it holds a special place in my heart.  It was a decent update to an old classic, and to me is highly enjoyable.

While I am writing I like to have a sip of something full of flavor, but relaxing.  Werewolf wine was good the first time I tried it, and I actually found this updated art bottle this week at the wine store.  It’s semidry with a bold kick.

What are your favorite #werewolf things?  Please share and hashtag #scrypthalloween.