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A.I. Domination Poll Winner!

sCrypt Comics is happy with the results of this one.  Marvel Comics’ Ultron was defeated unanimously, as well as Dark Horse’s Skynet.  No votes were cast for either.  There was however a surprise tie for second place.  DC Comic’s Brainiac put up a good fight, and so did the fan add on vote of the Borg from Star Trek.  None of them could stop sCrypt Comics’ S.H.A.N.E. however. 

The Special Human And Network Entity was able to defeat all of the above with 60% of the votes.  This is great news because he is not only rising with the fan base, but in book 4 “Souls 4 Supper,” which is coming in the latter half of this year.  We may be biased, but we agree that SHANE is an amazing villain. 

Thanks for your votes, and be sure to check out our past polls and more to come.