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Avengers Week Final Post: The Movie Review – spoiler free!

Unlike my other movie reviews, I will keep this one spoiler free and as least wordy as possible.  My wife and I went to see Marvel’s The Avengers yesterday.  Comic book movies aside, we both agree that this movie is perhaps the best movie overall that we have ever seen.  Not much stands up to it.  Nothing was wrong with it.  I tried to find flaws, but that didn’t happen.  I only wish it was a little longer.  Especially with that mid credits scene!!!!!!  Yes, make sure you stay through mid credits and all the way to the end of credits as well.  It is worth the wait.

So what now?  I mean the hype for me is gone.  Yes, I’d love to see it again, but what am I supposed to look forward to?  The Dark Knight Rises had an impressive trailer and I’m dying to see that one as well, but I really can’t see another movie getting me as hyped as this one did.  Sure, all the other Avengers related movies coming out (Ironman 3, Thor 2, Antman, Captain America 2) will probably get another end credits scene that will relate to the Avengers’ mid one, but until those, I’m going to be eagerly waiting.

Here’s to hoping that The Man Of Steel, TDKR, TASM and Judge Dredd will fill those voids in the meantime.  I give the Avengers 10 out of 10 stars.  It is a must see for any comic book movie fan, and any blockbuster movie fan as well.  Word of advice however, it builds the experience if you have seen the movies before it.  Of course you could see it alone and enjoy, but the crescendo of films leading up to it is what makes this even more special.  Those films if you aren’t aware are: Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman 2, Thor, and Captain America The First Avenger.  They will also teach you a lesson… always wait until the end of the credits.  You will be missing out if you don’t.

Avengers Week Post #7: Commanders and Their Agencies Poll

With Avengers week we couldn’t forget about Nick Fury and SHIELD, and since it was time for another poll, we figured this was the time.  All Avengers fans aside, we ask that you vote seriously in this poll, and not just because you might be an Avengers fan.  So who is the superior commander and agency?  Marvel Comics Gives us General Nicholas Joseph Fury (pictured above right) and S.H.I.E.L.D..  DC Comics brings Amanda Waller (pictured above left) and her Checkmate agency.  Finally, we at sCrypt Comics give you Liz Powers and M.U.T.S. (no picture available as so far only mention of them has made the transfer to graphic novel form).  Here is the breakdown (keep in mind, if you have another commander and agency that should be included, feel free to add it to the poll below by voting for “other” and commenting with your decision.)  Remember, the more votes the better.

Nick Fury has changed over the years, and though I grew up with the original version of the character as a colonel, this battle will consist of the Ultimates version.  During World War II, Sgt Fury and his howling commandoes had a long run in the original comics.  Around the time that Captain America was given the super soldier serum, they needed a test subject to try it first.  Project Rebirth had its first success with Fury.  The aftermath gave him a slowed, maybe even halted, aging process, enhanced strength, and endurance.  To add to this, he is a master combatant and skilled soldier.  Even without his left eye, he is completely aware of his surroundings.  When he rose in the ranks, he eventually became the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. (The current acronym stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.)  They are an intelligence agency with special operatives skilled in multiple techniques from espionage to combat to infiltration.  There is not much that happens in the world without SHIELD being aware of it.  First appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D. was in Strange Tales #135 in 1965.  The Original Nick Fury’s first appearance was in Sgt Fury and The Howling Commandoes #1 in 1963.

Amanda Waller has played more of the antihero role in the comics, though her intentions are understandable.  Her goals to monitor superhero and villain activity have left her often with difficult decisions.  She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to strategics, espionage, and military tactics to name just a few.  After a career in the White House as well as other high up government units, she formed the Agency.  The purpose of this was to have a stand alone group that complete tasks no one else could.  Eventually the Agency became known as Checkmate and has metahumans in its ranks.  Amanda Waller’s First appearance was in Legends #1 in 1986.  Checkmate’s first appearance as the Agency was in Action Comics #598 in 1988.

Liz Powers has been hard at work for years defending not just the United States, but the whole world from supernatural threats.  Known as “The Speaker” to some, she is an expert medic and has connections and technology in the highest places within United Nations countries.  There is almost nowhere in the world that she can’t gain access to with a few phone calls.  No one really knows the extent of her physical abilities, as she keeps her identity to herself for the most part.  She is a master planner, and commander.  Taking the best of each branch of service in the United States, she has taken command of a group of black ops soldiers that’s existence is only a rumor to the public.  This small group of men and women are known as M.U.T.S. (Military Underground Tactical Specialists).  They are there to do the jobs that no other soldier wants to or can do.  Liz Powers and M.U.T.S. first appear in “Flesh And Leftovers” the novel.

Nick Fury is played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Avengers movie.