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Battle For The Seven Seas Poll Winner!

Thanks to everyone who voted in this round of polls.  It seems that Marvel Comics came out on top a second time.  While there was a bit of pull for DC Comics’ Aquaman, he had come even with sCrypt Comics’ Poseidon, and a wildcard with a vote for Disney’s King Triton.  Namor seems to be ruling the seas for now.  His strength and combat experience make him a formidable foe to all who attempt to threaten his waters.

I will leave this poll open, for voting, so keep it coming.  Make sure to check out the past comic book battle polls, and partake in future ones.

Battle For The Seven Seas Poll

Here is our next battle with iconic characters.  Marvel Comics gives us Namor The Submariner (pictured left), while DC comics presents Aquaman (pictured right).  sCrypt Comics is also sending Poseidon into this battle, but since he does not yet exist in comic book form (only in the novels), no picture exists for him.  Here is the break down:

Namor (The Submariner) was born by an Atlantean Emperor’s daughter and an American Sea Captain.  He is a halfbreed and considered Marvel’s first mutant because of his dual heritage.  As the prince of Atlantis, he protects his people at all costs.  His dense skin allows him to survive the pressures of the Ocean depths, and grants him an uncanny amount of physical strength.  Wings along his ankles send him swimming through the waters and through the air at amazing speeds.  When out of water for an extended period of time, Namor finds himself in a state of rage.  His thoughts without water tend to become berserker and irrational.  With the kingdom of Atlantis ready to back him at every turn, he is a force with which to be reckoned.  His first appearance was in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly in April of 1939.  A disadvantage in this battle is that his powers are all physical.  He does not not communicate with fish in the same way that his opponent does, and can’t utilize the water as a weapon itself. 

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) was born by an Atlantean outcast and an American Lighthouse keeper.  His heritage eventually led him to becoming the King of Atlantis.  He has superstrength and aquatic speed because of his life in the depths.  Over time he was able to create balls or jets of hard water and hurl it at enemies.  With the armies of Atlantis at his back, as well as the limited ocean life with which he can communicate, he is not someone you want to anger.  If he stays out of water for too long, he tends to become weak and could eventually die.  First appearance was in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941.  His disadvantages in this battle is that his opponent tends to have fits of rage and will not hesitate to kill.  He is not as strong as Namor and cannot fly either.

sCrypt Comics will now present Poseidon.  Although he is human, he is the most skilled fisherman and sailor ever to walk the earth.  He had left his mark so much so that the Greeks eventually called him a god and worshiped him.  Although he lived thousands of years ago, he had limited resources and still managed to create a way to breathe underwater and walk on the sea floor using a rock and bamboo reeds.  First appearance was in Bones At Breakfast (The Novel).  His weaknesses here are obvious.  As a human, he does not have the enhanced strength or abilities of his foes, and must rely only upon his wits and keeping his opponents from being near water.

Please vote below for who you believe would win, and feel free to comment as to why.  When the results are revealed an explanation will be given as to who the victor is and why.  Have fun, and don’t forget to check out our past polls.