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Updated Section: Talent Spotlight

I used to have an artist of the month section on this site, but since then I’ve gotten more away from making comics, and into main publishing and public appearances.  During that time I’ve met some really amazing people.  There’s such a vast range of talent out there that deserves to have recognition.

That being said, sCrypt Publishing has always been about spreading the talent, so this new “Talent Spotlight” section will include many different people in an interview type form.

If you know of someone who you think should be on this list, please send me an email  Stay tuned, as the first post is coming soon.  Oh, and you can still go back and see the past artists who were in the spotlight here.

Rick Pipito in Author’s Database

While we all wait anxiously for the debut of “Techno Feast,” next week, Rick Pipito has been added to the author’s database.  It is complete with bio, links to social media, and individual summaries and links for each of his novels and sCrypt comics publications.  Check it out here: