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Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (my reaction)

Marvel-Agents-of-ShieldHere are my quick thoughts on Marvel’s Agents of Shield.  Spoilery material alert.  It was an entertaining first episode, though I had higher expectations.  The humor felt misaligned in places and the end corvette scene was a little over the top for me.  The second half of the episode was reassuring however.  It could go either way, and I’m interested in seeing more.

My fanboy Predictions (wishful thinking) are: 1) Coulson is really a life model decoy, and 2) Mike Peterson’s new identity will be Luke Cage.

What did you think about the premiere?  chime in with thoughts, speculation, and what you want to see in the future.  It did do very well in ratings.  Highest premiere in 4 years on that network.