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Think About This Podcast

e9375f9f-a2c7-4c41-8074-c5c4d8e182a3wallpaperI am proud to announce that one half of sCrypt comics has begun a new podcast Cohosts Rick and Roberta talk about all sorts of things that interest them, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts and suggestions. Stay tuned too. Dan Pipito, the other half of sCrypt Comics, will be making a few appearances to talk about zombies, video games, comics and more!

Episode 1 takes a look at some great Television series from past and present. Episode 2 is just in time for Valentine’s day or any dating time of year.

Valentine’s Day advice from Lois Lane

Reviewed by Rick Pipito

Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I decided to review something I found from DC Comics.  I was in Barnes and Nobles a month ago and saw on one of the spinning racks, something that I had to buy for my wife.  Aside from it containing 16 magnets of classic Lois Lane comic book issues, it has a small book as well.

Guys, “Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane in: Lois Lane’s Guide To Life” is a perfect last minute gift for the woman you love.  For the ladies, this book sheds some light on relationships and how men act in certain situations, and tells you how to “bring out the superhero in your man.”  This dating guide is told from the experiences of Lois Lane by a narrator. 

Sure, it is based on a work of fiction, but the advice inside is something that my wife and I can both agree upon (for the most part).  Chapter one is entitled “Meet Lois Lane.”  It gives a brief history of the kind of woman that she is and explains that even the world’s most powerful superhero needs to be saved by the woman of his dreams.  As perfect as Superman seems to be, it still took him over 60 years to finally settle down with his girlfriend.  Lois knows all about doubt, frustration and uncertainty when it comes to love. 

Chapter two: “Catch Me, I’m Falling In Love” goes through a series of tips on how to get a man to sweep you off your feet.  It touches on everything from knowing what you want and not settling for less to the results of being overbearing or too sheepish.  This gels straight into chapter three “Superman vs Clark Kent: The Stud or The Bud.”  The highlight of this chapter is a list that Ms. Lane had put together when analyzing the two personalities of the man of steel.  It gives the pros and cons of dating a clumsy nerd like Clark as well as the plusses and minusses of dating a dream like Kal-el.

Chapter four: “Time Bandits, Space Invaders and Other forms of courtship Kryptonite,” informs women about what they may be doing wrong.  In no way does it bash certain women, but it definitely sheds light on why their man may not be proposing to them or willing to settle down.  This is then followed up by a chapter where Lois personally answers letters that she has been sent.  Anything not covered in the rest of the book is touched upon here, and of course it includes Mrs. Superman’s personality in the responses. 

The end of the mini-book is a chapter showing past key issues of the original Lois Lane comic book.  It directly relates to dating and love life situations.  The magnets included are fun to look at as well.

At a price of $9.99, I found this to be a great accessory gift to my wife’s birthday present, and it will be a great Valentine’s gift for others to enjoy.  This gets a 10 out of 10 in my book for being straight forward and to the point without being too wordy.  Look for it by the register spindles at your local book store.