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Poll: True face of Darkness

LuciferIt is often unclear in comic books as to whether a dark entity is the true face of the devil or not.  Now you can decide who would be the most appropriate ruler of Hell.  Here are your contestants:  Lucifer Morningstar rules in DC Comics, Mephisto deceives in Marvel Comics, Tehum is pure darkness in sCrypt comics universe, and Malebolgia threatens in Image comics.

Remember to cast your vote below, and if you feel that there is a better representative from another comic source, then by all means answer “other” and explain your choice.

Lucifer Morningstar is a fallen angel who left hell at one point to have influence on earth’s mortals.  He often gives a person enough information to allow them to make a bad choice that will eventually send them to hell.  He is immortal, knows everything, has acidic blood, super strength, flight abilities, can communicate with animals and super speed.  His first appearance was in a dream in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #65 in 1962.

Mephisto is known by many names.  He is the ultimate deal maker, offering virtually limitless possibilities to one Mephistowho would be tempted.  He deals always come with a price however.  Tangling with the most powerful entities in the universe, Mephisto lurks from the depths of hell only coming to earth when he sees fit.  He knows magic, is immortal, & has unfathomable intelligence and physical abilities.  His first appearance was in Silver Surfer #3 in 1968.

Tehum was created as light’s brother.  He is pure, formless darkness (hence why there is no picture).  As the ruler of dark, his demons strayed from the light with the belief that humans were mere toys for their godly amusement.  Forbidden to physically come to earth, he lurked from the shadows having influence over all.  That is until the day came when he was able to bring his legions to one final battle with the forces of light on earth.  He is virtually immortal, and without form, his malebolgiadarkness can influence anything or anyone.  His first appearance will be in “Devil’s Dessert” the novel in 2013.

Malebolgia is one of the many rulers of hell.  Responsible for creating much of Hell’s army of hellspawns, Malebolgia is respected and feared as the most powerful of rulers.  He can raise the dead, manipulate matter, has near limitless abilities in the 8th level of hell, can cast illusions and is a master of manipulation with high recuperative powers.  Malebolgia first appeared in Spawn #1 in 1992.

So there are my choices for contestants.  Please vote below and add your own choice if you feel they’d be placed well in this comic book face off.

Who is the real Dark Knight?

In honor of The Dark Knight Rises being released this week, I’ve decided to take a look back at Batman in film.  Of course animated shows like “The Batman”, “Batman The Brave and The Bold,” and the animated series in the seventies showcased the world’s greatest detective, but which actor has portrayed him the best throughout the years?  Let’s take a look.

“Batman” first took to the screen in 1943, and was portrayed by Lewis Wilson.  Not many people today have seen this incarnation (myself included), but it broke ground for the character making it on film.  His costume look like a bad pair of pajamas today, but for its time, this was stunning.  The look of Alfred in the comics actually changed to match this version from what originally had been an overweight butler to the thin version we all know and love today.

Six years later, another 15 chapter series was made starring Robert Lowery.  This time it was called “Batman And Robin,” and though this didn’t feature any of the hero’s popular rogues either, Vicki Vale was a prominent character alongside Robin making his debut.  Batman’s chest logo was slightly different, and his ears resembled more like Devil horns than the traditional look, but at least this guy made it onto dvd years later.

Decades later, Adam West brought Batman to the screen in a campy series and movie.  They even did a reuinion movie a few years back.  Pretty much all of Batman’s classic rogues gallery made it this time, as well as Batgirl.  Sure, it may have been cheesy, but it was highly addictive to watch and safe for kids.  If it weren’t for Adam West, Batman might not have quite the allure that he has today.  This show is what really brought attention to the character.

A couple more decades passed and we were given an entirely unseen version of the character.  Michael Keaton portrayed him in 1989’s “Batman,” and again reprised the role in 1992’s “Batman Returns”.  This defined the character as we know him today and included the villains: Joker, Penguin and Catwoman.

For the next film, “Batman Forever,” his predecessor did not want to reprise the role, so Val Kilmer took over the suit.  Gotham city took on a more colorful tone, and some of the campiness was reintroduced to make it a little less over the top dark.  Robin, The Riddler and Two Face were introduced to this version.

After one film, he bailed and George Clooney took over the role in “Batman and Robin.”  Even with Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane and Batgirl being introduced, the dialogue and character changes upset enough fans to make this one of the most hated films of all time.  Still, Clooney had a decent look and brought the hard jawed characteristic back to the character.  There was also another two sequels in the works.  “Batman Triumphant” would have brought the scarecrow and harley quinn around, as well as Jack Nicholson back as the Joker, but that was thrown out the window when the fourth one failed miserably.  There would have then been a “Batman: Dark Knight,” that would have seen Clooney solo again as Batman tried to prove his innocence.  Apparently Man-Bat would have been the only villain, making the city believe it was the hero commiting the crimes.  Clooney was supposed to be involved with both of these films which never saw the light of day.

During the time of these four movies, and beyond we were lucky enough to have another animated series.  I’m only including Kevin Conroy in this because he has defined the perfect voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne for over two decades now.  It began with “Batman The Animated Series” went on to other animated DC Universe projects and recently he has done the voice for the “Arkham Asylum” video games.

Many fan films have been created over the years, and actor Clark Bartram was chosen by a lot of people to portray a buffer looking Batman for any hollywood movie in the works.  Of course, he never was taken seriously by film makers, but he starred in the “Batman: Dead End” and “World’s Finest” short indy films.  You can watch these on Youtube and other online sources.

Finally, we come to the current Batman.  Christian Bale has portrayed the character in “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” and “The Dark Knight Rises”.  Ra’s Al Ghul, The Scarecrow, Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, Bane, and even a brief cameo by Mr. Zsaszz came into this much darker and realistic version.  Bale has taken his batvoice to a whole new level, but has also upped the stakes with his portrayal of badassery.

All in all, it is a difficult choice for myself.  Michael Keaton is personally my favorite interpretation of the character, but cannot deny the awesomeness of Bale, Conroy, and yes Adam West.  Remember, there have been many different shades of Batman in comics over the years, so even the campy things can’t be ruled out.  Who is your favorite Batman?  Vote below, and feel free to discuss.

Animal Rage Poll results!

This poll was one of the closest we’ve had so far.  Marvel comics’ Sabretooth put up an amazing fight, but in the end, it was his bloodlust and rage that caused him to make bad strategic decisions, and his healing factor will be piecing him back together for a long time.  DC comics’ Kalibak had brute strength over his other two competitors, but was a little dumber as well.  He’ll be back again someday, but since he failed to win this fight in his father’s name, Darkseid will surely punish him accordingly.

And our winner is Darius Moon from sCrypt Comics’ universe.  He has the wisdom of thousands of years, the rage of a dozen beasts, and the immortality of a vampire.  Combine this with the bite of a werewolf, and Darius walked away from this struggle, and returned to the silence of the forest.

With all of the comic con news on this blog, it seems that the voting fell short this time, but at least there was a clear result.  Next poll will be coming soon, so make sure to cast your decision on the winner, or add your own combatant.  This poll will remain open, so let’s see where it would go if there is a round two.  Thanks again for voting!

Animal Rage (Poll)

Here is another installment of our comic book character battles.  Please vote for your choice below, and spread the word to vote as well.  (You can also add your own choice of character to the poll if you feel someone else is fitting.

Now, let’s get on to it.  Battling for DC comics is Kalibak – pictured above left.  In the Marvel Comics corner we have Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth) – pictured above center.  And as always, our own sCrypt comics sends Darius Moon (post experimentation) into the fray – pictured above right (art by J.C. Spence).  Let’s break it down.

Kalibak is a ruthless monster from the race of new gods.  As the son of Darkseid, he is always trying to gain favoritism over his brother.  To do so, he will kill or commit any heinous act, just to impress his father.  He has failed in the past, but it never stops him from trying again.  With superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed as well as immortality (he has died and come back numerous times), Kalibak can tear his enemies limb from limb with ease.  First appearance was in New Gods #1 in 1971

Sabretooth is just as menacing.  Often giving in to his animalistic rages, he has been known to slaughter countless enemies, leaving them dismembered and disemboweled.  Even Wolverine has a difficult time holding ground in a battle against him and is often defeated by Victor Creed.  He murdered his own family over what began with a dispute over a piece of pie (though didn’t harm his mother).  After enlisting in the weapon X program, he became a mercenary for hire, and earned money for what he did best… killing.  With a healing factor, superhuman senses and reflexes, retractable claws, and fangs, Sabretooth is one mutant with whom you don’t want to cross paths.  First appearance was in Iron Fist #14 in 1977.

Darius Moon lived for centuries as a vampire, but eventually he was captured by the U.S. government and subjected to genetic experimentation.  They crossed traits from multiple animals into his body, which altered his appearance into a lupine like state.  It also affected him mentally.  With enhanced speed, senses, strength, a healing factor, claws and fangs, he stands almost ten feet tall and uses his size to his advantage.  As a living weapon, he has torn apart hundreds of victims, and even made some bleed out so that they could experience every last drop of life fade from them.  First appearance was in “Flesh and Leftovers” the novel.  First graphic novel appearance was in “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”

There you have it folks.  Now choose who you believe would be the last man standing or add your own addition.

Commanders And Their Agencies Poll Winner(s)?!?

Well here is a first.  It appears that people are divided on the outcome of this battle.  Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D (Marvel Comics), Amanda Waller and Checkmate (DC Comics), and Liz Powers and M.U.T.S. (sCrypt Comics) were duking it out when a fan decided to add General Hawk and G.I. Joe (IDW Publishing).  Multiple votes came in for all four, but in the end each ended up with 25% of the vote.  All four agencies and their commanders must have realized that humanity is here to stay, and so they put their differences aside and became one large organization.  With all of their efforts combined, there is no longer a need for superheroes to protect the planet.

Thanks for voting.  The poll will remain open to see how it continues to play out.  Stay tuned for our next comic book battle poll coming soon!

Crime Boss Poll Results

This poll was a no contest.  DC comics’ Penguin couldn’t even open one of his umbrellas.  sCrypt Comics had a small attempt with the don Michael DiAmico, but Marvel held back nothing.  Wilson Fisk is the true Kingpin of crime according to this poll.  I used a picture of Michael Clarke Duncan in the roll because I feel he portrayed the character well.

As with the other polls, I will leave this one open for voting.  Who knows, maybe someone will come along and dethrone the King.

Crime Boss Poll

It’s time to find out who’s the toughest organized crime boss.  Marvel Comics has the Kingpin (pictured above left).  DC Comics brings us The Penguin (pictured above right).  And sCrypt Comics has the don DiAmico (no picture exists as he is only in the novels at this point).  We will talk about each of them, and then you decide by casting your vote in the poll below.  Feel free to add another crime boss that you feel would be a great addition to this battle.

Wilson Fisk was picked on as a child for being overweight.  He conditioned his body with rigorous work outs to be able to fight back.  His body has an incredible mass of muscle that is masked by his massive size.  Once he was able to stand up for himself, he began organizing gangs to do his bidding, and soon worked his way into the mob.  Eventually, he killed the mob boss and became the most organized crime lord in the Marvel Universe.  He is strong enough to tear a man apart with his bare hands, literally.  As a precaution, he wears kevlar under his attire, and his walking cane has a hidden laser within its top.  Wealth and henchmen surround him at all times, making his empire an almost unstoppable force.  First appearance was in The Amazing Spiderman #50 in 1967.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot earned the nickname the Penguin, while being teased as a child.  His short, overweight stature and beak like nose were just extra fodder for the bullies, while his mother made him carry an umbrella in case it rained.  After the passing of his mother, he trained her birds as his only friends.  His inheritance allowed him to begin a life of crime and appear as a gentleman.  When even the criminal world saw him as a joke, he decided that he would make his mark.  With an arsenal of umbrellas (each with their own unique weaponry), he killed a crime boss and took control of the gang.  He has run everything from smuggling rings, to extortion, to planning crimes for his own personal gain.  With henchmen always at the ready to do what he commands, and his self trained hand to hand combat expertise, he is not someone you want to cross paths with.  First appearance was in Detective Comics #58 in 1941.

The don, Michael DiAmico, was born and raised within the mob circuit.  Eventually he rose to become the second hand man, but killed his superior in order to take control of the empire.  He is highly jealous to the point where he killed one of his close friends in front of the man’s wife and child.  This was all because the man made some slight flirting with DiAmico’s wife.  His choice of weapon is something blunt like a baseball bat or golf club.  When he becomes enraged, he wants his victims to feel pain as they die.  The empire he runs is in the late 1920s, but has influences all through Chicago and surrounding cities.  He is involved in all forms of organized crime, and the fortune he has attained makes him nearly unstoppable.  Finding the don would be difficult, but getting through his Italian mob would be suicide.  First appearance was in the novel “Blood, The Second Helping.” 

A.I. Domination Poll Winner!

sCrypt Comics is happy with the results of this one.  Marvel Comics’ Ultron was defeated unanimously, as well as Dark Horse’s Skynet.  No votes were cast for either.  There was however a surprise tie for second place.  DC Comic’s Brainiac put up a good fight, and so did the fan add on vote of the Borg from Star Trek.  None of them could stop sCrypt Comics’ S.H.A.N.E. however. 

The Special Human And Network Entity was able to defeat all of the above with 60% of the votes.  This is great news because he is not only rising with the fan base, but in book 4 “Souls 4 Supper,” which is coming in the latter half of this year.  We may be biased, but we agree that SHANE is an amazing villain. 

Thanks for your votes, and be sure to check out our past polls and more to come.

Battle For The Seven Seas Poll

Here is our next battle with iconic characters.  Marvel Comics gives us Namor The Submariner (pictured left), while DC comics presents Aquaman (pictured right).  sCrypt Comics is also sending Poseidon into this battle, but since he does not yet exist in comic book form (only in the novels), no picture exists for him.  Here is the break down:

Namor (The Submariner) was born by an Atlantean Emperor’s daughter and an American Sea Captain.  He is a halfbreed and considered Marvel’s first mutant because of his dual heritage.  As the prince of Atlantis, he protects his people at all costs.  His dense skin allows him to survive the pressures of the Ocean depths, and grants him an uncanny amount of physical strength.  Wings along his ankles send him swimming through the waters and through the air at amazing speeds.  When out of water for an extended period of time, Namor finds himself in a state of rage.  His thoughts without water tend to become berserker and irrational.  With the kingdom of Atlantis ready to back him at every turn, he is a force with which to be reckoned.  His first appearance was in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly in April of 1939.  A disadvantage in this battle is that his powers are all physical.  He does not not communicate with fish in the same way that his opponent does, and can’t utilize the water as a weapon itself. 

Arthur Curry (Aquaman) was born by an Atlantean outcast and an American Lighthouse keeper.  His heritage eventually led him to becoming the King of Atlantis.  He has superstrength and aquatic speed because of his life in the depths.  Over time he was able to create balls or jets of hard water and hurl it at enemies.  With the armies of Atlantis at his back, as well as the limited ocean life with which he can communicate, he is not someone you want to anger.  If he stays out of water for too long, he tends to become weak and could eventually die.  First appearance was in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941.  His disadvantages in this battle is that his opponent tends to have fits of rage and will not hesitate to kill.  He is not as strong as Namor and cannot fly either.

sCrypt Comics will now present Poseidon.  Although he is human, he is the most skilled fisherman and sailor ever to walk the earth.  He had left his mark so much so that the Greeks eventually called him a god and worshiped him.  Although he lived thousands of years ago, he had limited resources and still managed to create a way to breathe underwater and walk on the sea floor using a rock and bamboo reeds.  First appearance was in Bones At Breakfast (The Novel).  His weaknesses here are obvious.  As a human, he does not have the enhanced strength or abilities of his foes, and must rely only upon his wits and keeping his opponents from being near water.

Please vote below for who you believe would win, and feel free to comment as to why.  When the results are revealed an explanation will be given as to who the victor is and why.  Have fun, and don’t forget to check out our past polls.

Splitting Arrows

Here is our first match up with iconic characters.  Marvel Comics gives us Hawkeye (pictured left), while DC comics presents Green Arrow (pictured right).  sCrypt Comics also sent Agent Fox into this battle, but since he does not yet exist in comic book form (only in the novels), no picture exists for him.  Here is the break down:

Clint Barton (Hawkeye) lost his parents at a young age.  Raised by circus folk, he quickly became known by his hero name and was taught by the Swordsman to wield a bow.  He entertained for years with his archery and throwing skills until one day when he saw his mentor stealing.  Realizing that this was not what he wanted, Hawkeye went out on his own and eventually became one of the Avengers.  With new resources, he began creating various types of arrows.  His first appearance was Tales Of Suspense #57 in 1964.  His weakness in this battle would be that his temper sometimes gets the better of him.  This could cause him to make decisions without thinking them through.  He also does not have the wealth that his opponent has, meaning he could run out of weapons quicker.

Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) was shipwrecked on an island and had to learn how to fire a bow to hunt for survival.  During his time on this island, he excelled in his abilities as a marksman.  Once he managed to escape the months of solitude, he returned to his family’s empire.  As a Billionaire, he was able to build an arsenal of different type arrows and bows.  Missing the adventure of his island time, he donned the name Green Arrow and began his one man war on crime.  Eventually he became a member of the Justice League, and has proved his worth time and again.  First appearance was in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941.  His weakness in this battle would be that he is not as trained in hand to hand combat as his opponent.  If they were to run out of ammunition, his combat skills would be lacking.  Also, he has the tendency to party it up.  A hangover would not be a good thing to have in a one on one duel with someone of equal stature.

sCrypt Comics will now throw another arrow into the works.  Agent Fox is a man who has had many years of field experience in the Army Special Forces.  He is an expert marksman with duel wielding weapons and knives.  As a young boy, he learned from his military father about firearms and archery.  His experience made him one of the elite, and once he retired from service in his forties, he was recruited into M.U.T.S. (Military Underground Tactical Specialists).  With his new unit, he has continued to survive the impossible.  First appearance was in Flesh And Leftovers (The Novel).  Weakness in this battle would be that he does not have specialty arrows.  Most of his weapons are duel wieldable and would have to be reloaded in a longer period of time.  He also smokes, and in a battle such as this, it could limit his stamina.

Please vote below for who you believe would win, and feel free to comment as to why.  When the results are revealed an explanation will be given as to who the victor is and why.  Have fun!