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X-Men Days of Future Past (The Audio Drama) by Rick Pipito

If you’ve been following me, then you know that I have written an audio adaptation for the season 3 premier of X-MEN THE AUDIO DRAMA. My take on the Days of Future Past storyline is something that has been a dream of mine for ages, but finally come to life. I’m also hard at work finishing my next book THE LISTENING TREE, as well as writing a first draft for Scyther inc for another episode that’ll be Wolverine centric.

You can listen to the first two seasons on your favorite podcast app in order to catch up prior to this episode. They can be found on your favorite podcast app. Without further adieu, here’s the season 3 premier of X-Men The Audio Drama.

Days of Future Past (X-Men The Audio Drama Season 3 episode 1):

Written by Rick Pipito based on the work by Chris Claremont

Produced by Karl Dutton

Music by Declan Gillgalon

Featuring the voice talents of: Sam Devereaux as the Narrator, Rex Anderson as Logan (Wolverine), Tariye Peterside as Ororo Munroe (Storm), Ryan Laughton as Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler), Jason Rivers as Professor Charles Xavier, Vinay Nariani as Senator Robert Kelly, Isobel Wolff as Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Steve Porter as Avalanche, Thomas Lee as Pyro, Margaret Ashley as Destiny, Katherine Black as Rachel Grey, Cameron Hendrix as Bishop, Monica Kelly as Polaris (Future Magneto), Tanzie Fennelly as Rogue, Kevin Gaddie as the President, Nick Anne as Gyrich, Oscar Stavemyr as gang leader, Ryan Craig as Sebastian Shaw, Drew Kallen as Fred Dukes (Blob), Dara Seitzman as Raven Darkholme (Mystique), Keith Seymour as Warren Worthington III (Angel), Jeannie McGinnis as Kate Pryde, Maddie McGinnis as Kitty Pryde, and Joey Sourlis as Peter Rasputin (Colossus)

Interview on “Be A Voice”

IMG_2599[1]I am super honored to have been a guest on Be A Voice with my partner in crime Roberta and a gracious host. Tune in today to usalamedia for the broadcast and download the episode.

Click below for the video link.  Here’s what the host Britt Carpenter had to say:

@the_brittjames “Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing.”
Stoked for today’s broadcast of “Be A Voice” on @usalamedia as I welcome my friends @homemadedelish and @rickpipito to the table. Tune in to hear us chat about how these two busy people make a 19 year relationship work, all the while raising two children, juggling self-made careers, being in the public eye, and just plain making it happen the best way they can. Roberta and Rick are a powerhouse couple and shared with me how life isn’t always easy or how you may not always make the right or best decisions, but they show up, the listen, they give it 150% each and try to make life the best it can be each moment along the way. Thanks guys for laughing and sharing with me. My love and respect for the two of you grew greater than ever! .
Make sure you check out both Roberta’s and Rick’s pages respectively and see all the positive things they bring to the table each and every day.


Think, Sip, Write: ep 24 – From Podcast to Web Series

In this episode we take a look back at our old podcast (Think About This), reflect on the episodes, and talk about the transition to #thinksipwrite.

What are some of your favorite podcasts/webseries?

Inspirational Reads

The folks over at 5 Reads Blog gave me a guest post on my 5 most inspirational reads as an author.  Click on over to check out what my mentions are and how they’ve shaped me into the writer I am.

Souls 4 Supper featured on podcast

Aaaannnd in another halloween related post, a haunting from Rick Pipito’s 4th novel, Souls 4 Supper, has been read on the latest Think About This podcast episode.   You can of course listen through the Stitcher network, Itunes, facebook, or the podcast site, linked on the name above.  Check it out for a ghostly tale, free for your listening pleasure.  Feedback greatly appreciated.

Flesh And Leftovers featured on podcast

My podcast, , has just released a special episode for Halloween.  I read one of the incidents from “Flesh And Leftovers” the novel, and it’s free for your listening pleasure.  Please check it out, and leave your feedback.  We are also on iTunes and Stitcher if you prefer a listen there.

Think about this Episodes 8 and 9

Hey folks, our two newest episodes of the Think About This podcast are available for free listening.  Episode 8 has our hosts looking at the legends associated with vampires and werewolves, and a few mentions here and there of the novels by Rick Pipito that tackle those myths.

In Episode 9 (just released) sCrypt Comics cofounder and lead artist, Dan Pipito joins in on the fun as we talk about Comic book movies and castings.  Check it out and spread the word.

Think About This Podcast

e9375f9f-a2c7-4c41-8074-c5c4d8e182a3wallpaperI am proud to announce that one half of sCrypt comics has begun a new podcast Cohosts Rick and Roberta talk about all sorts of things that interest them, so feel free to chime in with your thoughts and suggestions. Stay tuned too. Dan Pipito, the other half of sCrypt Comics, will be making a few appearances to talk about zombies, video games, comics and more!

Episode 1 takes a look at some great Television series from past and present. Episode 2 is just in time for Valentine’s day or any dating time of year.

sCrypt Comics mentioned on Super Podcasto Podcast

If you haven’t listened to Super Podcasto Magnifico yet, then you are missing out.  SPM consists of three standup guys who talk about what we all love.  Their passion for comic books, video games and movies continues to grow a following each week.  Beginning in 2010, these guys take a humorous, yet serious look at what is going on in these worlds with each cast.

A couple of weeks ago, in episode #118, they spoke about the current Aquaman story arc and at the end, Squirrel mentioned his work in our lastest graphic novel “Bones At Breakfast: In Case of Werewolf,” and where you can get a copy (which we all know here).  Thanks for the plug, Squirrel.  It is also my priveledge to mention that Squirrel is also a contributing artist to next year’s sCrypt Graphic novel “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings.”

Go there now, and listen to their podcast, and make sure to scroll through their archives.  Even though they began in 2010, it is worth checking out some of the older stuff.  Plus, it is a fun and entertaining way to pass some time. .

Thanks Guys, and keep up the good work!  (And remember, I’m always up for a guest appearance to talk about that subject of the week) 🙂