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It’s here!  Available in paperback and digital is DEVOURED UNIVERSE. 

Beyond the farthest reaches of the universe lies a threat to the very existence of reality. When Earth receives a signal from deep space, they must embark on a dangerous mission into the unknown. Gordon Lightcap returns to duty after a brief retirement. He will have to use what he has learned to bring together a mismatched group of astronauts, and discover the secrets to existence. Only then will they be able to prevent the annihilation of everything, but at what cost?

$7.99 + shipping for paperback

$3.99 for Kindle and digital

Devoured Universe – Trailer

My upcoming novel “DEVOURED UNIVERSE” gets the trailer treatment. If you thought you knew what was out there, you were wrong. It’s much more in depth than you think. September 2016 and beyond it will be available on Amazon and

An Interview about Planet ATE

Planet Ate WorkingWith each new release I always post questions I’ve received from fans or collective media outlets.  Here are a few of the ones I’ve received so far for Planet ATE, and I’m sure I’ll post more as they come in.

Enjoy, and feel free to ask your own questions in the comments below.

Q: Planet ATE leaps across genre boundaries for you. Was there any hesitation in doing this?

Rick: It was the logical course of where to go next. Everything in the prior books were horror centric, but since Techno Feast began the sci-fi step for me, and Genetic Morsels further grounded that, it was time to make the full on transition.

Q: Your books are very grounded in reality with that fantastical element added. Do you find that it is difficult to combine the two?

Rick: I find it more difficult to NOT combine realism with fiction. Everything that influences me is in real life, whether it be my own experiences or history itself. I’ve always tried to make explanations for the strange things this world has to offer. Genetic Morsels had a political theme underlying the main plot. With Planet ATE I chose to add government conspiracy to the list.

Q: Government conspiracy and aliens in one story seem to go hand in hand. Did you use the X-Files as inspiration at all, and how do you not step on the toes of other current works?

Rick: You know it’s funny you say that. I loved the X-Files growing up, and always wanted to do an alien related novel. It was after I started writing this book that I found out about the new season coming out, and I went into panic mode. I said to my wife, “Damnit, it’s happening again!” We laugh about it. When I was writing my first three novels the subjects were zombies, vampires and werewolves. Then the Walking Dead, and Twilight series became popular shortly after. The beauty of writing is that you can acknowledge what is there in a way by avoiding certain key elements. I’ve never had any problem staying unique in my approach and keeping it fresh. I think the stories that flop (whether in movies or book form) are because they aren’t unique enough.

Q: What makes Planet ATE so unique to alien fiction?

Rick: Aside from research on fact I spend lots of time watching and reading what is out there to keep something totally separate in mind. Planet ATE is nice because it tackles the ultimate question “Why do we exist?” We can go to science, faith or any other means to find the “truth”, but this incorporates that and goes beyond. It takes a look at fact throughout history and ties it together into many supposed sightings of UFOs etc. This book gives an answer as to the why, but then opens the door to figure out what it all means.

Q: Before each chapter you have a quote by a famous person or a fact. Are these real and what made you do it?

Rick: They are real quotes and references to historical fact. I wanted that realism in there to bring the reader back into the real world and really make them wonder about life in the universe. The amount of quotes to find the right ones was exhausting, but well worth it in the end.

Q: The title of your books blends the topic with food. Why the capital letters in this title?

Rick: This title was difficult to settle upon. The word “ate” is my connection to that food world for consistency, but it goes beyond that. Not only is it a culinary term, but it also is the 8th book (eight), and it is an acronym in the book. ATE stands for Alien Threat Elimination. It is the government agency created to take out the antagonist of this book.

Q: This series can be read as individual books, but how far do you want to take it as a series?

Rick: The next book ends the current run with a follow on trilogy that will acknowledge what has already happened. At the end of all 12 books it will sort of make the reader wonder. While all questions will be answered it will allow me to begin writing other things in the same universe as these books, but not be tied to them in any way.

Q: You release compilations in trilogies. Will you release a complete volume of all twelve?

Rick: I write in trilogy form (Eden’s Order Trilogy dealt with monster like creatures; Pandora’s Chaos dealt with the supernatural). After book 9 the Beyond Human trilogy will be released. Then another after books 10-12 are all done. At some point I would like to release a limited edition hardback of everything (the 12 novels and spinoff stories). It is already in the works for down the road, and will be called the ETERNAL HUNGER SAGA.

Q: What is the status of the spinoffs in graphic novel form? Will you be working on more with your brother?

Rick: Dan is automatically involved in whatever I do because he does the cover art. As far as sCrypt Comics goes the future is uncertain. I’m not saying we won’t do any more. In fact we both want to, but it is very time consuming and difficult to manage. It is hard enough to juggle our own schedules let alone getting nine other artists involved in each release. For now we will be focusing on sCrypt Publishing as a whole. That includes graphic novels, but isn’t the main focus. Those stories are written and being written though for the comic book spinoffs so that they are already done when we are ready to go on it.

Q: Tell us about the cover of Planet ATE?

Rick: The last cover featured a mock chalkboard with calculations pertaining to DNA and genetics. This kept with that theme and is a dry erase board. We figured we would add a few grainy UFO pictures Dan created as Polaroid shots hanging by magnets. Think of it as the research board that the characters may be using in the book.

 Q: What will the cover be for book 9? Is it something similar?

Rick: My lips are sealed for now.

Q: Politics have come into play in your books without straying too far in either direction.  How do real life scenarios and politics play into your writing?

Rick: As I mentioned previously my experiences in life truly come into play in some form in my writing.  It could be a simple situation or something more complex that I may tweak and throw the characters into.  Politics in general are entertaining.  We in the U.S. have a two party system that is honestly becoming a joke.  Both sides have candidates that are in my opinion dangerous leaders.  I stay up to date with current world events as much as one can, and it makes for great writing in a sense.  Politicians are often like the villains of books with their schemes and agendas.  I take that into account and try to find a middle ground in which to present my writing in non-biased ways.  As an author I can vent my feelings on paper with both sides being accused without actually spilling my opinions on who is right or wrong.  People are always going to disagree, but the world today needs leaders who are just and stand for the people, and at this point it’s difficult to see who that is at times; if at all.

Q: Controversy seems to be everywhere in today’s day and age.  Everything has to be “politically correct” or be geared towards a certain audience?  How does this affect your writing?

Rick: I definitely keep it in mind, but also don’t let it hold me back from creating realistic characters or situations.  You have to be careful which lines you cross, but there are ways of doing it without making it seem like those are things that you believe. A prime example is in my BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING. I wrote a section that dealt with the Chicago mob in the early 20th century.  There are things the characters do and say that are flat out unacceptable whether by today’s standards or in general.  It was difficult to write because I in no way agree with the things the characters did or said, and I think it was done tastefully to the point where the reader realizes it is just a work of fiction and not my personal thoughts. BLOOD is still considered a fan favorite so I guess I manage my approach fairly well.

Q: How do you juggle your busy schedule?  What’s a day in the life of Rick Pipito?

Rick: It’s become such a routine, that I barely notice it anymore.  I spend 8 hours every day brainstorming my thoughts. During car rides I record dialogue into my phone (the people driving by must think I’m crazy). Then at night I write after my kids go to bed. Once I sit down at the keyboard the thoughts are ready to be put on paper, so it just flows out of me.  I also spend time helping my wife with her business, and the kids with homework and daddy time.  It’s a full plate for sure, but I love it.  It would be nice to have an extra hour or two in the day (or for sleeping at night for that matter).

Q: What can you tell us about that you are working on?

Rick: Well like I said I’ve officially called the saga the Eternal Hunger Saga. Book 9 is in the works and is called DEVOURED UNIVERSE. That will be released later this year. Dan and I are also putting the final touches on A LITTLE BOY IN THE LAND OF SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS. My prior children’s book was a success and it seemed little girls loved it, so since I wrote that one for my daughter, this one will be geared towards boys and is written for my son. It will be coming out early this summer.

 Q: Where can someone get a copy of your books?

Rick: All of my novels are available in paperback at They are also available for the Kindle at My comics are at and Audible and itunes also have my first audiobook translation, and hopefully more to come soon.

Final day of #authorlifemonth

Final day of #authorlifemonth – a description of my new book PLANET ATE. It’s available for preorder. Inbox me for details. #aliens


Interview about GENETIC MORSELS

“Genetic Morsels” interview with author Rick Pipito.  These are questions received by beta readers and others regarding the new novel and more.  Feel free to ask your own in the comments below.

Q: Tell us about GENETIC MORSELS and what inspired this novel.

Rick: An event has caused one generation of people to take the next step in human evolution.  While they struggle with their extraordinary abilities real world physics comes into play.  They must work together to bring down a corrupt politician who wants to exploit genetics in order to build a cabinet that will do anything he orders them to.  I grew up reading comic books, but to me there was always the realization that it was fake.  Certain things wouldn’t work in real life.  So I wanted to tell the story of would be superheroes and villains if they actually existed. 

Q: Were there any difficulties in writing this book?

Rick: The research into physics was fun, but science didn’t cover it all.  In order for the characters to have some semblance of abilities I had to bend the laws of science a tiny bit while trying to keep with the realistic feel and the scifi element of it.  That and I’d written myself into a corner with something while setting up the next book.  I had to figure out a way to explain certain things while keeping with my own continuity and still going toward my ultimate goal.

Q: Is there a planned audiobook conversion?

Rick: Yes.  My conversion of FLESH AND LEFTOVERS into audio format has done well.  It took a long time to record that because of scheduling with voice actors.  Plus I feel that using one narrator will work from here on out.  I’m currently working on a solo audio conversion of BLOOD THE SECOND HELPING, and hope to knock out at least two of my books a year until I catch up.  So, we’re looking at GENETIC MORSELS being in audio form probably in 2017 sometime.  Hopefully sooner.

 Q: What’s in the works now?

Rick: I’m researching and outlining for my next novel, PLANET ATE.  There’s also my second children’s book, A LITTLE BOY IN THE LAND OF SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS that I’m having illustrations done for.  I’ve got a dozen other writing projects that I’m always working on a little at a time.  I mean literally a dozen.  Lol.

 Q: If you had to choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

Rick: I’d like to travel to any point and place in time and just observe.  I try to explain mysteries of human history in my writing because it fascinates me.  Whether it is the deepest parts of outer space or right here under our feet I just want to know what the history books got right and wrong.  I want to be able to see how things were and how they will be.  I don’t want to actually be in these places and times, but watch them however and whenever I want without interfering. 

Q: Have you had any criticism of your works and how do you handle that?

Rick: I welcome criticism.  It helps me to learn and grow from my mistakes.  The biggest critique I’ve gotten is on FLESH AND LEFTOVERS.  While people love the story there are certain writing approaches that make it the weakest of my works.  It was my first book and will always hold a special place in my heart, but were I to write it now, I’d have taken different approaches.  I really have had overwhelming positive reviews on most of my books, so that keeps me going forward.  So far people are enjoying what I have done, and I hope to continue bringing good stuff to the table.  People who have read from the beginning have commented on how experience has shown me how to captivate an audience, and I cannot agree more.  I’m always willing to learn a little more to make it right.

Q: There’s an underlying political theme in GENETIC MORSELS.  Do politics today play a big role in your life?

Rick:  Yes to a certain extent.  I have strong core values and experience that influences the way I vote.  Unfortunately there haven’t been any good options recently, and I tend to vote for the lesser of two evils.  People refuse to budge from extreme beliefs on both sides, so we are stuck with issues that will never have an appeasing resolve.  I had to bring politics into it because it is the reality of our world today.  Media bias, public perception and corruption all play a part in the game that is played.

Q: Arguments often spur from political opinions.  Since your book on arguing is a few years old have you thought about doing an updated version, just to add a few things?

Rick: For the most part it is current, but there are some addendums I’d tack on to it.  My next version of it may just be the audiobook form when I do that.  It would be more like a version 2.0. 

Q: GENETIC MORSELS introduces a mostly new cast of characters.  Do you miss utilizing the already established ones?

Rick: Absolutely.  If these were real life situations people would die, become injured, grow old, etc.  There’s only so much they can experience and make it feel realistic.  I feel as though a lot of the characters are people I know because I’ve “worked” with them for so long.  I’ll admit that I shed tears when I kill a character off, but it has to be done at times.  As much as I miss some of the old ones, I now have a new cast of protagonists to focus on for a story or two.  That is very exciting to me.

Q: It seems your writing has come a long way since the beginning.  This being your 15th publication, where do you see yourself in another 5 years?

Rick: Writing full time for a living.  It has to be that way.  I can’t keep up with the voices in my head giving me ideas.  The only path that makes sense is to assist my wife’s culinary work (Homemade Delish), and do what I love to do (which other than being a dad to my two awesome kids is writing).


Q: You often find a way to foreshadow future books in each release.  Other than the evident topic of PLANET ATE, is there anything you can say about other teasers to come?

Rick: hmmm.  Okay. Let’s just say some things have not been forgotten.  Something or someone from the past will resurface in some form.  I won’t say more than that.  Just stay tuned.

Q: sCrypt Comics is now sCrypt Publishing.  Why the change?

Rick: I still plan on doing comic spinoffs.  The stories are already written for the next three.  They are however very time consuming.  I can cover more ground working on my own things than to also be directing a group of artists to get it right.  sCrypt Comics isn’t gone, it’s just incorporated into a larger picture.  I’m now doing audio books, novels, children’s books, and editing.  I also have plans to expand that into helping other independent authors along the way.  It just was time to state what is already happening by making the name change.  The ideas that my brother and I have for it are really exciting.


Q: Speaking of Dan (Pipito), tell us about the artwork he did for this cover.

Rick: Dan has been working in trilogy themes to coincide with each cover.  The first two trilogies had their own set approaches to the type of cover art we saw.  With this trilogy he felt that since science played such a huge part in it, that a classroom chalkboard would be a different type of touch.  I won’t say what his plans are for the next two novel covers, but they will compliment this one really well.


Q: Where can someone get a copy of your books?

Rick: All of my novels are available in paperback at  They are also available for the Kindle at My comics are at and the audio book and future ones I release are available at and itunes. 

novel – Genetic Morsels

genetic morsels coverWritten by Rick Pipito

Cover art by Dan Pipito

Available in paperback at for $8.99

Available for Kindle on for $3.99

Twenty five years have passed since a war with artificial intelligence has forever changed the course of humanity. Belief in the first world leader has been gained by the majority, but there are a few who can see past the media bias. As President Jason Black’s scheme unravels, the next step in human evolution begins. A passing of the torch to a newer generation of unexpected heroes occurs as they mount a resistance into the political fray. Led by Zoe Omandi the team is guided into dealing with not only their conflicting personalities, but also their extraordinary abilities. Real world physics makes this more than just a story of superheroes and villains. It is a story about survival and persistance. Can the heroes overcome the odds and unravel the truth before it is too late?

Day 23: On The Slate

After a little negotiating, I’m allowed to give some information about the upcoming projects in the works for my novels and comics.  Here’s what’s going on:




GENETIC MORSELS: In a not so distant future, the world has come to accept one world leader.  Many believe he is just, but something sinister is in his plans.  A small group of unlikely allies must come together to uncover the truth, but they have an obstacle… the next step in human evolution has begun.  Homoevolutis are a group of humans that have extraordinary abilities, but unlike comic book heroes, these abilities apply to real world physics and can be more deadly than beneficial.  (Look for Genetic Morsels in early 2015.)


UNTITLED Alien book:  The government has held secrets from the public eye for years, but there is one secret that might shock all of mankind.  As visitors from another world return from long ago, humanity must sort out the past and reveal the truth about our own history.  What truly lies out there may be something that even the most inventive of minds has not forseen. (Coming late 2015)


NO, IT’S NOT.  YES, IT IS: URBAN LEGENDS: Following the format of the argument book I did, this will share personal experiences and humor to address whether urban legends are real or not.  It will take a look at these stories and present facts for and against it.  Then you decide if it is real or not.


Children’s Books:


A LITTLE GIRL IN THE LAND OF THE HICCUPS: slated to be released on Black Friday of 2014, this children’s book illustrated by Dan Pipito in his amazing watercolor style, follows the adventures of a girl who must rescue a village from the annoying creatures known as the Hiccups.


A LITTLE BOY IN THE LAND OF SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS:  A boy who decides to confront the “monster” in his closet finds himself swallowed into a world where shadowy knights keep children awake forever.  Can he stop them before their sleep draining abilities make them unbeatable, and return in time to get some shut eye? (Late 2015)


UNTITLED children’s book: The little girl and boy get lost on a new adventure.


sCrypt Comics Graphic novels:


DEMONIC ENTITIES: This graphic spinoff of the novel DEVIL’S DESSERT focuses on what happened to the demons after the events in the novel.


FINAL UPGRADE: This graphic spinoff of the novel TECHNO FEAST shows more of what happens all over the globe during the events of the novel.




FLESH AND LEFTOVERS: The first in a series of audiobooks brings in talent to revisit the novel that started it all.  (Coming December 2014)


There are other projects on the board, but at this time I can’t reveal much about them due to copyrights.  Stay tuned.

novel – Techno Feast

techno Feast cover

Written by Rick Pipito; Cover Art by Dan Pipito

Available in softback print at for $9.99

For the Kindle at for $3.99

Humanity has survived through countless threats, but when a super computer begins to think that the human race is flawed, survival may prove an impossibility. In order to conquer the self proclaimed “Network Entity,” differences must be put aside. Every person on earth will be put to the test. Alliances must be forged, obstacles must be eliminated, and sacrifices will be made to ensure a future for the entire planet.

Forget everything you know about the past, as technology becomes our greatest enemy yet. The Network Entity’s plan to take over everything that makes life simpler is executed in various stages. While a team of disjointed specialists race to stop each digital upgrade, a sinister man lurks in the shadows with his own plans for the future.

***NOTE: This book was meant to be read on its own, but to get the full experience, check out the prior entries in the series: “EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY,” “SOULS 4 SUPPER,” & “DEVIL’S DESSERT”****

Interview with Author Rick Pipito on “Techno Feast”

riThe following is an interview conducted with author Rick Pipito about the novel “Techno Feast”.  His latest installment promises to be the most intense yet:

Q: Where does this book fall into your other novel continuity?

Rick: This is the 6th book in the series, but also works as a standalone novel.  You don’t need to read the others to understand what is happening.  I wrote it in a way where someone could just pick it up and fall right into the story.

Q: It wraps up the second trilogy, but do you plan more in the series?

Rick: Originally, the plan was to have 6 novels in this series.  When book 3 was wrapping up, I came up with a concept for three additional ones.  So yes, we have the Eden’s Order Trilogy, this one wraps up the Pandora’s Chaos Trilogy, and then there will be a new trilogy that takes place around 20 years after this one, so slightly futuristic.

Q: So where will book 7 take us?  What are the threats?

Rick: I’ve said it before that I don’t want to do the same thing twice.  I’ve done zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons and technology.  Where Techno Feast ends, sets up the future.  I’ve been a fan of comic books most of my life, so I wanted to do a story where people have extraordinary super abilities.  I am doing it differently though.  What if these abilities were applied to physics in the real world?  It will be a horror feel of what would happen if you couldn’t control these abilities.


Q: Techno Feast is the longest of the books so far.  What made it so different than writing your previous ones?

Rick: It was both the most difficult and the easiest in a way.  It was easy because I’ve had the stories in my head for a few novels, so I was able to set up events to come, which made writing this one simple.  The difficult part was making it stand alone (like the others) and trying to wrap up EVERYTHING that remained a loose end.  I wanted this book to be presented in a way, where in the end, the audience was satisfied, and could extrapolate their own ideas as to what might happen to the world.  I really left it in a place of closure, but opened the door for the next trilogy.


Q: Do you have a favorite technological thriller that is not your own, like an inspiration?

Rick: I’ve always loved the Terminator movies and the first Matrix.  In book form, I was a big fan of the X-Men Days of Future Past, where giant robots called Sentinels were basically running the planet. 


Q: There is a major event that happens early on, that newcomers to the series may not find too drastic, but for those of us who have read your prior works, it was entirely unexpected.  (Event mentioned off interview).  What made you decide to do this, and was it difficult to make it work?

Rick: I literally get tears in my eyes when I think about it.  It may sound crazy, but these characters are derived from my mind, and in a way they are a part of me.  I feel like I know them as friends.  So when I do something drastic like what you mentioned, then it upsets me.  Even if you don’t know the character, the scene is very emotional to newcomers.  I wanted something early on to say “Hey, nothing is safe anymore.”  It was a way of showing long time fans of the series that from that moment on out, ANYTHING could happen.

Q: Your brother, Dan Pipito came up with the art for the cover again. Tell us about that process and concept.

Rick: He also did the one piece I had inside the book.  With the interior, he just recreated my initial design of the coin mentioned in the story.  The cover was his idea all around.  He felt that a satellite was the way to go for the cover.  The color scheme was perfect as well.  It really captures the vast feel of possibilities in this series, so I am delighted to constantly have him as a consultant throughout everything, especially with his art.


Q: The series could technically end here and all would be closed out, but you left quite a bit for the audience to wonder.  Will these questions be addressed?

Rick: Yes.  Like I said, if a reader never came back for the next installments, then they could just use their imagination as to how things pan out, but I think everyone will want to know what the future holds, and have those few things answered.  I have some amazing ideas, and each threat is always bigger than the last in some manner, so a lot will be built up from here on out.

Q: How much research went into the events that happen in the book, and how much is based on real life consequences?

Rick: The Illuminati, Freemason, Knights Templar stuff is all based on fact, with some added content to make it a story.  I’ve always been fascinated with secret societies, so having them as a crucial part of the story and respecting them was difficult to do.  They hold part of the key of ending the threat.  The Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn estate was a great deal of research.  I went on a tour there and told my wife, “This is going to be in my next book.”  She agreed that the symbology and history in the place was perfect for it.  I highly recommend going there sometime.  It’s really breathtaking all around, and I went back four or five times just to capture the essence of it all.  As far as the consequences, well I did numerous searches for things like “What if the world went bankrupt” and “what would happen if…”.  There were many theories based on facts that became a basis with which to work.  I’m confident that much of this would be accurate, had it actually happen to us in real life.

Q: Will you release this as a trilogy publication, and if so, will it include extra content?

Rick: Yes.  I released the first three novels in one compilation and had extras there.  For this, I will eventually release the Pandora’s Chaos Trilogy as a whole.  The extras will be the spinoff stories from the comics, but in novelized form.  There will also be 3 bonus short stories, and instead of a timeline in it, I’m going to include a hint as to what’s coming.  Even if you buy the novels separately, all of the extras will be available to purchase separately as well.  

Q: What have been the biggest writing challenges with this novel and the series?

Rick: Consistency.  It is easy to forget things in fine detail from book 1 when you are writing book 6.  Things like character ages etc become a hassle as you have to remember what amount of time is going on between books.  Keeping true to the characters, and convincing the audience of a realistic feel is the hardest thing to do, but so far I’ve got mostly all positive feedback, and the few minor critiques I received for the first two installments, I really tried to use as a learning curve.  I grow with each novel, and feel that my writing matures each time.

Q: The book is dedicated to Tony Luke Jr.  What made you decide to choose him, and to include his original sandwich shop in this book?

Rick: I’ve dedicated each of my novels to friends I’ve had with businesses.  There was always a correlation too with the dedication.  For Bones, I dedicated it to a Chiropractor friend.  For Blood it was a winery.  This book has a lot happening in my hometown of Philadelphia.  Philly is known for cheese steaks among other things.  Tony is like a second brother to me.  He and I see eye to eye on a lot of things, and he’s a great friend to the point where he is a part of my family.  It was only right that I included him in some way.  (Plus, he asked when I was going to put him in one of my stories) lol

Q: Why did you choose the particular settings in the book?

Rick: Philadelphia has been a part of my novels, so bringing the core team here was easy.  The other places were just strategic points.  Jason Black had to be based somewhere near Russia because of the events prior.  Alaska was new territory, but I’ve known people that live there.  Colorado came in later, because I’ve always wanted to delve deeply into criminal psychoses.  The prison story seemed like the best setting, and I wanted those people inside to be the most demented people out there.  I also had to include the Garden of Eden and Atlantis because of the prior novels.

Q: Will there be a graphic spinoff and do you have a projected release on the next novel in this series?

Rick: The graphic spinoff of “Techno Feast” will be called “Final Upgrade.”  That won’t be available until after the “Demonic Entities” spinoff.  As far as next release though in the book series, Book 7 is called “Genetic Morsels” and will come out in 2015.  There will be plenty of releases between now and then though to keep readers wanting more.

Q: You seem to be dedicating a lot of time to your wife’s career now as well.  What is it like juggling all of your combined projects and being a parent?

Rick: I’m her editor and CEO of Roberta’s “Homemade Delish”.  She is the next big thing in the cooking world, and anyone who has seen her work knows it.  I’m sort of the force that pushes her forward when she has a slight doubt, and she loves doing it.  It is difficult getting to where she is going, but in 2 years, Homemade Delish has become more than either of us have imagined.  It does take up a great deal of my time, as well as being a parent, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It all keeps me on my toes.  Then there is our podcast and my music to add to it.  If I could change one thing, it would be to make all of these my main projects.  I still have to work a full time job in order to support our careers, but it will all pay off soon.  Being able to do it all without having to worry about whether we will be able to afford our bills would be nice.

Q: How has critic reaction been with your books thus far?

Rick: Well if they weren’t loved, I’d move on to something new and let these characters rest.  I’ve gotten overwhelming positive responses.  The authors database ( has a bio page and direct links to each of my books, and I woke up the other morning to find out that I received a 5 star rating from them, as well as making it into the top 25 of independent authors.  I don’t think I’ve smiled that big since my kids were born.  It’s a breathtaking experience to be put on such a high pedestal.  My writing continues to improve through the criticism that I received in the beginning.  Everyone seemed to love “Flesh and Leftovers,” but there were writing flaws in it that I could have made better.  I progressed from that, and now with “Techno Feast” and the others under my belt it keeps getting better.  I take all reviews seriously and learn from them, but they’ve all been super positive as of late.




Where can anyone get a copy of “Techno Feast”?

Rick:  It will be available in print (on March 11, 2014) for $9.99 at and for $3.99 on the Kindle at

This concludes the interview with Rick Pipito.  Feel free to post your own questions or inbox them, as these are a compilation of questions asked by fans and inquiring minds.  Thanks for reading!

Cover art for “Techno Feast”

techno Feast coverRick Pipito’s newest novel is just around the corner, and what better way to tease the technological thriller, than to show the cover art, done of course by none other than his brother Dan Pipito.  Let us know what you think.  Are you as excited as we are for the March 2014 release?

A look back at 2013

abstract-happy-new-year-2014-coverIt’s that time again, where a year has ended, and another is beginning.  Here’s a look back at some of my favorite comic book and horror moments from 2013, and what’s coming in 2014.  I’ll also mention what I accomplished in the past year, as well as what is in store for next.  What are your resolutions?  What are your favorite moments?  Comment below.  What are you looking forward to?

Comic book and horror adaptations that hit high on my list this year:  The Wolverine, Man Of Steel, Kick Ass 2, Arrow, Thor The Dark World, Ironman 3, Finneas and Ferb Mission Marvel, Teen Titans Go, Ultimate Spiderman, RED 2, Superman Unbound, Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox, Lego Marvel Superheroes the game, Deadpool the Game, Arkham Origins the game, Lego Batman the movie, Hannibal (TV show), Warm Bodies, This is The End, World War Z

Comic book and horror adaptations that fell short on my list this year: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Ironman Rise of the Technovore, Ironman and Hulk Heroes United, Beware the Batman, Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the agents of SMASH, Evil Dead (remake)

Coming in 2014: Ironman and Captain America Heroes United, Big Hero 6, Captain America The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spiderman 2, X-Men Days of Future Past, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Justice League War, Son of Batman, Batman Assault on Arkham, The Lego Movie, Godzilla, The Flash (TV series)

Of course, this doesn’t cover it all, but those are what stood out at the top of my mind.  I also recently got into listening to books on tape, and found that graphic audio is a wonderful experience.  For myself, this year I published my novel about angels and demons and their war brought to earth in “Devil’s Dessert.”  sCrypt Comics also published “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings”, as well as the start of “Munchies and Deedoos” free online comic strip.  If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my podcast as well:

In 2014, I will release my novel about technological takeover.  “Techno Feast” will be released in March.  By the end of the year, I will have the second trilogy released in a collective just like the first.  It will be called “The Pandora’s Chaos Trilogy”.  Munchies and Deedoos will pick up with some more stories, and gearing up for the next comic with sCrypt “Devil’s Dessert: Demonic Entities.”