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One of my original instrumentals written a few years back.  I’m beginning to post some of my songs as well as covers during this pandemic.  I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  We will get through it.  Enjoy the music.


Day 18 of #scrypthalloween takes a break from fiction and moves to poetry with my collaborative work SUMMER RAIN: GENERATIONS OF POEMS. Some facts: 1) it was published as a collection on sept 11, 2018. 2) the title was taken from a poem my grandmother wrote called “Summer Rain”. 3) the works within include not just my #poems and #song #lyrics but also some works by my mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, and son. 4) the excerpt is shown is called “Moonburn.” That and other songs I recorded can be downloaded free on SoundCloud. 5) I decided to publish this because people who knew my song lyrics had told me I should publish them as an independent work. When the book was thinner than a standard page count I thought it would be better alongside other writers in my family. Who are some of your favorite poets? #authorsofinatagram #book

Think, Sip, Write: ep 59 – Code 3 Records

In this latest episode of #thinksipwrite Roberta and I sit down with Kathy and Dan from Code 3 Records to talk about the music industry, and what their company does to help musicians monetize their songs.

Don’t Stop Believin’

I was fooling around the other night and thinking about how many times I’ve been out at karaoke and this song pops up.  Whatever your goals are, never give up, and don’t stop believing that it can happen.  Here’s my cover of the Journey song:

Train of Despair

This is a song I wrote a few years back with John Caputo.  A longer jam version is on under my name, but you can check out me performing it live here.  This is going to be a new thing I do in my little free time, so I’m open to song requests.

Train of Despair (c) Rick Pipito & John Caputo

Harmonica music and Lyrics by Rick Pipito – Guitar Music by John Caputo

Think, Sip, Write: ep23 – Music For Occasion

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the kind messages about Roberta and I cohosting this series. We have lots of fun with it, and are glad to have some feedback. As a note, you should follow @homemadedelish on Instagram. We go live after each episode taping, so there’s a little bit of interaction with audience. Of course you should follow me too @rickpipito, but she’s the better looking one. 😉

We spend this episode talking about music, and our choices for listening during different moods, or whatever we are doing. Who are some of your favorite bands? Comment below and let’s chat about it.

Santa’s Leaving & Rudolph’s Got The Blues

I wrote this as a bonus track to my 2014 LP “At It Again.”  It was an impromptu one shot of me on vocals and acoustic guitar.  I overdubbed the Saxophone and harmonica parts, and added the bells at the end.

I always wanted to do a Christmas song, and felt this captured my feelings at the time.  Let me know what you think.

You can download the full song and my other originals at for free.  Just search for “Rick Pipito”.  Also check out my full band arrangements there under “Everyone Loves Mahoney.”

Lyrics and music (C) 2014 Rick Pipito
Recorded at sCrypt publishing studios December 2014

Day 7 of #authorlifemonth : music that inspires

Day 7 of #authorlifemonth is music that inspires. When I’m not enjoying silence or my own music (which can be listened to here ) these are the musicians I have in my playlists.


In the works 2014

I’ve received quite a few emails from those who’ve read my novels, asking, “Rick, when are you going to release your next novel in your horror series?”  With all kind words and compliments, I’d like to thank those fan emails.  I enjoy responding to each of them.  So, I decided that to answer the questions asked, I’ll post on what is in the works.

First, my novels:  Now that copyrights are in place and my agent gave me the okay, I’m finally able to give a hint as to what the next book is about.  “Genetic Morsels” begins a new trilogy of novels that take place in the not so distant future.  The next step in human evolution has begun, and with it is presented a whole new era of conflict.  As people with extraordinary abilities struggle to control their genetic code, those who are “normal” worry about extinction.  This is not just a novel where people run around in tights like superheroes…. no… in fact, it is the contrary, and based in this physical world, where it is a much more realistic and horrifying take on what it would be like to develop powers.  Think about if you could generate fire from your hands, but each time you do it, your hands burn as if placed in a heat source.  The powers could be a gift, but they could also kill the user or severly hurt them.  Look for this book in 2015.

Also in the works is the “Pandora’s Chaos” trilogy.  This will compile my novels: “Souls 4 Supper,” “Devil’s Dessert,” and “Techno Feast,” and will have the added bonus of the spinoff graphic novel stories, and some hints as to whats to come for the next trilogy.  This is a stand alone trio in the series that will be released in 4th Quarter 2014.

Finally, my first book, “Flesh And Leftovers,” is being adapted by sCrypt Sound into an audiobook.  I’ve been working around the clock with adapting the audio and working with some amazing voice actors/actresses.  It’s been a lot of fun, but consuming much time.

Next up, sCrypt Comics: Dan and I would like to officially announce sCrypt Sound.  This is a component of our sCrypt brand that opens new doors for us.  I record music often, and now that we’ve got a halfway decent studio in place, sCrypt Sound will focus on recording not just my music, but our audio book conversions, as well as any potential future podcasts.

The next graphic novel, “Devil’s Dessert: Demonic Entities” will be released in 2015.  We had to take a break from the overwhelming work load of the graphic novels, and are perfecting the stories to be converted into graphic form.  We will be announcing artists as soon as this kicks into high gear.

Instead of the graphic novel, however, we are working on a children’s book. “A Little Girl In the Land of The Hiccups” is a short story written by myself (Rick Pipito) and will be illustrated by Dan Pipito.  To be released this holiday season.

Other Miscellaneous works:  While Dan is working hard on his own artistic endeavors, I’m gearing up for a summer season of musical fun.  For the first time in a long time, I’ll return to the stage as a solo act, playing guitar, singing and harmonica.  With a mixture of originals and cover songs, the plan is appeasing all audiences of every type of music.

My podcast, “Think About This” is on indefinite hiatus at this time.  My cohost (and wife), Roberta, is hard at work with her Homemade Delish brand, and the podcast has had to take a back seat in order to accomplish some goals.  We do plan on returning when we can though.  In the meantime, I’ve been assisting with her success, and we are both confident that this will enable me to take sCrypt and my works as well as hers to a whole new level and beyond.

Also, don’t forget that our new sCrypt store is up.  While you can’t get my books (available at and or the comics (available at there, you CAN get other cool merchandise to support us.  Bumper stickers, T-Shirts, collectible glasses and coasters and more are all available at

As always, feel free to ask any questions, and if you are interested in working with us on a project, feel free to contact us here or at  .  While you wait for our new releases, we will continue to put some in depth reviews of upcoming movies, TV series, and animated projects.  Thanks for following, and stay tuned.  🙂




New Music

While my new novel is entering editing stages, and we’re trying to reorganize a plethora of ongoing projects, enjoy this new single.

I’ve decided its time to jump back in the studio.  Here’s the first track from my upcoming LP “At It Again.”  I’ll be doing a mixture of old originals redone, New originals, and a few covers.  All for free listening of course.  Here’s the first tune “Tears 2014” written and performed by me.

Avengers Week Post #6: Music And Ironman

Ironman loves rocking out to great music, so it is only fitting that he have some songs to honor his heroism.  Below is a list of songs I have found that mention or are themed after him.  If there are any others, please comment below.

Ironman (by Black Sabbath): Although this wasn’t written about the character, fans around the world constantly mention this song in referring to Ironman.  Then suddenly, it was featured in the first Ironman movie.  Now it is a staple.

Prelude 970519 (by Pete Townshend): The album itself is called “Iron Man.”  Kind of a wierd one, but I love Townshend’s stuff, so here it is.

Who’s The One (By Winger): Wow, this band takes me back.  There is only one line in here that mentions him, but the name is capitalized in the print version, meaning it is talking about an Ironman.

Ironman (by Ghostface Killa): This is the title of his debut solo album, and while it may seem at first that this has nothing to do with the character, the rapper voiced a villain in the Ironman animated series.  This album was done in tribute to Tony Stark and his alter ego.

Theme Song From Ironman short (in The Marvel SuperHeroes):  This animated hour consisted of many different characters, and Ironman got his own few episodes.

Ironman Theme Song (From Marvel Action Hour): This was a great cartoon in the 1990s.

Ironman Armored Adventures Theme Song:  A CGI animated series in the 2000’s.  It was a fresh take on the character and portrayed him as a teenager.

Ironman Anime Theme Song: Even Japan did their Ironman story in animation, and it is probably one of my favorite Ironman incarnations.  Check out the series if you get a chance.

The Invincible Ironman Theme Song:  I have no idea how Lionsgate films didn’t have them take this down, but the entire animated movie is up on youtube.

There you have it folks.  There were a few other mentions I found during searches, but they didn’t seem relevant enough to include.  Ironman (Tony Stark) is played by Robert Downey Jr in The Avengers movie.

Music and Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of the central characters os of the DC Comics universe, and what better way to show appreciation than to mention him in song.  Below are a list of songs about more than just one Green Lantern.  If you know of any others, please mention them in the comments below.

In Brightest Day by Gary Mitchell: This song has a feel like it should be the end credits to a movie or a live action TV series.  Catchy tune.

Green Lantern Remix by Blue Harvest:  If you can find this one, which I can not find a link, please post it here.  This song is all about the Green Lanterns, and specifically mentions Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart.

Green Lantern by Evenrude: Another song I had trouble finding a link to.  The lyrics are sort of confusing.  It’s obviously about a girl, but other than the title and the chorus, there really isn’t much else GL related.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan by J-Sin Starr: Beginning with the classic cartoon intro, it goes into a laid back verse and rocking chorus.

Green Lantern The Animated Series Theme Song: This is Bruce Timm’s latest crack at DC animation, and so far so good.  I’ve found it enjoyable, and my son loves it.  Here is the theme song

Green Lantern First Flight Theme Song: This was the first Green Lantern Animated movie done a few years back.

Green Lantern Emerald Knights Theme Song: Similar in orchestral arrangement, this is the second animated movie based on the character.

Green Lantern Movie Theme: For the Live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern by The Mutton Birds:  This New Zealand band created a song that I could see in a credits to TV show.

Sector 2814 by The Roy Clark Method: This song is about Hal Jordan’s fall after the Reign of the Supermen story.

Ring Capacity by Ring Capacity:  This band definitely consists of a bunch of nerds, but the song and video are pretty sweet.

DJ Green Lantern: From Rochester New York, this hip hop DJ named himself after wearing a green hoodie and the insignia.

Green Lantern 1967 intro: There were only one or two of these made for the Aquaman/Superman hour in the late 60s.  Green Lantern got his own proper intro.

So there you have it folks, a few given ones, but perhaps a few you’ve never heard either.  Hope you enjoy!


Music And The Avengers

Last time we talked about the Justice League and the influence they have had on the music industry.  This installment brings the Avengers to the limelight.  The Avengers debuted in the early 1960s and have been fighting to protect Earth, other dimensions, and universes ever since.  With their first big screen movie coming up this spring, I’m sure we’ll get more musical inspirations.  Until then, here is the current list I’ve found through a bit of research.  If you can think of any others please mention them below (even if they are original creations by you or someone you know).  Keep in mind that this list is only about the Avengers as a team, and doesn’t single out any particular hero in general.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Heroes: by the Tearjerkers, this song fits in with the time that it was released.  It mentions more than jus the Avengers, but they are mentioned nonetheless.  Take a listen:

Avengers United They Stand Theme Song: In the 1990s, there was an animated Avengers show that only lasted 13 episodes.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but almost forgot this theme song.

Okay Go: This was the song used in the boss fights of the arcade game Captain America And The Avengers.  Man I miss this game.

Level intro song for Captain America And The Avengers Arcade Game:  Another from that game:

Ultimate Avengers animated movie: This is the title intro song for this Ultimates  animation:

Avengers in Galactic Storm: This was an arcade game, that I was unaware ever existed.  It’s a bit dated, and this is the best I could do as far as the soundtrack.

Music and The Justice League

Article by Rick Pipito:

I’m getting my name out there as a writer, but long before I began scribbling stories onto pages, I was into music.  Now, I play multiple instruments and love a good band jam every once in a while.  That is why I decided to share this topic.  I will continue to do so for other comic book organizations and characters, but this one hits close to home for me and it is because I’m one of the artists involved.

DC Comics’ The Justice League has been around since the early 1960s, and their ever changing roster has done a great job of protecting the citizens of Earth, other planets, and even other dimensions.  Rightfully so, they have been an inspiration to musicians from around the world.  Here are some of the tributes paid by bands, artists and musicians.  If you have any others to add, please comment, because I may be leaving some out.

Theme from the Superfriends: This was my first cartoon growing up.  From the late 70s until the mid 80s, the theme song was catchy.  years later I realize how campy the show was, but it is a guilty pleasure.  The theme song still echoes in my mind as if it were yesterday. 

Justice League of America Theme song from 1960s: before the superfriends, there was an action hour.  This was the theme song from that cartoon.

Justice League Unlimited: After the Batman and Superman animated series in the late nineties, the new milennium brought us a new incarnation of the League in animation.  Justice League lasted for 2 seasons, but continued on in this series.

Way Out Junk: Stories About The Justice League: I did a search and found this vinyl.  I’ve heard a few samples, and it is typical cheesy era music, but it’s amusing nonetheless.  Here is a link to info on it, and there are download links attached to the article

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League (Just Undeniably Some of The Illest Composers Ever): This Grammy winning group of producers and composers has gone on to produce many popular artists.  Although none of the music seems to be inspired by the Justice League, their name was done in tribute.  This is just the wiki page on their history, but you can do a search if interested in hearing some of their tracks.

Just Us (Justice): This is why it hits so close to home.  This song is one that I wrote along with John Caputo a few years ago.  I also did alternate lyrics that we never recorded and titled it “Not Us (Injustice)” about the Injustice League.  Listen to the link and if you like what you hear, there is much more of my non comic book related music at the album links on the right side of the page.  (I’m pictured in the upper left hand corner and am performing vocals, saxophone and harmonica on the tracks)

Arthur Curry: This song by Ookla The Mok, mentions more than just one hero.  It calls on the whole league.  It’s definitely a strange listen, but had to be mentioned in the list.

Melt The Guns: The group XTC is speaking to all the members of the Justice League Of America.

Like I said, please add to this list with anything you can think of (even if you are an artist like myself who has similar songs).