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Review: Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes

Review by Rick Pipito

If you are a fan of the Lego games, than this is one for the books.  Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes is not by any means a Justice League game.  It really is Lego Batman with the Justice League helping out.  Lego games have a light hearted approach to the stories and characters we love, and they always succeed in doing them justice.

This is a completely original storyline and happens to be the first game with actual voices to the characters.  The story begins with Gotham City holding a Man of the Year award.  Presidential candidate Lex Luthor is in attendance when the Joker crashes this party.  As Batman hunts down the Joker, Lex is coming up with his own scheme.  Eventually we see Lex and Joker team up.  Joker aqcuires Kryptonite, and Lex has created a device that will tear apart any shiny black objects (like Batman’s arsenal).  At one point they even find the batcave and wreak havoc upon it.

Here is the beauty of this game.  I’m pretty sure ALL of Batman’s rogue gallery makes an appearance.  Most of them you have to send back to Arkham, and as you defeat them in the main map, you can purchase them for enough points to use in FREE PLAY mode.  Unlike the other Lego games, the level selection map in between levels is enormous!  Gotham City is entirely a free play map that utilizes all of the depth that even Arkham City used.  (Though it is a lego game, so don’t expect the graphic detail).

That brings me to graphics.  You can’t get better than this in a Lego game.  There is no need for improvement anywhere graphically.  If you did, then it wouldn’t be Lego.  As Joker and Lex, as well as the many villains running amok are being tracked down, there are other surprise villains that show up as part of the side story benefits.  There is also a hint about what the next Lego Batman/DC Super Heroes game may have as a main villain.  If you use your brain, you may figure out who it is.  Okay, so I just gave it away, but it is still exciting to see the many hints.

About the characters:  There are pluses and minuses here.  Some of Batman and Robin’s alternate outfits seem a little ridiculous, but this isn’t a serious game, so I can’t really complain.  Superman and the other Justice League members really feel like you are using them in the game.  Each character is unique and even has their comic book weaknesses.  Once you finally unlock these characters, you are in for a treat.

The villains are for the most part the same in their uniqueness, but others were just thrown in there for appearance.  For example.  Battling agains Bane and then taking on the Riddler, shouldn’t be the same exact battle.  There was nothing about Bane or the Riddler other than their looks that said that was who they were.  Riddler had no riddles.  Bane had no excess muscle.  They were just useless bosses that were thrown for their skins.  Scarecrow on the other hand was absolutely awesome.

My preorder got me the first DLC pack as well, which included 5 DC villains not normally in the game.  There is also a Hero pack coming out soon.  Even after you beat the storyline, the game should be played until you unlock EVERYTHING.  Trust me it will be worth it.  The Lego games are perhaps the only games that I will attempt to get everything because there are often secret levels, characters and vehicles you can unlock.  Oh, and I almost forgot… you get to use practically all of Batman’s vehicles in the game, which is almost like a different game in itself.

Between the puzzles, story and fun aspects of this title, I give it a 9 out of 10.  It is the BEST Lego game out there, and definitely sets a standard for future titles.  Oh, and there is a trailer included for the next title too.  Lego Lord Of The Rings.  Go find Lego Batman 2:DC Heroes, and have a blast.  Even people who don’t normally like to play video games can enjoy this one.

Comic Con miscellaneous displays

One of the cool things about a convention like Wizard World, is the variety of displays.  Here are a few from this past weekend.  The Batmobile from the 60s was one of my first favorite cars, while watching reruns in the 80s.  Back To The Future and Ghostbusters were two of my childhood favorite movie franchises.  The Delorean and Hoverboard from the first are featured as well as most props from the latter.  Legos and Batman outfits always interested me from a ripe early age up until today.  The other picture is of the new cologne/perfumes based on Avengers characters.  They are a lot better smelling than I thought, though I’m partial to the Loki one.  Must have to do with the mischief.  Check out the photos and click to enlarge them.  More on comic con coverage coming.