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Day 27 #authorlifemonth – Author admiration

I have often talked about some of my inspirations as an author, but the one who has been there all along since my youth is L. Frank Baum.  His Oz series was the perfect example of creativity and an author who cared about his readers. Why his original 15 novels haven’t all been turned into screenplays yet is beyond me.

Who are your favorite authors?  Comment below.


Day 24 #authorlifemonth – Challenges Overcome

Day 24 #authorlifemonth is challenges overcome. I’m always up for a good challenge, and I attribute much of my happiness in life and success to having little to no negativity. There will always be hard times for everyone on different levels. There will always be haters or negativity along the way. There will always be bumps in the road, and unexpected things. There will always be people with strong opinions that don’t know how to discuss sensitive topics. None of that matters. In order to succeed at anything you have to remain positive. There’s always a brighter side to things, and if you can’t find the light in something then cast it from your life. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Mr. Mandela was right. Just do it! I wish you all success and happiness.


Day 12 #authorlifemonth – Inspiration

As an author I get inspiration from a lot of my own personal experiences, but it also comes primarily from the people I need to impress.  My wife is a very critical person.  She’s had to be, and it is a great asset as it has taken her to amazing places, and continues to keep her name achieving new heights.  When I write, I know I have to impress her.  Even if I don’t particularly write in a certain genre she likes, I know that if she says “it sucks,” then it does, so for me, passing my work onto an editor, must pass her screening first.  It’s what helps me improve and learn.

Of course I also have to include my son and daughter.  They are both direct inspiration for the characters I created in my 2 children’s books: A LITTLE GIRL IN THE LAND OF THE HICCUPS, and A LITTLE BOY IN THE LAND OF THE SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS.


Day 7 of #authorlifemonth – Cover Inspiration

The cover for my upcoming novel A COURSE FOR HUMANITY is better understood when reading it, but for the design I was inspired by this sculpture in Washington DC.  It is called “Continuum” and couldn’t be more appropriate, as that is a government entity within the novel.  Book will be released in March 2017.


Day 12 – Haunted Inspiration

gbusI could just put a whole bunch of other scary stories in here, but the ghost stories that stuck with me the most over the years were those from the Ghostbusters franchise.  In my novel SOULS 4 SUPPER, and its spinoff GHOSTLY HAUNTINGS, the first names of some of the characters pay tribute to the actors and cast of the original films.

The first ghost movie I ever watched was the original Ghostbusters.  I was instantly a fan.  The follow up, Ghostbusters 2, may not get the credit it deserves but it is still a great movie in my opinion.  Again, I was a kid, so when The Real Ghostbusters cartoon came out I was all for it.  I’m pretty sure I caught every episode and even liked the less detailed animation that followed (The Extreme Ghostbusters).

My hopes for a third feature film in the franchise died out, but then we got Ghostbusters the Video Game.  This brought together the original writers and actors in a storyline that basically was the third movie.

Now before you get all bent out of shape about me not including the new Ghostbusters movie in there, I’ll explain.  First off, I haven’t seen it yet.  I know.  I know.  I plan on it, but am not a fan of remakes that disregard the originals.  In my opinion the new one should have been a loose sequel.  It would have made more sense and made fans happy.  I will see it eventually though.

The other reason for not including it is because I’m talking about the inspiration I had with ghosts.  There are countless movies I’ve seen that freaked me out and they all made their mark, but they were all a one and done watch.  I can still watch GB over and over again and not get sick of it.  I wrote Souls and Ghostly before the new movie came out, so it can’t count as inspiration.

Regardless, if you like a good spooky book, check mine out.  Souls got me a place in the top 25 and 100 lists of authors, and I even freaked myself out at times writing it.  What are your favorite ghost stories?  Make sure to use the hashtag #scrypthalloween if you post, and you’ll have a chance to win one of my books!


Day 6 – Vampire influences

ugdz2575When I was writing my novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING, as well as its spinoff short LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE, I covered all avenues of vampire lore.  Doing so meant that I had to see what was already out there, so that I wouldn’t mimic anything already done.

My favorite vampire research items always remain constant.  Bram Stoker’s Dracula goes without saying.  I was a fan of the 1930s version, and the remake, but the book adds to the greatness that the films had.

For a little more supernatural feel I delved into the Blade trilogy (and even the series).  The movies went beyond vampire lore and into superhero territory, but were and still are fun to watch.

Legacy of Kain was a video game series that included 5 games.  Why they never went forth and made another is beyond me, because this series’ antagonist has one of the most evil vampires I’ve seen in story form.  Kain is far from the Cain in my novels, and his story delves deep into vampire lore with a twist.  I’m still holding my breath for a reboot sequel, but until that time I have the memories of these games.  *Side note… I actually wrote a manuscript of these games to pitch to publishers a few years back.  Due to ownership rights of the game it wasn’t something that was possible.  Maybe I’ll try again when the rights revert to one owner.

Finally, you can’t have vampires without a good glass of wine, and Vampire is the one to get for that.  The gift package even comes in a coffin for the bottle.

What are some of you favorite vampire stories?  Make sure to post and #scrypthalloween, and tag me or let me know.  My favorite posts from each day in October are winning free copies of some of my works.  Feel free to ask any questions.



Day 7 of #authorlifemonth : music that inspires

Day 7 of #authorlifemonth is music that inspires. When I’m not enjoying silence or my own music (which can be listened to here ) these are the musicians I have in my playlists.


Inspirational Reads

The folks over at 5 Reads Blog gave me a guest post on my 5 most inspirational reads as an author.  Click on over to check out what my mentions are and how they’ve shaped me into the writer I am.