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novel – Planet ATE

Planet Ate Working

Written by Rick Pipito

cover art by Dan Pipito

Available in paperback at for $7.99

Available for Kindle at for $3.99

Throughout the ages human history has held many unsolved mysteries. Why were we created? Were we a product of evolution? Were we created by God’s hand? Or is the answer more complex? When a creature as ancient as the universe itself targets earth for destruction, the truth must be revealed.

Enter the A.T.E., a group of government agents dedicated to uncovering that, which has been hidden for so long. But by looking into past UFO and alien conspiracies, they may not be prepared to deal with truths that will provide proof of our real origins. An extinction event, a Biblical hero, a pilot lost at sea, an artist, and a founding father are only some who held clues to the overall puzzle. Will humanity solve it in time to stop the threat from above