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Commanders And Their Agencies Poll Winner(s)?!?

Well here is a first.  It appears that people are divided on the outcome of this battle.  Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D (Marvel Comics), Amanda Waller and Checkmate (DC Comics), and Liz Powers and M.U.T.S. (sCrypt Comics) were duking it out when a fan decided to add General Hawk and G.I. Joe (IDW Publishing).  Multiple votes came in for all four, but in the end each ended up with 25% of the vote.  All four agencies and their commanders must have realized that humanity is here to stay, and so they put their differences aside and became one large organization.  With all of their efforts combined, there is no longer a need for superheroes to protect the planet.

Thanks for voting.  The poll will remain open to see how it continues to play out.  Stay tuned for our next comic book battle poll coming soon!