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Superman and Spiderman?!?


Page Count: 96 pages

Year Published: 1975

Reviewed by Rick Pipito based on plot points

To show that I am not biased toward either company, Marvel or DC, I will begin my comic book reviews with this issue.  First thought would be, how could that even be a fair fight.  Superman is nearly invulnerable, and though Spiderman has enhanced abilities and a sixth sense, Superman is much faster.  The next question would be, why would these two heroes be fighting each other?  Be warned, that there will be spoilers in my review, so if you don’t want to know, then don’t read this post.

The story begins with Superman battling a giant robot in Metropolis.  This battle to me is a little ridiculous.  The bot leaves a path of destruction and tosses the Man of Steel around a little bit, but he is the Man of Steel.  With almost no effort at all, he is able to tear the giant machine apart.  I’m wondering with Supes’ many powers and if he destroyed such a thing, then how did it’s pilot, Lex Luthor, escape with a microchip from Star Labs?  That’s right, the villain got away too easily. 

At least Clark Kent doesn’t let things slip through his fingers.  After a fellow co-worker tries to pull a prank on the geeky reporter, Kent picks up on the prank and turns it around on his peer.  The bot battle from earlier in the day is all over the news and Kent suddenly gets an idea.  He changes back to Superman and follows the path of destruction left by the bot.  Okay, so why didn’t he do that before?  He finally locates his enemy, Lex Luthor, and outsmarts him to turn him in to the authorities. 

Meanwhile, Spiderman discovers a few thugs and interferes in their plans.  It is all a piece of cake until Doctor Octopus shows up and beats him in a quick fight.  The cops show up and of course blame an unconscious Spidey for the theft. 

The wall crawler can’t catch a break after he escapes the authorities, because as he changes to Peter Parker, his boss Jameson is just using the news to build his case against Spiderman.  Not a big surprise there.  What is surprising is that Parker gets fired from his job, and he ditches his girlfriend Mary Jane, to follow his Spider Sense.  Eventually this helps him to find and stop Doc Ock in an equally boring as the first battle.

Here is where it gets good.  Doctor Octopus and Lex Luthor are in the same prison, and have plans to escape.  Clark Kent and Peter Parker are at a convention in New York City, and meet for the first time.  But wait!  Superman shows up and uses his heat vision to disintegrate Mary Jane and Lois Lane!  How can this be?

The men are devastated and show up as their hero alter egos.  Spiderman saw “Superman” commit this horrible act and begins attacking him.  Luthor and Doc Ock are watching all of this, and hit Spidey with a bit of Red Sun light.  This enables his attacks against the Man Of Steel to do great damage.  The battle is pretty cool too.  Watching both heroes at each others throats is amusing enough, but when the Red Sun light wears off, Spidey shatters the bones on both his hands with quick punches to Superman’s invulnerable face.

They soon realize that they have been set up, and go on a worldwide hunt for the pair behind the heinous act.  Here is my issue with this part.  If Spiderman and Superman really were to lose the women they love the most, would they really be as agreeable as they were?  Both barely look upset other than Spidey’s attack on Supes. 

When they locate the villains in a space station, they find that the ladies are in fact alive.  As a reader I was not surprised, but relieved to know that two of the hottest and coolest chicks that don’t have powers in comics, were still safe. 

Watching Superman and Spiderman team up against Doctor Octopus and Lex Luthor was spine tingling.  I loved every frame of the action.  Then there is disappointment.  Luthor is one of the most level headed villains of all time in that he thinks his plans through before executing them.  So why in the hell would he want to destroy all of the planet Earth?  It doesn’t make sense because it would gain him nothing.  Even Doc Ock thinks it is insane.

In the end, the villains are carried off to jail and the heroes and their female halfs walk together as mild mannered citizens.  The end even gives a slight hint that we may see the pairing again in the future. 

All in all, this was a very fun read, although slightly non believable in parts.  For the fact of the two companies working together, it is a must read for a fan of either Superman or Spiderman.  An entertaining 6 out of 10 in my opinion.