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Day 7 of #authorlifemonth – Cover Inspiration

The cover for my upcoming novel A COURSE FOR HUMANITY is better understood when reading it, but for the design I was inspired by this sculpture in Washington DC.  It is called “Continuum” and couldn’t be more appropriate, as that is a government entity within the novel.  Book will be released in March 2017.


Day 28 – Into the Future


Since Time Travel is the focus for the next 3 days, I figured I’d talk briefly about my upcoming new trilogy.  This is a concept I’ve been throwing around since August of 2000.  I kept putting it aside until it felt right.  Now’s the time.  The CONTINUUM trilogy will include time travel.  Each novel will utilize it in different ways.  The logo depicted above is the emblem on the flag of the Continuum group.  Here’s the three books (the first of which will be coming in February of 2017.)

A COURSE FOR HUMANITY will begin in the future, where an organization known as Continuum will witness the end of their reality.  They must break the rules of never utilizing time travel to go back and correct the event that leads to the annihilation of planet Earth.  Their only hope may be the man they fear the most, but can he be trusted?

THE THIRST OF CAIN will find a sole survivor of a forgotten organization traveling into the past to assassinate the world’s most evil person who has ever lived.  In each time period he finds that he must travel back further for the answer on how to eliminate this seemingly immortal being.  Will he make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the threat?

CONSUMED BY WAR will close out the trilogy.  One man who has gained the secret to eternal youth is equipped with the knowledge of every historical event on Earth.  Beginning at the start of humanity’s rise to power he must survive each era while protecting the secrets that would destroy civilization itself.  Can he prevent the world from being erased before it has time to begin?

New heroes, new villains, and a familiar past make the future something worth looking forward to.

What are some of your favorite time travel stories or related things?  Make sure to hashtag #scrypthalloween and you may win a copy of one of my novels!



Day 19: The lost book and its secret origins

coinYou read correctly.  I’ve been asked about a book I wrote back in 2001 called CONTINUUM: THE FIGHT FOR HUMANITY.  It never was published, but I held onto the rights because I knew eventually I’d do something with it.  My original concept of this sci-fi novel has since changed, not just because of the times changing, but also because I wanted more for it, and some of the ideas ended up becoming part of my current novels.


Now the thought is that this lost book will become (with some changes and tie ins) a stand a lone book end to the series.  It involves time travel, so the idea is to have it serve as book 10 AND book zero.  I’ve already dropped hints to an organization called “Continuum” in a couple of the novels, but never focus on it.  All that the characters know is that it is something that branches off throughout history and becomes the basis behind many secret organizations: Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, Skull And Bones Society, and a few others.


The picture included is from my novel TECHNO FEAST.  While it doesn’t include the Continuum logo, it does show that all of the secret societies have something in common.  The artwork on it was done by my brother, Dan Pipito, to appear as a secret government X-ray type file.  The design was all mine from in the book, and there is much meaning behind it.


I’m looking at late 2016 or early 2017 as a release date for Continnum, so while you have time, check out some of the hints dropped in the current novels.