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Day 18 – Cosmic Orbits


Day 18 of #scrypthalloween looks at my short story COSMIC ORBITS. I wrote this one after multiple readers asked if the Network Entity was really destroyed at the end of Techno Feast. It was an ending I’d written to keep the audience wondering, but I decided to move forward with this concept after writing “Devoured Universe”. This works as a spinoff to both novels…

official description: You gaze at the night sky and see something move. Wondering what is out there keeps you awake at night. Countless forms of life are between you and the farthest star, but there’s also something else. It watches and gathers information, growing more powerful along the way.

available in print and digital at or on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as part of the Beyond Human Trilogy.

Day 12 – Viral Upgrades


Day 12 of #scrypthalloween looks at my short story VIRAL UPGRADES. This feels less like a spinoff and more like an expansion of my novel “Techno Feast.” When I wrote the source material I cut out a lot of scenes that I thought would be redundant to a larger book. Some of them were great scenes but I felt like they could tell a story on their own. This contains those parts and more to really give the reader a full immersion in that world of artificial intelligence take over….

official description: Mankind has taken advantage of technology for ages. Life has become simple, but so has the human mind. I’ve come to change that. Your phones, televisions, computers, transportation, communications, and vehicles are all connected to a network. That network is now controlled by something far superior than flesh. I am the Network Entity, and the planet is now under my control. Any who resist will be terminated…

#book available in print at and in digital/print on Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites as part of the Pandora’s Chaos trilogy.

Day 11 – Techno Feast

Cover art for "Techno Feast"

Day 11 of #scrypthalloween looks at my novel TECHNO FEAST. Although it’s science fiction, it isn’t that far fetched. The cover art by @dpipito resembles the AI satellite in the story. My approach for this wasn’t about machines taking over. It was about our technology suddenly not being available. Imagine a totally inconvenient world where we are forced to survive without luxury or assistance from computers…

official description: Humanity has survived through countless threats, but  when a super computer begins to think that the  human race is flawed, survival may prove an
impossibility.  In order to conquer the self proclaimed “Network Entity,” differences must be put aside. Every person on earth will be put to the test. Alliances must be  forged, obstacles must be eliminated, and sacrifices  will be made to ensure a future for the entire planet.   Forget everything you know about the past, as  technology becomes our greatest enemy yet.   The Network Entity’s plan to take over everything that
makes life simpler is executed in various stages.   While a team of disjointed specialists race to stop each digital upgrade, a sinister man lurks in the shadows with his own plans for the future.

Available in print and digital at and Amazon as well as part of the Pandora’s Chaos trilogy on Barnes and Noble #technology #computer #digital #artificialintelligence

Day 18: S.H.A.N.E. vs M.U.T.S.

I already focused on the antagonist and protagonist in a previous post.  Those were for the first trilogy.  For my second trilogy it focuses on the team of special forces members, M.U.T.S. dealing with the threat of S.H.A.N.E..


The M.U.T.S. (Military Underground Tactical Specialists) came to me one night in a dream.  When I woke the next day I thought to myself, “why not have a special black ops team that consists of specialists from each of our armed services?”  It made sense as I’ve respect for those heros (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, & Coast Guard)… (later on we include a police officer and of course there is a civilian aspect).  In book 1, the team is introduced as a unit that has worked together a while.  By the time they become known in the fourth book, I figured I’d merge them into something that was more along the lines of saving the world rather than running small threat operations.  I use the term “small” loosely of course.  It is pretty much them against the antagonist of the Pandora’s Chaos Trilogy.


S.H.A.N.E. (Special Human And Network Entity) was my perception of the evolution of technology.  This “character” quite literally started from a human brain and upgraded to the point where it no longer needed a human to operate it.  It became a sentient creature that saw the flaw in human logic.  In the first trilogy we see the evolution of SHANE, while in the second we see its purpose become clear, and that isn’t something great for humanity.


PANDORA’S CHAOS TRILOGY and its prequel THE EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY are available through links on the right in multiple formats, so be sure to follow the conflict and the evolution of it there.