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Since it is a Sunday I figured I’d repost this little strip that Dan and I worked on.  The Adventures of Munchies and Deedoos was meant to be a sunday funny type of comic strip.  We’ve got more plans to release these free little stories down the line.  The concept was simple.  Munchies is based on my daughter, Deedoos on my son.


With Munchies, we wanted her big brown eyes and curly hair to be a part of the character.  With Deedoos we wanted a machine that eats everything and is kind of just all around fun.  So, Munchies ended up being an alien with wavy hair like it has a mind of its own; and deedoos ended up being a robot with a pajama butt flap that when it falls you can see his gears.


The idea behind this first story is about the BEASTER BUNNY.  I remember my daughter called the Easter Bunny that when she was real young.  I immediately had this concept for a children’s horror tale.  The Beaster Bunny is all about what a child’s perspective would be in a candy eating frenzy.  From the Belly aches of too much candy, to the thought of what the “Easter Bunny” really is.  Enjoy and stay tuned for further adventures.

Munchies & Deedoos #1: Tale of the Beaster Bunny.  Written by Rick Pipito (c) 2013, art by Dan Pipito