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Day 30: Pint Glasses, Bumper stickers and more

UntitledDid you know that besides the books written by Rick Pipito AND the comics, that there is also a sCrypt merchandise store?  There are some custom T-Shirts for men and women sporting the sCrypt logo and some great sayings; There are a collection of pint glasses for your beer or beverage of choice with artwork from the book covers; To go with these, there are a set of coasters with the comic book covers designed on them; There are bumper/window stickers; and the list continues to grow.

They are great gifts for yourself or someone else, and each item purchased helps to support independent artists through sCrypt Comics.  Check out the store here:

Day 26: What’s the Deal with the Stick Figures

sticksBack when we were working on the first sCrypt Comics spinoff, my brother and I had been having discussions about how everyone had those window sticker stick families on their cars.  It was overkill and I made the comment of “you think they’d do something different.”


A week later, Dan had made sure to have some stickers of his own printed up.  The zombie stick family began, and we threw it in the concept art pages as a joke.  Now with each installment, we add to the theme another family.  I did the ghost one, but still it was fun.


If you’d like your own window sticker, or other merchandise check out our online store at

The sCrypt Merchandise store

fleshcupRick and Dan Pipito are proud to announce the opening of our new cafepress store.  While the store does not have our novels or comics for sale (those are available at the links on the right of this page), it does include a whole new batch of awesome goodies.

Available are collectible pint glasses with Dan Pipito’s cover art for the novels written by Rick Pipito.  To accompany that are optional coasters for the tumblers, which have the cover art for our sCrypt comics on them.  There is also an argument book shotglass, window/bumper stickers, and T-Shirts for men and women in different sizes.

coasterComing soon to the store will also be the most exciting of these.  You will soon be able to purchase 16×20 inch canvases for your wall.  The canvasses will be the amazing cover art Dan did for the novel covers with his signature on them, AND a few other designs that we scrapped in the process.

Help support our ongoing and ever expanding crusade of awesome storytelling by buying something for yourself or for a gift.  We hope you like what we have, and are open to suggestions for future items.  Please spread the word, and thank you for the support.

sticksCheck out the store here: