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Flesh Eating Poll Winner!

The zombies have spoken, and Marvel has fallen way short.  In our recent poll, fans thought that Marvel Zombies didn’t stand a chance of survival (or should we call it unsurvival).  Someone added a vote for the zombies of the Resident Evil universe, which I overlooked.  I had forgotten that Resident Evil has been in a fair share of comics from various companies.

What makes us here at sCrypt comics even more proud is that the zombies of our “Flesh And Leftovers” universe beat out Resident Evil and Marvel Zombies.  Overall however, the winner was DC Comics’ the Black Lantern Corps.  Their black rings managed to absorb the undead around them into their group.  Now all who opposed the Black Lanterns are now members of their zombified legion.

Thank you for your participation.  The poll will remain open in the previous posting if you’d like to continue adding or voting.  Stay tuned for our next poll!