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Flesh Eating Poll

Our next poll brings in multiple characters that all have something in common…  They are dead… or undead if you will.  DC Comics has the Black Lanterns (pictured top center), Marvel brings their own zombies (pictured top left) to the table, and sCrypt Comics has their Flesh and Leftovers zombies (pictured top right *art by Dan Pipito).  Below are brief summaries of the three, followed by a poll.  Please vote for your favorite, or add another in the comments section if you think they are worthy of the battle, and spread the word.  The more votes the better.

Zombies in the Marvel Universe spread like wildfire.  It seems as if there is no stopping the virus and very few have managed to stay uninfected.  While this virus is not in Marvel’s mainstream universe, the alternate one that it infects has managed to cross over into other dimensions as well.  While infected, the zombified superhero or villain retains most of their powers and personalities, but with a maddening hunger for flesh that prevents them from thinking straight.  It does appear that they are weaker however than their normal uninfected selves would be to head trauma.  First appearance was in Marvel Zombies #1 December 2005.

DC Universes are unsafe from the Black Lantern Corps.  All of the deceased heroes and villains have become black lanterns with one purpose… to bring about more death.  They feed like zombies and are constantly regenerated by their black power rings.  The undead members retain most of the powers that they had in life, and gain more power by eating the hearts of the living.  They are vulnerable to certain forms of lantern light.  First appearance was in Green Lantern vol 4 #43 September 2009

sCrypt Comics began with the world of Flesh and Leftovers.  These zombie stories all take place in the same universe, and though they were all human at one time, it would be interesting to see how other heroes and villains with powers would be able to stand in battle against them.  Whether they be rabid running zombies, undead animals, radioactive zombies, a parasite from Mars that turns you into a zombie, voodoo zombies, cannibals, or even the deformed spawns of vampires, these undead will haunt you with every page turn.  First appearance was in Flesh and Leftovers the novel.