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IMG_2556[1]IMG_E2558[1]Day 4 of #scrypthalloween is all about IN CASE OF WEREWOLF. Here are some facts about my short story spinoff: 1) it was originally published as a graphic novel featuring artists from all over the United States, 2) October 29, 2012 was its debut in print, 3) the cover was done as a photo using various filters as well as medical model bones, hair and black coffee by @dpipito . 4) Norse mythology, The Moonlight Battle of 1780, Jack the Ripper, Beauty and the Beast, and Dr Jekyll and Mister Hyde are the historical and fictitious elements paid tribute to within the pages. 5) I wrote one of the chapters while observing a full moon outdoors in the frigid cold of early January to properly capture a scene I was describing. #book #spinoff #werewolf #authorsofinstagram It’s available in print and digital forms at and Amazon as well as part of the Eden’s order trilogy at Barnes and Noble.

sCrypt Comics Teams up with Foogos

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Scott Modrzynski, then you need to check out what you are missing.  A while back he contacted me saying he was interested in being a part of sCrypt Comics’ third graphic novel “Bones At Breakfast: In Case Of Werewolf.”  I checked out his artwork (all done with food mind you) and thought to myself, “How the hell is he going to do this in a graphic novel?”  Damn did it look cool.

He chose the story of “Annabelle and the Prince.”  It is my take on the classic Beauty and the Beast story, and we decided that it would play out over seven pages.  The food part of it won’t be included in the graphic novel, as it would prove too expensive to create, but Scott is doing his work another way.  By combining digital art with photography, he has posted on his blog his progress.  Check it out at the link below, and be sure to get your copy of the graphic novel (which includes many more artists) when it comes out this fall.