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Author Life Month

It’s #authorlifemonth, so each day of February so far has had a post from me on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ll be keeping with that until the end of the month.  Be sure to head on over there to get another look into my wacky mind.

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Facebook @Rickpipitobooks

Final day of #authorlifemonth

Final day of #authorlifemonth – a description of my new book PLANET ATE. It’s available for preorder. Inbox me for details. #aliens


Day 27 of #authorlifemonth – signature

Day 27 of #authorlifemonth – my signature. #autograph #chickenscratch


Day 25 of #authorlifemonth pub sib

imageDay 25 of #authorlifemonth was to pimp a pub sib. While we have different publishers I had to share @lmangumfiction . Decent guy I met a few years ago with a great writing style. Check out his work at #authorsofinstagram #books #writing


Day 23 of #authorlifemonth – bucket list item

Day 23 of #authorlifemonth is an item on my bucket list. A tour of Italy for multiple reasons research aside is at the top of the list. It’ll happen soon. Til then I’ll keep dreaming


Day 21 of #authorlifemonth – muse

Day 21 of #authorlifemonth – I don’t have a muse. Most of my inspiration for characters pulls from life and my own personal experiences. These three are who make me strive for success. My wife @homemadedelish , my son Tony, and my daughter Lana.



Day 20 of #authorlifemonth – fave chapter ending

Day 20 of #authorlifemonth – my favorite chapter ending is a bit of a spoiler, but it comes from my novel DEVIL’S DESSERT and changes everything for the main characters onward


Day 17 of #authorlifemonth where I relax

Day 17 of #authorlifemonth where I relax. Clark jumps in my spot every time I get up. At least he doesn’t touch my bourbon.


Day 16 of #authorlifemonth – where I write

Day 16 of #authorlifemonth – where I write. It is the one room at home where I let the voices in my head run free.


Day 15 of #authorlifemonth : swag

Day 15 of #authorlifemonth is swag. I’ve had a few things made over the past few years to promo my works. Here’s a flyer, cards, a tin holder, and t-shirt. #swag