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Author Life Month

It’s #authorlifemonth, so each day of February so far has had a post from me on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.  I’ll be keeping with that until the end of the month.  Be sure to head on over there to get another look into my wacky mind.

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Final day of #authorlifemonth

Final day of #authorlifemonth – a description of my new book PLANET ATE. It’s available for preorder. Inbox me for details. #aliens


Day 27 of #authorlifemonth – signature

Day 27 of #authorlifemonth – my signature. #autograph #chickenscratch


Day 25 of #authorlifemonth pub sib

imageDay 25 of #authorlifemonth was to pimp a pub sib. While we have different publishers I had to share @lmangumfiction . Decent guy I met a few years ago with a great writing style. Check out his work at #authorsofinstagram #books #writing


Day 23 of #authorlifemonth – bucket list item

Day 23 of #authorlifemonth is an item on my bucket list. A tour of Italy for multiple reasons research aside is at the top of the list. It’ll happen soon. Til then I’ll keep dreaming


Day 21 of #authorlifemonth – muse

Day 21 of #authorlifemonth – I don’t have a muse. Most of my inspiration for characters pulls from life and my own personal experiences. These three are who make me strive for success. My wife @homemadedelish , my son Tony, and my daughter Lana.



Day 20 of #authorlifemonth – fave chapter ending

Day 20 of #authorlifemonth – my favorite chapter ending is a bit of a spoiler, but it comes from my novel DEVIL’S DESSERT and changes everything for the main characters onward


Day 17 of #authorlifemonth where I relax

Day 17 of #authorlifemonth where I relax. Clark jumps in my spot every time I get up. At least he doesn’t touch my bourbon.


Day 16 of #authorlifemonth – where I write

Day 16 of #authorlifemonth – where I write. It is the one room at home where I let the voices in my head run free.


Day 15 of #authorlifemonth : swag

Day 15 of #authorlifemonth is swag. I’ve had a few things made over the past few years to promo my works. Here’s a flyer, cards, a tin holder, and t-shirt. #swag


Day 13 of #authorlifemonth : favorite book in genre

Day 13 of #authorlifemonth is favorite book in genre. I have to go with series instead, and since I write across genres I put my two favorite series’ up. Area 51 by Bob Mayer and the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown . (I had a hard time fitting them in the collage and am missing some of the newer title pics, but you get the idea). 🙂 #books #series



Day 8 of #authorlifemonth : Awesome moment

Day 8 of #authorlifemonth is about an awesome moment. When I received word that I not only made a top 100 list, but top 25 list of Indy authors, it brought tears of joy to my eyes and made me strive for the next big thing even harder.


day 8

Day 7 of #authorlifemonth : music that inspires

Day 7 of #authorlifemonth is music that inspires. When I’m not enjoying silence or my own music (which can be listened to here ) these are the musicians I have in my playlists.


Day 6 of #authorlifemonth: fan art

Day 6 of ‪#‎authorlifemonth‬ is supposed to be ‪#‎fanart‬, but I’d rather focus on some of the amazing artists who have worked with me on my comics over the years. There are too many to mention, so here’s a quick teaser. Of course you can always check out my artist of the month page to see more about those involved and their amazing works. Here are some samples of what’s in my graphic novels.

day 6

Day 5 of #authorlifemonth: Comp covers

A comp cover is a design or concept for a book cover that didn’t make the final cut.  Fortunately I haven’t had many that were rejected.  For my novel BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING, my brother, Dan Pipito originally came up with this design.

While the artwork certainly matches the theme well, and is an amazing piece of work, we decided to go with something a little more involved for the final product.  Here is the original concept revealed!


Day 4 of #authorlifemonth: WIP

Day 4 #authorlifemonth is to show off my works in progress.  Keep in mind that I’ve got a lot more in the works, but these three are definite releases for 2016.

Planet ATE (a conspiracy involving government cover ups of UFO and extraterrestrial visits to Earth)

A Little Boy In The Land of Sleepless Knights (A children’s book aimed at boys as a sequel/nonsequel to A Little Girl In The Land of the Hiccups)

Devoured Universe (A journey to the far reaches of the universe to solve an ancient mystery and the universe itself)

day 4

Day 3 of #Authorlifemonth : 5 star read

day 3

For day 3 of #authorlifemonth I’m posting the last book I reviewed at 5 stars.  I don’t have much time to read lately as writing takes up most of my time, but I do get to enjoy a good audiobook, and this whole series has blown my mind.

Brad Thor’s Act of War is one of the best of the Scot Harvath saga.  *****

Day 2 of #authorlifemonth: Bio Pic

Day 2 of #authorlifemonth is to share your current author bio pic. 🙂

day 2