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On the 8th Day of Christmas…


ancientastronautshierog7 superheroes, 6 corrupt files, 5 Demon Spawns!  4 lost souls, 3 werewolves, 2 vampires, and zombies in a story.

Conspiracy theories have been around for ages, but with the internet at our fingertips and technology booming it’s becoming harder to dispute a lot of them.  In fact a lot of them even become much less far fetched sounding once you start looking at the different points of view and available facts.  For my novel PLANET ATE and its spinoff ALIEN ENCOUNTERS I stuck mostly with conspiracies regarding extra terrestrials.  Depicted here are some ancient glyphs that appear to have flying craft in them.  It’s just one of the many pieces of “evidence” toward some of these claims.  What is your favorite or most fascinating conspiracy theory?

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Beyond Human Trilogy

The BEYOND HUMAN Trilogy is available now at in print, on Amazon in digital, and Barnes and Noble (in the next 2 weeks).  It contains the novels: GENETIC MORSELS, PLANET ATE, and DEVOURED UNIVERSE, plus the short stories: EVOLVED MUTATIONS, ALIEN ENCOUNTERS, and COSMIC ORBITS, and a teaser of what will be coming soon.



Day 23 – Alien Encounters

alien-encountersALIEN ENCOUNTERS is the short story spinoff of my novel PLANET ATE.  Looking at the cover, you may feel as though the cover is familiar.  That’s because you probably have at least in some way.  I took a public domain image of an alien looking through a window.  Its a supposedly leaked image from FBI files of an extraterrestrial here on Earth; at least that is according to conspiracy theorists.  By passing the image through a negative filter, and then making it slightly pixelated, I figured it’d make a good cover for a book wrapped in conspiracy.

Beneath the title I added an eye and pyramid to represent the all seeing eye, Illuminati, and secret organizations involved with hiding the truth or trying to expose it.

Here’s the description: A phone call from a friend leaves you frantic. He claimed to have uncovered a conspiracy that could get him killed. His final words were, “I’ve seen them. We aren’t alone,” right before the line went dead. Whoever intercepted the call may now have you in their sight.

ALIEN ENCOUNTERS is now available in print on and is available as part of the BEYOND HUMAN TRILOGY extras download on Amazon.  Or the whole trilogy in print.