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2014 in review and what’s coming in 2015

Now that the holiday insanity has come to an end I finally have a moment to get back into the swing of things.  I’d like to take a look back at what happened in 2014 and what is planned for this year.

In brief, 2014 saw the following:

– TECHNO FEAST: This was my first techno thriller and the reviews have been nothing but positive.  It may be the sixth entry in my Flesh and Leftovers saga, but it stands alone as a hard hitter.  When a super computer evolves into something beyond human comprehension, it desires to rid the world of human error.  TECHNO FEAST has been described as “The Terminator meets The DaVinci Code to a whole new level.”

Awards: I was awarded placement in the top 100 and then the top 25 for independent authors for my work in SOULS 4 SUPPER and the overall work in my recent PANDORA’S CHAOS TRILOGY.

– PANDORA’S CHAOS TRILOGY: SOULS 4 SUPPER, DEVIL’S DESSERT, & TECHNO FEAST are found in one collection with this release, as well as three new bonus stories and the stories from the released and soon to come graphic novel spinoffs (GHOSTLY HAUNTINGS, DEMONIC ENTITIES, & FINAL UPGRADE)

– Editing a cookbook: I was proud to be a huge part of helping Roberta (the amazing culinary talent behind in the release of her debut cookbook, CREATE IT, PLATE IT, STYLE IT, EAT IT, LOVE IT.

– A LITTLE GIRL IN THE LAND OF THE HICCUPS: My first children’s book was released with Dan Pipito supplying his stellar artwork for visuals.

– sCrypt Comics: the changes seen here on this site are that we retreated a bit on making the next comic because of the multitude of other projects.  I cut down on the reviews as well and focused on what was in process.  We also opened a merchandise store as well for pint glasses etc.

FLESH AND LEFTOVERS audiobook: That’s right.  After months of working with some amazing talent the conversion of my FLESH AND LEFTOVERS novel into audiobook format has been completed and released a few days after the 2015 new year.


What’s coming in 2015?


GENETIC MORSELS: A new trilogy begins taking my fan favorite characters into a new setting with new characters and a new threat.  Human evolution has taken the next step forward, but with it comes a price.  People with unique and superhuman abilities may be a threat to themselves or anyone around them.  It is up to a small group of these evolved people to band together in order to stop a government who has fooled the public into thinking the world leader is to be trusted.

A LITTLE BOY IN THE LAND OF SLEEPLESS KNIGHTS: my next children’s book aimed for a young male audience will be released in the latter half of the year.

OTHER WORKS: our next comic DEMONIC ENTITIES, the next audiobook conversion, BLOOD THE SECOND HELPING, and my eighth novel, (which will focus on aliens and other life in the universe), are all in the works and many more great things.


Stick around, have a wonderful and prosperous new year, and thanks for the continued love and support.

– Rick Pipito (and sCrypt Comics)