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If you follow me on social media, then you’ve probably seen some recent book announcements I’ve made with new releases and my next upcoming project.  I figured it was time to layout the plan for the next year and keep you all in the loop about my upcoming release slate.

CONSUMED BY WAR – a novel that will close out the Eternal Hunger Saga.  In this stand alone adventure, darkness rises at the dawn of man, which sets history in motion.  War has plagued mankind with one force pulling the strings.  It will visit various periods in history and show why these wars have happened, and what the ultimate goal has been.  The final battle is approaching, but at what cost and who will be the victor?  Release date is scheduled for April 2019

THE LOST YEAR – a short story scheduled to release in June 2019.  Details will be shared soon.

BEYOND TIME TRILOGY – a compilation release including 3 novels and 3 short stories plus bonus material. Release in Fall 2019.

DIGESTED CONCEPTS – a non-fiction book that goes behind the scenes with the facts and history that I used to base my Eternal Hunger Saga upon.  release TBA

Lots of other things in the works, but these are the immediate projects along with everything else.  Look for new episodes of #thinksipwrite, my web series on youtube.  I’ll also keep posting songs I feel like playing on that channel, and am open to requests.  It’ll be a mix of covers and originals.

What are your works in progress?  Feel free to share links to what you are doing in the comments.

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  1. Kim Carriere-Bignell

    Excellent man, scribes with them uber-vibes lol. Naw, ma naw just aspiring is all. Well I do have some projected, (translucent) words on paper. Great stuff, excellent form. But like someone once said that multiple creativity or projects drives me/them to further explore every genre, and why not. Write what you know, fundamental yes, but plausible, no. I aim to dip a taloned toe, to stir the cooling waters of mediocre, to wake up dormant tales with a splash of inspirational coolant. I can do this, it’s been done. But originally? No. There are dead thoughts from men long dead, astral projection of the thought beyond the written word. Horrors more indescribable yet so familiar, it just rolled out fear of a different chill.

    October 9, 2018 at 6:50 am

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