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On the 11th Day of Christmas…


10 time travelers, 9 Aliens, 8 conspiracies, 7 super heroes, 6 corrupt files, 5 Demon Spawns! 4 lost souls, 3 werewolves, 2 vampires, and zombies in a story.

I’m secure enough to admit that I really enjoy the classic fairy tales.  Disney did a great job of bringing family friendly versions of them to life, and whether dark or happy, the stories are timeless.  When my daughter was born I wrote a children’s book for her called A LITTLE GIRL IN THE LAND OF THE HICCUPS.  I was heavily inspired by things like Baum’s Oz stories and Carroll’s Wonderland.  After finding success with my first children’s book I went back and began rereading some of the ones that inspired me and they are still enjoyable to this day.  Depicted here is a rare find called the OZ/Wonderland War.  It was a 4 issue mini-series that places both realms in the same reality, and although a little goofy is an enjoyable comic if just to see the characters unite and interact.  What is your favorite fairy tale type story?

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