The works of Award winning author, Rick Pipito, and more

Day 19 -Genetic Morsels

genetic morsels coverTo me the definition of a “freak” is someone who is extraordinary either physically or by ability.  My novel GENETIC MORSELS focuses on people like that, but is based on real life physics.  Think something along the lines of super heroes and villains, but not in a comic book world.  Throw in corrupt politicians, and a desperate few trying to expose the truth, and you’ve got one wild ride.

For the cover of the book, Dan Pipito created a geneticist’s chalk board.  It leaves some hints as to the content in the pages, but remained simple and true to what this book is about.

Twenty five years have passed since a war with artificial intelligence has forever changed the course of humanity. Belief in the first world leader has been gained by the majority, but there are a few who can see past the media bias. As President Jason Black’s scheme unravels, the next step in human evolution begins. A passing of the torch to a newer generation of unexpected heroes occurs as they mount a resistance into the political fray. Led by Zoe Omandi the team is guided into dealing with not only their conflicting personalities, but also their extraordinary abilities.

GENETIC MORSELS is available at in print and on in digital.

What are some of your favorite “freak” related things for #scrypthalloween.  Comment here or on social media, and you may just win a free copy of one of my novels.



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