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Day 15 – Demons can be fun

14724558_10154470861550731_8989325954891209197_nThe only real movies and books that freak me out involve demons.  For some reason the thought of such a creature terrifies me.  I’m getting chills writing about it now.  Films like the Exorcist still frighten me a little, and its those feelings that were prominent while I was writing the darker side of DEVIL’S DESSERT and its spinoff DEMONIC ENTITIES.

But not all demons are scary.  The Evil Dead franchise has made me jump, cringe, and laugh every step of the way.  That is my spotlight for day 15 of #scrypthalloween.

The original Evil Dead was horrifying and scary.  Then Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn came along, and they basically remade the first one with more than just a college budget.  Throw in some B- movie cheesy humor, and it makes it all worth while.  They even have an Evil Dead Musical (which I reviewed on this site two years ago).  After the second installment came Army Of Darkness.  This stepped out of the realm of being scary and focused more on a lighthearted medieval setting.  Once the hero took care of problems there he ended up back in modern times.  Spinoff comic books and video games have occupied our lack of plot in between then and the new series on Starz, Ash vs The Evil Dead.

If there is anything a long time Evil Dead fan wants, its this show.  It has everything that made the original three movies perfect… Humor, Gore, Sexual innuendos, and Bruce Campbell.

Now I know some of you might be saying, “Well Rick, you forgot to mention that remake of Evil Dead a few years back.”  No… No, I didn’t.  THAT Evil Dead was an abomination of all sorts.  I watched it alone in the dark, and didn’t get freaked out once.  It didn’t have the allure of humor and tried to take itself too seriously.  Other than Bruce Campbell’s “Groovy” cameo at the end, I try to forget it even happened.

What are some of your favorite demon related stories?  Be sure to hashtag #scrypthalloween in your response or post, and you could have a chance at winning one of my books.



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