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Day 22: Corrupt Politicians and Brainwashed Sheep

Without getting too political, I think we can all agree that most politicians are corrupt, liars, or are too partisan.  This was inspiration for the main antagonist in my next three novels.


A world leader is put in place by the time these three novels begin.  The events that enable the world to unite and accept one leader were tragic, but is he really the man that everyone believes he is?  No matter what side of the fence you lean toward, you will be able to relate and enjoy the new trilogy in single installments or as a whole.


It begins in the early 2015 release of GENETIC MORSELS.  Sure, the novel is about people experiencing superhuman abilities, but the underlying tone is how a select few people are aware of what is going on behind the scenes, while the general public is blinded by what the media has fed them.  Most believe that this world leader has been a savior of sorts, but they are unaware of his malevolent plans.


I did not base the antagonist on any ONE party or person.  He is an amalgamation of all politics.  The general public in the books represent those who just take something for face value without doing research, while the protagonist group must fight an uphill battle against all odds to prevent total disaster.


This will bring a new theme to my novels and enable me to touch on different issues that were disconnected from the prior stories.  I’m excited to begin this journey with you all in 2015.


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