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Day 10: The debates in NO, IT’S NOT. YES, IT IS: ARGUMENTS

argueArguing can become a horror of sorts, so despite this not being what most would expect from a Halloween post, I figured that we could all understand how scary it can become sometimes.  When I wrote NO, IT’S NOT. YES IT IS: ARGUMENTS, I knew full well what I was getting into.  I decided to take some serious and some silly typically common disagreements and focus on them.
The problem with arguing with others is that if you don’t hear both sides, then making a decision and taking a stand can often leave you as part of the problem.  Every argument has at least 2 different points of view.  In order to solve the issue we often have to find a medium ground on which to work.  There has to be some give on each party’s part or there won’t ever be resolution.


I started the book with a quote from George Herbert that says: “Be calm in arguing; for fierceness makes error a fault, and truth discourtesy.”  This is absolutely true.


Don’t worry.  As much as this sounds like a serious book, it is in fact quite comedic.  By using experiences from my own life, I presented an unbiased view of both sides.  It will leave you laughing at some points and by the end of the book you may have found a way to be able to not just get through to others to present your opinion, but also to understand the other side.  The goal is to avoid heated arguments.  Here are the main topics discussed in the book:

1) Cats vs Dogs and other housepets

2) Marvel vs DC Comics

3) Gamers vs video game haters

4) Diamond Dave vs the Red Rocker

5) Music

6) Sports

7) Movies

8) Trek vs Wars

9) Wine vs Beer

10) Food

11) Warm weather vs Cold weather

12) Global Warming or Global Fiction

13) Etiquette: Bathroom and Home

14) Affection: PDA or Private

15) Men vs Women

16) Children vs Adults

17) Faith vs Science

18) Liberal vs Conservative

19) Lies vs Truth


Keep in mind these are presented in a way that both sides are heard evenly, but even if you aren’t interested in the topics, I guarantee it’ll give you some good laughs and have you thinking about it the next time you find yourself at odds with another person.  Grab your copy of NO, IT’S NOT.  YES, IT IS: ARGUMENTS in print or on kindle via the links to the right of this page.



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