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Review: Hannibal Season 2

hannibal-season-2-posterHere’s a brief review of the second season of the hit series Hannibal, based on the novels and character by Thomas Harris.  I’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum, but to avoid any spoilery, you may want to scroll down to the last paragraph for my rating.  Here we go.

Hannibal Lecter shows his true colors in this season, and what a season it was.  My mind was blown on multiple levels.  To say the word “MindF&$(” would be an understatement.  Season 1 was a lot of fun to watch, but this really established a lot from the novels.  There were slight nods and deviations, and overall just disturbing and fun visuals.

My complaint is two-fold.  Doctor Chilton dying wasn’t a good point for me.  I thought he’d be there to have the show continue into the Silence of The Lambs territory eventually.  His character will now have to be replaced, and this strayed far from the book.  My second complaint is that there were times when things seemed too easy.  Like how did Will know that Hannibal sent the one guy to kill him?  There were times when the solving of the crimes and adding pieces together were just too simple.

It was often a stretch to believe that the characters were that intuitive.

On a good note, as Hannibal brought a complete mental psychosis to the plate (pun intended), Will Graham did an equal job.  There were times when I almost believed that Will WAS going to become like Hannibal.  If they did make him that way, I’d have been upset because that would also stray too far from the source material.  I like how they had the origin of Mason Verger too.  The man was as creepy as the creepiest person in the show, and he got what he deserved.

Everything that happened in this season properly set up the events from the novel “Red Dragon.”  We are left with Will and Jack dying, and Hannibal escaped.  Obviously Will or Jack (if not both) will survive the encounter, but what about that post credits teaser at the end?  Hannibal’s own psychiatrist, Dr. Du Maurier, is his accomplice.  This shocked me more than Abigail still being alive.

We now have an entirely new setting and fresh start for season 3, and my pallate can not wait.  The best part about watching this show, perhaps more than the show itself is that when I’m watching it with my wife, who is a well known foodie personality, she is watching the dining scenes and saying how disturbing it is, but how Hannibal knows how to plate a meal.  She of course doesn’t cook humans, but her eye for plating a dish is part of her specialty, so she can point out to me how wonderful the visuals look (despite the horrid nature of them).

All in all, I hope this series continues and goes through all of the books.  I understand we will get more back story to Hannibal in season 3 as they touch on events from “Hannibal Rising” while delving deep into the “Red Dragon” mythos.  I’ll rate the season with 8 out of 10 sCrypt coffins.  It would have been higher if not for my two complaints, but overall, this was a wild ride and I can’t wait for more.  Now to fill the season void by going back and rereading the 4 novels.  What were your thoughts?  Did you enjoy it?  Did I miss anything?  Add your comments below.  Bon Appetit~

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