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Now here is a real taste of class

Homemade DelishLong time supporter of sCrypt comics & wife of author, Rick Pipito, has a list of ever expanding accomplishments. She’s been on TV, in magazines, on the radio, & is an ambassador for #foodiechats, but her impressive talents far exceed this. Roberta’s Homemade Delish has become a successful venture, and we only find it fitting to talk about her debut cookbook here.

Some of Roberta’s amazing recipes and insights into the cooking, plating and pairing world, are included in this cookbook. When she asked for Rick Pipito to edit the text, he was more than enthusiastic to be a part of such a wonderful thing. Who knows… maybe the future will have a collaboration of some horror themed foods and drinks between the husband and wife team, but until then, grab your copy of “Create It, Plate It, Style It, Eat It, Love It.”

Books are available in print and digital download here:

There are also T-Shirts available for purchase, and don’t forget to check out Roberta on social media @homemadedelish & on the web at


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