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novel – Techno Feast

techno Feast cover

Written by Rick Pipito; Cover Art by Dan Pipito

Available in softback print at for $9.99

For the Kindle at for $3.99

Humanity has survived through countless threats, but when a super computer begins to think that the human race is flawed, survival may prove an impossibility. In order to conquer the self proclaimed “Network Entity,” differences must be put aside. Every person on earth will be put to the test. Alliances must be forged, obstacles must be eliminated, and sacrifices will be made to ensure a future for the entire planet.

Forget everything you know about the past, as technology becomes our greatest enemy yet. The Network Entity’s plan to take over everything that makes life simpler is executed in various stages. While a team of disjointed specialists race to stop each digital upgrade, a sinister man lurks in the shadows with his own plans for the future.

***NOTE: This book was meant to be read on its own, but to get the full experience, check out the prior entries in the series: “EDEN’S ORDER TRILOGY,” “SOULS 4 SUPPER,” & “DEVIL’S DESSERT”****

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